How Much Does Stump Removal Cost?

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Are you wondering how much stump removal costs?

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  • If DIY stump removal is for you.

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How Much Does Stump Removal Cost

So, if you’re looking for answers about stump removal costs, keep reading our detailed guide below to get answers to all of your questions!

How Much Do Stump Removal Services Cost?

It will cost between $167 and $495 (with a national average cost of $322) to remove a tree stump. The cost will vary from $2 to $5 per diameter inch with a minimum cost of around $100. 

Of course, this depends on distance/drive time if that’s an issue. Prices could also depend on the type of wood, if a stump grinder is not being used.

Cost estimates are best done at the worksite, so be sure to have your questions and concerns ready to outline the full scope of work when working with a tree professional. You should expect clear, itemized pricing for the work, that includes any ancillary costs as well.

Many tree service professionals will furnish a cost guide on their websites or offer free quotes like we do. This way you can do some preliminary research, and gain a rough estimate and read reviews from previous clients as well.

Average Cost Of Stump Removal

With a national average price of $322, you could consider that the ballpark price for the removal of a single stump on your property. Additional stumps should become cheaper when removed as part of a package. 

Small Stump Removal

Sometimes small stumps can be thrown in with a package of other work, be it all just stumps or other important parts of a landscaping project. Usually, (depending on the type and condition) they can be removed with hand tools and if needed, pulled out by a truck with a hitch and a chain or nylon tow strap. 

Rarely would a stump grinder be necessary to take care of a small stump, unless a grinder is already conveniently on-site.

Large Stump Removal

Large stump removal costs can vary based on a number of things. Will it have to be ground out? If so, what are the stump grinding costs associated with that? How about the age of the stump? There are also other factors explored below.

The point is that not all stumps will require a proportional amount of work, based just on size alone. The numbers quoted above could be considered the average cost, for the removal of a newly cut, fresh stump. Yours will vary.

What Affects The Cost Of Stump Removal?

Stump removal prices vary and cost structure can differ with the particular tree service you’ve chosen.

If you have a number of stumps to remove, consider asking for a full-day price. That may be around $1200. With a half-day price at around $600

You could request a quote based on an hourly rate, but generally, when we offer quotes to our clients we use a cost guide to help us determine our costs and offer a rate in the way that makes the most sense for the project at hand – be that hourly, per stump, or something else.

So with those variables in mind, you should also consider the number of stumps, the age, size, location (which we’ll take a look at), and any other work like tree trimming you might be able to include in the scope of work to be done.

Once you’re ready to seek out a quote, these are the key cost factors you should consider (and possibly bring up) when contacting a tree company for the job.

Size Of The Stump

The price of stump and general root removal is most often gauged by the stump’s measurements, by the inch of diameter. If the stump in question also has exposed roots, the price can go up from there.

The Stump’s Location

Prices can rise if rocks have to be dug out, or it’s rocky soil, or other difficult soil conditions. Sometimes these stumps have to be removed from inside of planter boxes, a sidewalk, or other cement confines.

It’s also important to consider the stump’s general location on your property.

How easy is it to access? What will it take to get the necessary equipment to the worksite? Will sections of fencing need to be removed? Is the work at ground level or will the professionals have to work on a serious up/downhill grade?

The Type Of Tree Stump You Have

Hardwoods, like oak, are usually more work to remove, compared to a tree with a softer wood, like pine. 

Also, to be considered is the condition of the stump. Is it well-rotted and won’t even require a grinder to tear what’s left of it out?

When Should Tree Stumps Be Removed?

If your tree is already down, you might as well go ahead and remove the stump. This will free up your land and make it easier to make changes to your yard or your landscaping in the future.

Additionally, if your stump is still alive it can send starter shoots out in every direction, creating a lot of mini-trees for you to constantly cut down.

Stumps left in the ground can be unnecessary tripping hazards for children or pets — it can make simple activities like playing catch much more dangerous. They can also impede landscaping equipment in the same manner.

And if your stump is old, you might be harboring insects by letting it remain in place. Termites and carpenter ants love old stumps and if close enough, they’ll turn their attention to your home.

Once you have that stump out, you can use the pulled root system as firewood. Or you can saw it up and with some mulch and soil (not rocks), and backfill the hole the tree roots were pulled from. 

Make sure you leave the backfilled mound a little high, as rain and decomposition will level things out to grade over time.

Is DIY An Option With Tree Stump Removal?

Homeowners who love taking the DIY route can certainly attempt removing their own stumps. However, there is plenty to consider and your Saturday might be much better served by hiring professionals like us with the right equipment to get the work done safely and quickly. 

Remember there are other costs associated with this work that you might not realize before getting started. And depending on the size or number of stumps you have to remove, it could add up quickly. 

If you plan to pick up, use, and return a stump grinder rental, your costs will likely approach a price point that justifies hiring professionals like us to do the work for you.

As mentioned above, you may also elect to try and remove your stump with a winch, or some sort of pulley, or jack-system, or even by using your truck and a tow strap. Here’s a video with a number of clips that might give you some ideas. 

Please be careful if you attempt any of these. They’re not what we advise. 

Burning the stump out is always an option, but a very dangerous and time-consuming one.

Note: Here’s an article on chainsaw accidents and statistics, in case you choose to use one to break up your stump. Just remember, there are likely rocks in there that can ruin your chainsaw’s chain. 

All of the above are options with varying degrees of risk. When you call professionals like us out, we take all of that on for you and quickly complete your work.

When Should You Hire A Professional?

It’s usually an easy decision to hire a tree service. When you compare the time, energy, and all associated costs of doing the work yourself (or with helpful neighbors), with what professionals charge, those costs tend to make more sense.

Remember, all professional stump removers should be licensed (if necessary), insured, and bonded in the state and county where the work is being done. 

If you’re looking for a reputable, experienced team of tree professionals, reach out to us for a quote on your project. Our team of licensed tree experts is happy to help answer any of your questions and make sure your trees and your property get the care they deserve.

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Codey Stout is the operations manager for Tree Triage and has years of experience removing trees. His expertise has been featured in publications like Yahoo, The Family Handyman, Homes & Gardens, and many more. The only thing Codey likes doing more than removing intrusive trees, is removing unsightly stumps.
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