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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Prescott?

In our area, the native trees have adapted to our unique climate, but extremes weather conditions, new diseases, and growth in harmful insect populations can all pose a danger to Prescott trees. For instance, the forest service has seen that the recent droughts in our area have been too much for quite a lot of juniper trees. 

Other common tree issues we’ve dealt with in Prescott include:

Insects and the Climate

Insects like bark beetles burrowing into trees, eating the inner flesh of the tree and making it harder for the tree to thrive. Unfortunately, stressed trees attract more of a given pest and sometimes are less able to fight off diseases like fungus. 

Trees are evaluated based on which Tree Hardiness Zones they thrive in. If you don’t have a tree that thrives in Prescott’s Zone, 7b, you may run into issues with the tree being stressed by the climate. Insects are drawn to trees in distress, and you could have a sick or dying tree on your hands.


Many tree owners underestimate the watering needed to set a newly transplanted tree in its new home, and in an area prone to occasional droughts like Prescott, this can be particularly detrimental. When adding a tree to your property, ask the nursery both what pests that tree is most susceptible to and what the signs are, and then also ask for guidance on how often to water, especially when low rainfall is a factor. You can also consult our arborists for guidance.

As you can see, the key to handling common tree issues is to know what kinds of trees you have and to evaluate their suitability to the Prescott climate. If they have been in this location for a while and are native varieties, you will have to look out for recently arrived pests or diseases that they aren’t used to, while any nonnative trees will need to be assessed for how they are handling the climate here. 

Does the City of Prescott Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

While the Prescott government does offer a valuable resource on the local tree and plant life, they aren’t going to remove dead trees from your private property. The city code can tell you whether the local government will handle trees that are in the right-of-way, and that you cannot take down a tree yourself in the right-of-way without contacting the city first. You might be able to get assistance with tree removal for areas that could be a public hazard if the tree is dead, dying, or has suspended limbs and is between your property and the city-maintained roadways. Contact the city to evaluate your options.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Prescott?

The law tends to place responsibility on homeowners or property owners when a tree needs to be removed in Prescott. That being said, part of the point of having insurance policies is to be able to handle these kinds of issues without a large out-of-pocket expense for you. Here are some key things to know if you find yourself in a fallen tree situation where removal is needed.

If you’re a homeowner?

As you might expect, your role as the homeowner is going to involve quite a bit of responsibility. If the tree is on your property here in the Prescott area, the buck stops with you. However, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself, and one of them is a robust homeowners insurance policy. If you aim to have a reasonable deductible and work with a company that processes claims well, there’s a good chance that your tree will be covered if it falls because of the kinds of perils that occur here including storms. 

If you’re a renter?

Renters may worry that they are liable if the fallen tree occurs while they live in a certain place, but unless there’s a cause that you are responsible for, like driving your car into the tree, it’s your landlord’s responsibility. It’s also their responsibility to maintain trees and handle any tree health or safety concerns, so let them know if you suspect that a tree is in danger of falling.

If you’re a landlord?

As a property owner, you may not immediately know if a tree falls on your property, but once your renter or property manager makes you aware, it’s time to act. You, like homeowners, can use your insurance to pay for the work, or if your deductibles are high, it may make sense to have the removal done promptly without an insurance claim. Remember that hiring our arborists to maintain your trees and check their health periodically is a good way to avoid the additional expense of unexpected fallen tree removal. 

If you’re a neighbor?

You may feel frustrated by this answer, but if a storm or high winds bring a tree down from your neighbor’s yard and damages your property, they probably aren’t liable for the damages. You can have your homeowners insurance cover that. 

However, there are some exceptions when a lawsuit might be in order if they weren’t willing to pay, and those exceptions revolve around negligence. If there was a clear danger, like major signs of decline or a weak, dead tree, they could be held responsible. For this to be possible, your case will be strongest if you document interactions with them and take pictures of the tree. While this is no help if the tree is already lying in your yard, if you are just checking for future reference for a tree you are currently worried about, let this be the time to take notes and photos if your neighbor isn’t working on safely fixing the situation.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Prescott?

Much of our area has sandy loam soil or clay loam soil, and native trees are usually well adapted to these environments. The key ways that soil impact your trees are how well they hold water near the roots of a tree versus letting it drain off. During drought conditions, soils that hold water well, like the loam varieties here in Prescott, are very helpful for allowing roots to get as much water as possible when it is available. In general, make sure you take special care when choosing a new tree for your property, and ensure that it does well in your particular soil type. Talk to the nursery if your soil is particularly compacted clay or has a lot of sand in it. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Prescott?

With our semi-arid climate but abundant precipitation in the summer, the potential for drought is always a present danger. Prescott trees have to be adapted to long periods without water because years with less regular rain push even hardy tree species to the edge. If you are planting new trees, especially those that are only borderline-suited to our climate, remember to water them frequently. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Prescott?

Arizona Public Service Electric encourages you to call rather than hire a tree removal specialist if the dead tree or the fallen limb is near power lines. They are experts at handling tree trimming and will appreciate the tip even if they evaluate the tree and decide it’s not dead or a hazard. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Prescott?

Prescott tree removal is a complex and time-consuming job, so the fact that the average cost for tree removal in Prescott is around $795 isn’t that surprising. The good news is that some trees will be straightforward to remove and may cost as little as $200. However, if you have a very large, dead tree in your yard, it could be as much as $1,950. The factors that drive prices up and down are shared here.

Tree Location

Your home may be up against other homes and have very narrow driveways or roads to access it, or you may live on the outskirts of Prescott where any tree removal equipment can easily drive right up to the site. Our tree removal specialists have to factor these elements in, since limiting the equipment they can work with actually limits how quickly they can complete a job and how many people they need to do it.

Tree Size

Similarly, both labor and equipment are affected by the height and thickness of the tree. Certain wood types will require things like particular heavy-duty saws, and other tree removal projects can require cranes or bucket trucks to complete. In general, expect to see taller trees costing about $150-$200 more per additional 10 feet, but once you encounter very tall trees, 50 feet or higher, the costs can go up faster, since the danger and equipment needs are even greater. 

Complexity of Job

One way that you can keep costs controlled is by evaluating all your trees before requesting a quote. Even if only one tree is in dire need of removal, our arborists might be willing to give a good rate if they can also remove another dead tree while they are on the premises.

Another factor that will affect the price is emergency tree removal. You’ll almost always pay more if you need to have our tree removal crew shift their schedule around to remove a tree immediately, as opposed to dealing with the fallen tree until they have an opening in their schedule.


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