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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Sebastian?

Trees are a vital part of Sebastian’s ecosystem, and we should treat them as such. Unfortunately, certain circumstances can change this narrative. There are common issues affecting trees in Sebastian, including:

Poor Tree Growth

In Sebastian, it’s common to spot trees in poor health with symptoms such as stunted growth, brown and brittle barks, root damage or rot, and general tree weakness. While the soil in Sebastian supports trees to grow and thrive, a recent report suggests some factors resulting in poor growth include:

  • Inadequate pre- and post-planting care
  • Poor soil conditions such as too low or too high pH
  • Unmatched tree species with the area
  • Poor weather conditions

Overgrown Branches

Trees provide shade and are home to various species of fauna. That’s why folks might neglect to prune or trim the branches. However, there are extreme cases where the branches overgrow and encroach on your neighbor’s property, not to forget the falling leaves. Encroaching trees due to overgrown branches might result in legal disputes. If you can, trim and prune any overgrown branches that might creep into your neighbor’s property. Otherwise, contact our tree removal experts to get it done.

Pests and Diseases

While there are numerous species of trees found in Sebastian, the most abundant include bald cypress, live oak, pines, and maple trees. These majestic trees have unique pests and diseases, but the most common include root rot, fungal and bacterial infections, rodents, and insects. Rodents and insects live in the trees, but sometimes they cause more harm than good, leading to poor tree growth and the bark’s reduced integrity.

Weather and Soil Issues

According to the Florida Climate Center, Sebastian sits in a high hurricane threat zone. In some cases, a hurricane produces high-speed winds as high as 150 mph, resulting in catastrophic damage, including numerous downed trees, such as the most recent Hurricane Irma. Also, root rot, poor soil composition, and loose soil can lead to a downed tree.

You can take care of some of these tree issues, like trimming or pruning, but you’ll be putting yourself at risk health-wise and legally. If you spot any of these issues in your home in Sebastian, call our expert tree handlers and let us handle the issues properly.

Does the City of Sebastian Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Chapter 927 – Trees and Land Clearing: The Indian River County Code of Ordinances lists all tree removal rules. While an individual has to meet the costs of tree removal in their property, the City of Sebastian can provide tree removal services, but on special conditions such as:

  • When the tree is blocking or close to public spaces such as schools, hospitals, or roads
  • When the tree is near essential public service lines, such as power lines, gas lines, or water mains
  • After a natural disaster such as a hurricane
  • If the tree stands in the way of emergency services during an emergency

Additionally, there are special conditions for removing a tree from your property, as provided in this City Tree Ordinance.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Sebastian?

The tree owner in Sebastian must keep all their trees healthy to avoid any damage the trees might cause to their neighbor’s property; Florida law is clear on that. The tree’s health plays a crucial role in determining the party responsible when a tree falls. It’s common to spot disputes caused by fallen trees, but the Florida Tree and Fence Law gives clear guidance on the following scenarios:

If You’re a Homeowner?

If a tree falls within your property in Sebastian, it falls within your jurisdiction and responsibility to dispose of the fallen tree. If the tree has caused any damages, your homeowners’ insurance will help pay for the tree’s removal. However, the tree must have fallen due to a peril such as a natural disaster. Otherwise, you’ll have to meet the cost out of pocket.

If You’re a Renter?

Renting means you are living on someone else’s property. If you, the renter, cause a tree to fall through your actions and the landlord can prove beyond any reasonable doubt, then you’ll be responsible for removing the fallen tree.

Otherwise, the responsibility to remove the tree falls within the property owner’s shoulders.

If You’re a Landlord?

The Law clearly defines the landlord as the owner of the leased property or rented to a tenant. The keyword here is the owner. Therefore, as the landlord, you are the property owner and therefore responsible for removing any fallen tree.

If You’re a Neighbor?

Florida Fence and Property Law and Florida Jurisprudence state that if your neighbor’s dead tree falls on your property in Sebastian, the neighbor is responsible for removing the fallen tree. Certain circumstances might exempt your neighbor from being responsible for removing a fallen tree. For instance, if strong winds blow a healthy tree and it lands on your property, causing damages, then the responsibility to remove the tree falls on you.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Sebastian?

According to the US Department of Agriculture, the typical soil in Sebastian is Spodosol. Spodosol is an acidic soil formed through the process of podsolization. This process happens when a combination of organic matter in various stages of decomposition and different weathered mineral deposits such as aluminum and iron are in the deeper parts of the soil. The geological composition of Sebastian and the fact it borders the ocean provide the best conditions for this process.

Spodosol soil is acidic with a pH of 3.5 to 4.5. While this pH is too much or toxic to certain plants and vegetation, most of the trees in Sebastian, such as Oaks and Bald Cypress, grow well and thrive better in such acidic soils. These conditions encourage the trees in Sebastian to thrive and grow to heights exceeding 30 meters.

The combined composition of the soil in Sebastian makes the ground poorly drained, meaning it drains water slowly for days, especially during the rainy season. Therefore, the trees in Sebastian don’t have deep vertical roots; instead, their roots grow horizontally. Apart from tapping water that retains in the upper parts of the soil, horizontal roots allow the trees to be steadfast and firm, much so high winds don’t down them. On the other hand, the poor drainage means their roots can quickly rot, destabilizing the tree, making it easy to fall.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Sebastian?

While Sebastian is known for its sunny and warm climate all year round, not to forget the sandy beaches, 40 percent of all US-bound hurricanes hit Florida, according to NOAA. Therefore, the weather is a significant determinant factor in the ecosystems in Sebastian. Climate affects tree health in the following ways:

  • The high winds during the rainy season can easily topple the trees, especially if water saturates the soil surrounding the tree, making the ground soggy.
  • While a tree shuts down and cuts back some of its biological processes during high temperatures, such as transpiration, it also reduces vital functions such as photosynthesis resulting in a higher risk of pests and diseases.
  • The right weather conditions can be favorable to the growth and health of the trees. Nonetheless, the same weather conditions can provide a favorable environment for pests and bugs to thrive, infesting the tree resulting in poor tree health. For instance, Oak Bark Beetles favor moderate temperatures in spring to invade Oak trees, resulting in the deadly Oak Wilt.

When some of these conditions plague a tree, you should consider removing the tree to prevent further damage to the others. Please don’t remove the tree yourself; instead, contact our tree removal experts at Tree Triage to get the job done.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Sebastian?

A dead tree near a power line can be a disaster in the making and should be resolved swiftly. If left unattended, the tree falling on power lines could result in power outages that could last up until someone removes the tree.

As witnessed during hurricanes or stormy weather, numerous weak and dead trees fall on power lines leaving towns and households in the dark for many days.

According to National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), the Florida Public Utilities Company (FPUC) is the body mandated to remove any dead, weak, or overgrown trees near power lines in Sebastian. When you see a dead or fallen tree near a power line, do not, under any circumstances, try to remove it; contact FUPC immediately.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Sebastian?

Tree removal is a vital undertaking, especially if doing so will prevent damage or lower risk to human life or property. That’s why it doesn’t come cheap. While some tree removal experts quote fixed prices or hourly rates, some factors determine the amount you’ll pay them after they finish the job.

These factors include:

Nature of the Job

Expert tree removal experts, such as Tree Triage, risk their lives and limbs to remove trees. Every tree removal job has its unique set of risks, even pruning and trimming. For obvious reasons, the more dangerous the tree removal is, the higher the cost of the job. Certain factors, however, make the job more complex and challenging, such as proximity to power lines and water mains and a dead or weak tree. All tree removal experts are insured, and that’s why you shouldn’t remove any tree yourself.

Some tree removal jobs require extra power, especially extremely tall trees. Thus, machines such as bucket lifts or cranes are necessary, which might cost you an additional $500.

Tree Size

It may cost you as little as $200 to remove a small tree, but you’ll pay much more than that to remove a big tree. Think four figures.

Here’s an estimate on the removal of common mature trees in Sebastian:

  • Oak: $800
  • Maple: $1,200
  • Bald cypress: $900

Additionally, the higher the tree, the higher the removal cost, and the same applies to the tree trunk’s size. Nonetheless, while the tree trunk’s diameter is proportional to the tree’s height, your tree might be thick but short, which will require more work and time, resulting in a higher bill.

Tree Location

Cutting down a tree in Sebastian is easy, but calculating the landing site might be challenging, especially if the tree is close to a public space. The experts will take the necessary measures, such as cordoning off the area, but there’s still a high risk of property damage.

Also, the tree might be in an inaccessible location, such as between two buildings, on a cliff, or near a water body, to mention a few. The more inaccessible the tree is, the higher the cost of removal. Inaccessible trees might need the use of a crane, resulting in an extra charge to get the job done.

Disposal Methods and Additional Services

How do you wish to dispose of the tree? After you cut down a tree, you can choose what to do with it. Tree removal experts in Sebastian offer wood chippers to reduce the tree to wood chips. If you want timber or firewood, you can pay more for the tree removers to reduce the tree into manageable chunks to your liking. If you have a fireplace, the tree removers can split the tree into logs for your consumption.

Also, you have to pay extra if you want the tree removers to remove the tree stump.


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