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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Hoover?

Prized as the largest suburb in Birmingham, Hoover is a city that embodies the green thumb. With the Landscape Architecture & Urban Forestry Division, the city prides itself on taking care of and nurturing all trees on public property. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that trees in the city are void of risk when it comes to pesky critters and natural diseases. 


Commonly known for causing lesions and cankers, anthracnose is a fungal disease that causes distress to leaves, twigs, and stems. You can often spot it by looking for beige, black, brown, or black spots on leaves. The disease can lead to complete defoliation and stunt growth in trees, leaving them premature as well as sometimes causing deformation. 


Trees that become infected with Phytophthora rot will often experience wilting and die rapidly when exposed to warm weather. The pathogen is soilborne and attacks the roots of growing trees. By causing root rot, this leaves trees extremely vulnerable and causes harm to them from the inside out. Phytophthora can develop when a tree’s root system is exposed to moisture and remains wet for too long. 

Southern Pine Beetle

Known as one of the most treacherous culprits behind the loss of pine trees throughout Alabama, Southern Pine Beetles are a true infestation. By boring into the bark of pines, the beetle thrives off of the nutrients and water of its host. It quickly infests surrounding trees, laying eggs and constantly populating. The state loses roughly 60,000 pine trees per year during bark beetle outbreaks and signs of the beetle include yellowing or browning needles. Fortunately, the beetle primarily targets already weakened trees and mostly leaves healthy pines alone. 

Fall Webworms

If you’ve ever wondered where moths come from, Fall Webworms are the answer. The caterpillar utilizes the branches of trees to form its web, as well as find nutrients and water. While the worm usually doesn’t cause permanent damage, it can weaken a tree’s internal structure and leave them vulnerable to other critters and diseases. 

Does the City of Hoover Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

To say the city takes pride in its trees would be an understatement. Hoover, has proudly maintained Tree City USA status for over two decades and relies on the Urban Forestry Division to handle maintenance and care for local trees. The division is made up of a landscape architect and a forester team to provide basic tree risk assessment, pest/disease diagnosis, species identification, and other tree management services at no cost. The urban forestry division works hard to care for trees on public land and will meet with homeowners regarding issues with trees. However, they do not remove trees and will point you in our direction when you need our arborists to safely and properly remove a tree from your property. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Hoover?

Dealing with fallen trees is a nuisance on its own, and figuring out who is responsible for handling the removal can be a little trivial at times. It all has to do with where the tree originally resided, if it fell due to natural causes or negligence, and if it’s a boundary tree or not. 

If you’re a homeowner?

Imagine that a strong storm comes blowing through and rips a tree from your backyard. This storm causes that tree to fall on your neighbor’s property and you’re both questioning who needs to handle the expense of removing it. In Hoover, any tree residing on your property that falls is your responsibility. Fortunately, in most situations, your home insurance will likely cover the cost of having it removed and take care of any damage caused to your home. They most likely will not cover damages caused to your neighbor’s home, but if they have insurance then they can file a claim and get assistance with repairs, as well. 

If you’re a renter?

Trees that fall due to natural causes are ultimately the responsibility of the homeowner. However, if you’ve signed a lease that states you’ll maintain the landscape and it includes trimming and pruning trees, then you may be held partially responsible if a tree falls due to negligence. Otherwise, if you notice a tree that looks as if it’s decaying, then you may want to let your landlord know via text or email. 

If you’re a landlord?

As a property manager, trees are considered maintenance and should be cared for the same way lawns, trash, and utilities are handled. If a tenant alerts you that there’s an issue with a tree, then it’s time to touch base with the property owner (if that’s not you) and discuss having it removed. If the tree falls due to natural causes or negligence, you should alert the homeowner so that they can have it removed and handle any potential damages caused by the fall. 

If you’re a neighbor?

The responsibility of having a fallen tree removed from private property is the homeowner’s duty on which the tree originally resided. Should your neighbor’s tree fall on your property, it is their job to handle hiring our arborists and having it removed. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Hoover?

Trees rely on soil to find nutrients and their root systems rely on the density and structure of that soil to hold them steady as they grow. The balance of rocks and natural sediment can make a drastic difference in how well a tree grows on land. In Hoover, soil surveys for the Hoover area show that there’s a large range of slope, depth to rock, permeability, and many other characteristics. 

Main soil types throughout the city include:

  • Nauvoo soils
  • Townley soils
  • Montevallo soil

Nauvoo soil is made from sandstone and typically drains very well. This is great for growing trees and usually helps them become strong, healthy trees. Townley soil is usually moderately deep and combines silt loam with silt clay. Montevallo soil is primarily made of silt loam but may have some percentage of sandy loam. All of the main soil types in Hoover are permeable and have moderate to good drainage.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Hoover?

Alabama is known for its deadly tornadoes. When these storms blow through, it’s extremely common for trees to be ripped from the ground and wind up on houses and other structures, as well as cars, and in the middle of streets. Thankfully, storms don’t happen 24/7, 365 days a year. They pass on through and leave the city of Hoover to make necessary repairs. 

Outside of dangerous storms that pass by a few times each year, Hoover’s weather is fairly tropical throughout the year. Summers may range in the mid-’90s, but brief rain tends to blow in pretty frequently, leaving the area humid. Due to this weather, trees are often able to steadily grow and don’t often become dehydrated. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Hoover?

We all know that power lines are dangerous, but did you know a tree limb doesn’t have to touch a live line for it to be a hazard? Given the right circumstances, electricity can arc from a power line and hit a nearby tree during voltage surges. This is commonly caused by nearby lightning strikes and can be lethal. 

If you’ve noticed a dead or decaying tree near a power line, don’t attempt to trim it or cut it down yourself. By doing so, you risk your safety and well-being, as well as anyone outside that may try and help you should you get shocked. Regardless of whether a tree is healthy or decaying, power lines are dangerous and trees near them should always be handled by our professionals that are constantly trained and prepared with the right tools and equipment to keep everyone safe. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Hoover?

When you need a tree removed from your property in Hoover, AL, you can expect to spend around $600. This pricing is the average cost when dealing with medium-sized trees and can increase or decrease between $200 and $2,100 depending on things such as size and diameter, accessibility and location, and any additional services that aren’t included in your standard quote. Pricing for our tree removal services is based on variables that are dependent on the tree itself, as well as the materials, equipment, and labor for the job. 

Size and Diameter

Each tree removal job is different due to a tree’s size. Height and diameter directly impact the cost of having a tree removed based on the fact that larger trees require more effort and can make the job meticulous for us when trying to safely cut it down or haul it off. A limb that looks fairly small can actually be heavy, and this can be dangerous if the right equipment and precautions aren’t used when dealing with larger trees. Smaller trees don’t require as much attention to detail, time, or strenuous labor and will typically cost less to deal with. 

Ease of Access

A big player when it comes to the cost of having a tree removed is accessibility. If trees are located too close to fencing or structures, surrounded by multiple other trees, or far off the road then you can expect the price for removal to go up a little bit. This is strongly due to the fact that our team will be carrying the necessary equipment to do the job, and may even need to bring in machinery for bigger trees. Additionally, trees located near structures require more attention to detail in order to reduce the risk of any potential damages should a tree or limb fall. 

Materials and Equipment

Just like hiring a local plumber or contractor, job-specific materials and equipment need to be used when you hire our arborists. While chainsaws are commonly used, there’s a lot more equipment that goes into removal services. Each quoted project will include the cost of harnesses, ropes, chains, and grinders that we may use. You can also expect the quote to include the cost of hauling off the tree and properly disposing of it.


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