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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Poway?

Much of California’s forests are suffering from tree mortality. It is also affecting residential tree life. The drought combined with opportunistic pests are to blame. Those two main pests in San Diego County are the Gold Spotted Oak Borer and the Kuroshio Shot Hole Borer, according to the University of California Cooperative Extension, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Gold Spotted Oak Borer (GSOB)

This invasive pest is blamed for contributing to thousands of oak tree deaths within San Diego County. Symptoms of an infestation of this borer include staining of the bark which appears as dark wet spots. Infected trees may also ooze a red sap emerging from red blistering. When adult GSOBs exit the bark, they leave behind a distinctive D-shaped hole that measures about 1/8 inch in width. If you believe you have a tree infested with GSOB, or if you spot a wild tree, you think may have an infestation, you are asked to notify the University’s Cooperative Extension department.

Kuroshio Shot Hole Borers (SHB)

Unlike the GSOB, Kuroshio SHB enjoys a variety of trees including native trees, ornamental trees, and fruit trees, especially avocados grown in the area surrounding Poway. There are actually two varieties of shot hole borers, but the Kuroshio variety is the only one that has been found in San Diego County. The damage they do is very similar. Symptoms are somewhat like what GSOBs do to oaks. Signs include dark stains on the bark, discolored trunk and leaves, along with wilted and/or dried branches. These pests also cause trees to leak sap. As with the GSOB, you are asked to report sightings of the Kuroshio SHB. The University of California asks that you take its detection assessment for the species before filing a report.

Other Local Pests

While the borers have certainly been the most destructive pests as far as numbers are concerned, there are other types of pests that can be found in Poway’s trees that can cause damage to our yard trees. Some of those include:

  • Asian Citrus Psyllid — Citrus grows well in Poway and the rest of San Diego County, but citrus tree lovers should beware of this pest also known as the huanglongbing (HLB). One sign of their presence is a blotchy yellowing of the leaves. Asian citrus psyllids move from one tree to the next quickly. Severely infected trees should be removed.
  • Aphids, Scale, and Thrips — These soft-bodied insects feed by sucking plant sap. They can quickly damage a tree leaving bleached and curled, or distorted leaves with a waxy growth or sticky honeydew which may encourage sooty mold, causing even further damage to the tree.
  • Hoppers and Spittlebugs — Much like aphids, scale, and thrips, hoppers and spittlebugs will also feed upon the leaves giving them a spotted and stippled, or bleached look, and caked with sticky excrement. Hoopers and spittlebugs leave trees weakened and at risk for further infestation by other pests.
  • Mites — There are numerous types of mites that will infect trees including species of spider, gall, bud, rust, and blister mites. Each picks their favorite trees and gets to work leaf stippling, and distorting bud, shoot, and fruit growth. Various types of mites can be quite harmful to trees, especially fruit trees, and ornamentals. 

Common Tree Diseases in Poway

There are two types of diseases in trees and other plant life – infectious and non-infectious. Infectious diseases of trees include bacteria and fungi, which can be carried from one tree to the next by insects, water, and soil. Non-infectious diseases, often found in backyard trees, are caused by soil problems, nutrient deficiencies, lack of or too much moisture, pollution, and extreme temperatures. Some of the symptoms can be similar. A couple of common infectious tree diseases which can be found in Poway include:

  • Armillaria Root Rot – These fungi affect the roots and lower branches of hardwoods and conifers. Signs of the disease include scorched leaves, premature leaf drop, and interruption of normal growth. Cankers can be found on the trunk, eventually girdling stems and branches. Armillaria root rot can cause death to an infected tree.
  • Anthracnose – This group of fungi attacks hardwoods including oaks, sycamores, ash, and walnuts. Signs of the disease include leaf lesions turning leaves anywhere from yellow to brown. Premature leaf drop can be found in sycamores and ash trees. Some formation of cankers can develop on the trunk. While not fatal, repeat infections can weaken a tree.

Does the City of Poway Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Removal of any tree within the city’s right-of-way or of a native tree on private property requires a permit. Trees will be inspected for meeting the criteria for removal. Removal of non-native trees on private property does not require a permit.

The city does not assist with private tree removal. However, Poway will pay for a 15-gallon right-of-way replacement tree following the removal of a previous one.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Poway?

The City of Poway is responsible for all city trees except those in the right-of-way in front of residential homes. If you wish to report a tree issue, the city asks that you call public works at 858-668-4700.

If you’re a homeowner?

A homeowner is responsible for all trees on their property. If a tree falls, it is their responsibility to have it removed even if it falls on the neighbors or city property.

If you’re a renter?

If a tree falls on a property you are renting, you should notify the property owner or his agent. Renters rarely have any responsibility for a diseased or fallen tree.

If you’re a landlord?

A landlord is a property owner. As such, the landlord bears the responsibility of arranging for tree removal for a fallen tree no matter where it lands.

If you’re a neighbor?

If a tree belonging to your neighbor should happen to fall on your property, your neighbor has the responsibility to have it removed. Together, you should arrange a convenient time for both of you to have our team come out, cut it up, and remove it.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Poway?

A lot of Poway’s residential areas have clay soil. Clay is not great soil for growing things. When it gets wet, it doesn’t drain, and it compacts allowing for little root growth. To test your soil, the city recommends you dig a two-foot-deep hole that also measures two feet wide. Fill it with water and let it drain, then fill it again. If it doesn’t drain within a few hours and takes days to drain, it is poor draining soil. You shouldn’t simply guess at soil amendments to improve your soil. Contact our professional arborists to help you with repairing your soil for the types of landscape trees you desire.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Poway?

As residents know, Poway has very pleasant weather. In the summer, we rarely see temperatures rise above the low 80s. In the winter, the lows are in the mid-40s. There is very little rainfall, however, averaging only 13 inches per year. And while fire isn’t a weather condition, it is the result of very dry weather and the drought that California had in modern times. Fires have come close to town. In 2003 and again in 2007, parts of the city were evacuated and it could certainly happen again.

The city promotes intelligent landscaping. Breaks in the landscaping of your yard and surrounding your house make a more defensible space for your home and your family. According to the city, you should avoid planting evergreens and eucalyptus which can be highly flammable. Other flammable trees to avoid include:

  • Scrub Oak
  • Coast Live Oak
  • Western Redbud
  • California Sycamore
  • Hollyleaf Cherry
  • Catalina Cherry
  • Mexican Elderberry

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Poway?

If a dead tree from your property falls near or on electric lines, do not approach it. While such a tree is customarily the property owner’s responsibility when it comes to electrical line interference, you should contact San Diego Gas & Electric. Inspecting, trimming, and clearing trees near power lines are part of their maintenance work. Electricity and electrical lines are dangerous. Leave working around them to the electrical professionals.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Poway?

Many factors affect the cost of tree removal. Tree height and trunk diameter along with a tree’s location and whether the stump needs to be removed, can all influence the cost. The price in Poway may vary from $200 up to more than $2,000. Most removals cost homeowners in the city around $675.

Tree Size

Both the height and diameter of a tree can affect a tree removal price. A very tall tree is going to require that we bring in a bucket truck for access to the higher limbs and it will take more time to cut it down than a smaller tree. Likewise, a very thick trunk may require extra equipment and will take longer to get through it. Cutting up a thick trunk to removable sizes will also entail more work and a higher cost.

Location of the Tree

When a tree is freestanding away from other trees and objects, it is easier for us to remove than one that may be located close to the home or other trees. When a tree is next to the house, each section will need to be roped down to avoid damage. This is time-consuming and adds to the cost. Similarly, when a tree is among other trees, care must be given to avoid damaging those remaining trees.

Stump Removal

Removing the stump of a tree is not given. Many people opt to level the stump off to the ground which requires little grinding once the tree is down. Yet others want the stump removed to allow potential future plantings within that soil area. This requires extra digging and grinding. Removing the stump could add up to a few hundred more dollars to the cost.


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