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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Stamford?

While the trees are gorgeous and tall in the area, they face specific problems Stamford residents can control. Species such as the White Ash, Korean Evodia, Persian Parrotia, and the Freeman Maple are thriving in and around Stamford. However, they are threatened by diseases like fungal infections, bacteria, and viruses that disfigure and decay from the inside out. Infestations of foliage-eating insects and wood borers often hollowing out healthy trees. Human interactions can cause problems as well, such as gashes and gouges caused by landscaping equipment. Winter storms break limbs and cause bark splitting. Drought can stunt growth and cause sudden color changes.

Does the City of Stamford Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Stamford’s residents have the privilege of a Tree Warden overseeing the trees in the city. They are responsible for trees alongside public roads and in public spaces. Though they care for the public’s trees, they do not assist with pruning or removing private property trees. There is not a program to help financially with the removal of problematic trees. There can be an insurance reimbursement should a healthy tree pose a risk to the insured property. Refunds will not be issued for the removal of trees for aesthetics. FEMA can be of some help should the tree fall due to natural disasters.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Stamford?

Wherever there are a group of trees, there will be one that falls in a storm. Trees falling can cause electrical line damage, structural damage, medical emergencies, and debris to clean up. However, there will also be confusion about who has to foot the bill to remove the fallen tree and repair the damages. Nevertheless, there are some definite answers, and there can be consequences for not maintaining the tree’s health.

If You Are a Homeowner?

By city ordinances, the homeowner is responsible for how and when trees on their property will be pruned and maintained. Fallen trees that are healthy will result in the property owners separately filing claims to their insurance to cover the cost of removal and repairs. However, if the tree was neglected, that can come back to the homeowner. Insurance, depending on contracts, will cover a portion of a healthy fallen tree’s damages.

If You Are a Renter?

By Connecticut court orders, the tenant is responsible for damages to the property by the tenant, family, and guests. The order does not state that the renter will be responsible for any vegetation. So long as the renter pays rent in a timely fashion, keeps the area clean to prevent infestations, and does not violate noise or nuisance ordinances, their duties are discharged. Of course, a lease or rental agreement may alter this order, but it must have the specific language in writing to specify who is responsible for a fallen tree. Renters need to protect themselves and their belongings with ample renters’ insurance and flood insurance.

If You Are a Landlord?

According to the order mentioned earlier, landlords are responsible for vegetation, extermination, and maintenance of the commons. This responsibility includes weather preparations and debris removal. Fallen trees are categorized under the cleaning and removal aspects of the order. As mentioned, you can change the contract to specify in writing that the renter is responsible for a portion or all of the maintenance and removal of trees, but the language must be specific. Landlords are responsible for reporting damage to their insurance company to obtain assistance with removing the tree and repairs to the structures.  

If You Are a Neighbor?

Should a homeowner knowingly neglect to deal with a dangerous tree after being informed, in writing, of its hazard, they will be liable for any damages or injuries from the falling of the unhealthy tree. However, neighbors have the right to prune trees that encroach on their land up to the property line. Pruning, however, should not cause harm to the tree. If a healthy tree does fall, each property owner’s responsibility will be to alert their insurances and dispose of the fallen tree on their respective properties.

The best way to prevent any fallen trees from infestation or disease is to ensure an arborist like Tree Triage inspects them. Annual or biannual inspections help prevent infections from killing trees and help fertilize and grow a tree to its max potential. Have a tree service like us inspect and prune trees in the spring after the harsh winter has damaged some of them. We can assist with providing the fertilization or pH balance the tree needs to recuperate and grow.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Stamford?

The soils in the Stamford area are suited to growing any type of vegetation and need less irrigation than sandy soils. However suitable the soil nutrients, they do drain quicker than clay-based soils and will need irrigation regularly. Trees anchor well in the dirt, and the quick drainage decreases the risk for bacteria and fungal growth at the roots. Silt loams are naturally high in nutrients and can be improved by yearly adding composted soils. As a result, trees flourish on the grounds around Stamford. Even some foreign exotic trees benefit from the nutrient-rich soils.  

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Stamford?

Being near the coast has advantages and disadvantages. While the proximity to the salty ocean water can keep the temperature down under 100 degrees, it aids in the dropping of winter weather, causing ice or snow to build upon trees. The ice and snow can cause breakage at weak points. You can hear sap snapping on frigid days, and though normal, the tiny explosions cause internal damage to the trees. Another unfortunate aspect of being near the coast is the unpleasant existence of hurricanes and tropical storms. Wind damage can be as light as foliage removed from limbs to limbs ripped from trees to the greatest trees being pulled up by their roots. However, when no tree threatens the lives of trees and humans, the climate is excellent for growing trees with ample rain and sun.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Stamford?

The first guideline of tree trimming is to never prune near a power line, whether powered or not. Professionals trained to trim or remove trees near power lines are the only ones who can do it safely without jeopardizing lives or electrical connections. Electricity may travel up to ten feet away from power wires. Eversource is determined to maintain the safety of residents with its tree-trimming program. They remind residents that limbs touching power lines pose hazards like fire, electrocution, and loss of power. Homeowners are responsible for the service lines that connect the home to the pole, stumps of removed trees, and emergent removal of trees down on the property. While the electric company will prune trees for safety, the effect will not be aesthetically pleasing in most cases. The electric company will give notice before they perform any vegetation management due to the power being turned off for safety.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Stamford?

The average cost of removing a medium-sized tree in Stamford runs approximately $620. Most trees in the area cost between $200 and $2,100 to remove. Several factors influence the cost of the final bill. These include safety measures, equipment, crew members, height, girth, and health of the tree, multiple trees, and any additional services requested.

Health and Size of the Tree

While small healthy trees are easier to trim and maneuver, larger trees will take extra time to fell. Each tree must be cut into a specified length, usually no more than 5ft, and lowered to the ground for stacking or loading into the debris truck for removal. The taller the tree, the more sections and time it takes to bring it down. Unhealthy trees pose safety problems with cutting and lowering and sometimes are unsafe to climb. These safety issues will require extra equipment.

Crew, Equipment, and Safety

With extra equipment such as cranes and lifts, you will need an extra crew. Each piece of equipment has an additional charge to keep up maintenance, new blades, replacement parts, and cleaning. Each extra crew member drives up the cost of labor. Specialists like ours are required for jobs that are too close to structures or are near the utility lines going into the home. They are trained on the safety aspects of the trimming and removal and will notify the utility companies before working.

Additional Services

Some services are not included in the primary contract for tree services. This can consist of stump removal, covering, and treatment, for which you can expect an extra charge of at least $100. Limb chipping can cost extra but makes removal easy. Mulching from limb clippings helps with the garden and is very pretty. Creating cords of useable firewood and stacking on the property will incur an extra fee as well.

There are many more aspects to the tree services that will incur extra fees like permitting, replacing trees, emergent services, and annual services.


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