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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Roseville?

Roseville, California, is situated just north of Sacramento and is considered part of the Sacramento Metropolitan Area. The unique climate of Roseville makes it the perfect niche for several species of native trees, including Fremont Cottonwood, Blue Elderberry, Foothill Pine, Oregon Ash, and a variety of willows and oaks. The Blue Oak is a protected species native to the area and is subject to particular regulations concerning the care, removal, and replacement. Other species found in the area include London Plane, American Sweetgum, and Holly Oak. The diversified nature of Roseville’s urban forest helps to protect certain species from disease and pests; however, there are still several local factors that can negatively affect arboreal health.

Sudden Oak Death

Sudden Oak Death is caused by the mold Phytophthora ramorum. The pathogen spreads by water and wind and through contact with contaminated plants and soil. While it is named for its effect on oak species in Oregon and California, Sudden Oak Death is dangerous because it affects an extensive range of plant species. 

Overwatering and Underwatering

In Roseville’s changeable weather, it can be challenging to know the best watering times and methods. Too much water on the roots of your trees can be just as dangerous as too little. Each species of tree has different watering requirements and should be treated accordingly. You can always ask our arborists for specific information.

Drought and Temperature Extremes

As climate change affects California’s weather, drought conditions and temperature swings are becoming more common. This kind of unpredictable weather can stress trees used to more mild conditions. 

Pollution and Construction

Although Roseville’s population is smaller than many California cities, it is still part of the greater Sacramento Metro area, and therefore subject to the widespread effects of human activity. Many trees, especially Roseville’s prized Blue Oaks, have extensive root systems that spread meters beyond their branches. Cutting roots during construction deprives the tree of necessary water and nutrients, ultimately compromising its health and reducing its lifespan. In addition, air and water pollution can poison and stress trees, making them more prone to pests and diseases. 

Pests and Diseases

Roseville’s trees are host to various fungi, bacteria, and pests that can cause significant damage. Some of the most common diseases that Roseville’s trees include Anthracnose fungus, bacterial Fire Blight, and Fusarium wilt. Insects to watch include royal palm bugs, pine beetles, cabbage palm caterpillars, palmetto weevils, Goldspotted oak borers, and oak worms. 

Does the City of Roseville Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Roseville has established a comprehensive Urban Forest Master Plan to help tackle the existing and future problems facing Roseville’s tree population. The City is responsible for the planting, pruning, maintaining, and removing trees on city property, including Official City Street Trees (OCSTs), city parks, and other public thoroughfares. OCSTs are the trees that grow between public walkways and street curbs or within the public right-of-way if no public walkway exists.

For trees on private property, the property owner is typically responsible for maintenance and removal; however, it is essential to note protections for specific trees. Removal of protected trees is governed by Roseville Municipal Code, Chapter 19.66 – Tree Preservation. According to the City Code, you must obtain an Administrative Tree Permit or Tree Permit for regulated activities that affect or are within the protected zone of a protected tree.

You may be exempt from permit requirements if you meet specific requirements, so be sure to check with the City of Roseville or a licensed arborist before you proceed. Our team of specialists can do all of the permitting work and research for you!

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Roseville?

The City of Roseville is responsible for OCSTs and trees in other public areas and thoroughfares. If you notice tree limbs or damaged trees on the street, contact the Street Maintenance Division of Public Works at (916) 774-5790, and they will send a crew to remove them from the road. Public streetscape and open space maintenance are the responsibility of Roseville’s Park Maintenance Division. Typically, the landscaping between the sidewalk and street curb is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. In some locations, the City of Roseville may assist with larger pruning and health issues, but the property owner will be required to handle regular tree maintenance. 

Removing trees from private property can be more complicated, and responsibility differs depending on your relationship to the property and the tree’s specific location.

If You’re a Homeowner?

If you have a damaged, diseased, or dead tree on private property, you as the homeowner are responsible for appropriate pruning, removal, and disposal of the tree. If the tree is a designated protected tree, you may need to obtain a permit from the city, so be sure to check the appropriate Municipal Codes before attempting to remove it, or contact our experts for help.

If You’re a Renter?

As a renter, your responsibility is outlined by the lease agreement. Generally, tenant landscape maintenance responsibilities, if indicated in the lease, end at major repairs and maintenance. This means that your landlord will still be responsible for large-scale tree limb pruning and tree removal even if you have a landscaping clause. 

If You’re a Landlord?

Although you may have a clause in the lease agreement that holds the tenant responsible for general landscaping, you are still responsible for removing dead, damaged, or diseased trees from your property. 

If You’re a Neighbor?

Tree removal can be tricky if the tree in question is rooted in your neighbor’s property or straddles the property line. If the tree presents an immediate threat to people or property, you should contact the neighbor directly to discuss mutually beneficial remedies. If the neighbor is not receptive, contact the local authorities with your concerns. Be sure to avoid taking action until you have spoken with the appropriate authorities or an attorney. According to California Law, damage or removal of a tree not on your property can result in fines up to three times the value of the tree you removed. 

How Does The Soil Affect Trees In Roseville?

Roseville’s soil is mainly coarse, sandy loam, with periodic rocky areas and outcroppings. It is gritty, with visible sand particles, and will compress easily. This type of soil offers excellent drainage that is ideal for the trees common in the Roseville area. The soil throughout Roseville is also composed of a high degree of Urban Soil, which has been affected by human activity. It may contain concrete, brick, and other building materials and chemicals and different soils that alter the composition. To be sure that you have the best soil for your trees, request a soil test. It will help you decide which trees to plant on your property, and it will allow you to determine whether the soil is affecting the health of your trees.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Roseville?

Roseville falls into Climate Zone 9b, which is defined by a low-temperature threshold of 25°F. Plants and trees must withstand temperatures as low as 25°F to thrive in this zone. The Köppen-Geiger Climate Classification for Roseville’s climate is Csa, a mild Mediterranean climate with a hot, dry summer and wet winter with potential for frost. 

The low amount of precipitation during Roseville’s summer months can be stressful for both native and non-native trees. It may be tempting to simply water your trees as much as possible during the dry season, but this can do more harm than good. Instead, check with our professional arborists to ensure that you are watering your plants correctly.

Selecting the right tree for Roseville’s unique climate can make all the difference for arboreal health. To help residents choose the best tree for their needs and help cut energy costs and water usage, the City of Roseville has established a Shade Tree Program with a comprehensive list of trees that will thrive in Roseville, as well as their watering requirements. Users can even request a utility rebate for planting shade trees that keep homes cool in the summer and let the sun through to warm homes in the winter. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Roseville?

If you notice a dead or damaged tree or limb is threatening an overhead power line, call 79-POWER to reach the Roseville Electric Utility. They will remove branches and trees too close to their wires in a way that ensures everyone’s safety. The branch and tree removal is a free service. If you cannot reach Roseville Electric, you can also contact the local police and fire dispatch at (916) 774-5000 x 1.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Roseville?

The cost of tree removal in Roseville varies widely depending on several factors. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $270 and $1,200, and sometimes more. The cost can be much higher for more complicated removals, such as extensive root systems and difficult-to-reach areas. The three most common factors that affect tree removal costs in Roseville include:

Tree Location and Accessibility

Suppose the tree is in a difficult-to-access location, such as along a waterway or near power lines or structures. In that case, removal is likely to be more expensive than for the same tree in an easily accessible area. Removing trees from difficult areas will typically require that we bring specialized equipment and more personnel, and we’ll need to work longer hours to get it removed. 

Size, Age, and Species

The characteristics of the tree itself will affect the removal costs significantly. Small fruit trees, such as citrus or pear trees, tend to be smaller and more compact, making them easier to remove all at once. Trees that are older, larger, and have more extensive branch systems are more difficult for us to remove, which means more personnel, more labor, and more equipment. 

Stump and Root Removal

Often, the cost estimate you receive for tree removal will include the trunk and branches only. In this case, you will be expected to pay extra for stump grinding or removal. If the stump is small and simple, you may only pay $100-150 more; however, if you are pulling up an old tree with an extensive root system, like an oak, expect to pay more. 


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