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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Roswell?

Roswell is a great place to grow trees with more than 200 days of sunshine every year, more than 52″ of rain annually, and moderate temperatures throughout the year. Even with the idyllic conditions, keeping your trees healthy can be a challenge. Some of the problems your Roswell trees might encounter include:

Seiridium Canker

This infection which is commonly found in Leyland Cypress trees begins with dying tree leaves and twigs, and finally the death of the limb. It’s contagious and can be spread from tree to tree easily. 

Hypoxylon Canker

Hypoxylon Canker is an opportunistic infection that takes advantage of stressed-out urban trees. It creates a fungal mat to develop under the tree’s bark, causing the bark to fall off and the leaves to wilt and turn yellow.

Armillaria Root Rot

This fungus can cause crown dieback, reduced growth, premature leaf drop, and even tree death. This is a particular problem for trees that are sitting in wet soil for extended periods.

Ambrosia Beetles

The female Ambrosia Beetle bores holes in the deadwood in the spring to lay her eggs along with a special ambrosia fungus. Once infected with the fungus, a tree must be removed as it cannot be saved. 

Pine Beetles

The Pine Beetle is another opportunistic tree pest. They bore into the inner bark of pine trees to feed. This causes large amounts of resin to form on the outer bark. Pine Beetles will kill the tree if left untreated.

Scale Insects

These nasty little pests attack just about every type of tree in Roswell. If you notice a sticky, waxy substance on your trees, stunted leaf or needle growth, or yellowing, it may be a sign that scale insects have moved in.

Japanese Beetles

Even though they have an exotic name, Japanese Beetles are right at home in your Roswell trees. These pests consume the leaves, flowers, and fruit of around 300 species of trees, weakening and even killing them. 

Does the City of Roswell Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

You’re pretty sure one or more of the trees on your Roswell property are either diseased or have an insect infestation. So, now what do you do? Is there any help that the city offers to residents who are dealing with tree removal problems? 

Trees on Private Property

The City of Roswell does not deal with the removal of damaged or diseased trees that are on private property. It’s your responsibility if your trees need to be taken down. Likewise, if you’re having a dispute about a hazardous tree with a neighbor, the city will not become involved. If, however, a tree that grows on your property becomes a hazard that threatens public property, they will become involved.

If a tree falls into your neighbor’s property from yours, you are responsible for cleaning up any debris on your property and your neighbor must clean up their property. If a neighbor’s tree is hanging over your property, and you want to trim it, you can do so as long as you don’t permanently damage the tree. But, it’s best to talk to your neighbor first to avoid conflict and legal problems.

Removing Trees on Your Property

If you need to remove a tree from your property, and it’s more than 3″ in diameter, you need to complete the application for a Tree Removal Permit. If your home is within 2,000 feet of the Chattahoochee River, you’re also going to have to contact the planning and zoning office before you remove any trees from the property.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Roswell?

If a tree falls in your yard because of a heavy storm, strong winds, disease, or damage, it’s going to create a big mess and someone’s going to have to clean it all up. But what is your responsibility, and how should you handle a fallen tree on your Roswell property? 

If you’re a homeowner 

Trees that grow on your property are your responsibility. If one falls, it’s up to you to clean up the debris and repair the damage. Your homeowner’s insurance may help cover some of the costs.

If you’re a renter

If a tree, or large tree limb, falls in your rental home’s yard, it’s typically going to be the landlord’s responsibility to take care of the mess and make repairs. Double-check your lease agreement to make sure.

If you’re a landlord?

As the owner or manager of the rental property, you’ll be responsible for taking care of a fallen tree and debris. You may also be obligated to provide temporary housing to your renter in the event of serious damage.

If you’re a neighbor?

As mentioned earlier, if a neighbor’s tree falls in your yard, you’ll be responsible for cleaning up the mess. You may, however, wish to pursue a civil case against the neighbor to recoup some of your expenses.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Roswell?

The soil in Roswell, and Georgia in general, ranges from loamy sandy soil to heavy red clay. If your yard consists of soil that’s heavier in clay, it’s prone to drying out, which can cause serious issues for trees. Dry, clay soil can’t always hold a tree’s expansive roots, leaving them vulnerable to tipping over when heavy rains saturate the soil. Loose, sandy soil can also present a problem when it comes to supporting the with of a full-grown tree.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Roswell?

Roswell is in a sort of Goldilocks zone when it comes to growing just about any plant, and that applies to trees as well. Because of the mild winters, abundant spring rains, warm summer temperatures, and plenty of sunshine, a variety of tree species don’t just survive, they thrive. Heavy rains, strong winds, and lightning can cause serious damage to trees, especially if they’re already suffering from an infection or insect infestation as mentioned earlier.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Roswell?

If a tree has fallen over a line, and you’ve lost power, stay indoors, and call for emergency help right away.

If you notice a dead tree that threatens to interfere with a power line in Roswell, you must remain a safe distance away from the tree. Keep children, pets, and vehicles out of the area, and contact Georgia Power to report the problem as soon as you can. The utility company regularly trims tree limbs and branches to keep them from coming in contact with lines and disrupting power. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Roswell?

It’s hard to say how much you’ll have to pay for our professional tree removal services in Roswell, GA without knowing your exact circumstances. Before we can give you a price, we’d ask questions like, is the tree already down, or is it dead standing? Is the tree diseased or is there an insect infestation? Where is the tree located, and how big is it? However, the average cost of tree removal in Roswell falls somewhere between $277 and $1,949. Some factors that will affect the cost of tree removal include:

How Urgent Is Your Need?

Generally, you’re going to pay more for an emergency tree removal than if you plan ahead. But sometimes you simply have no choice, like when a strong summer thunderstorm ravages Fulton County and knocks down a tree in your yard. You need it gone as soon as possible to keep your family and neighbors safe. In these emergencies, there may be an additional charge and a longer wait due to our heavy call volume.

One way to save money on tree removal services in Roswell is to keep an eye on your trees. If you notice any indication the tree is diseased or otherwise in distress, call us and have our specialists take a look. It could save you a great deal of time, money, and aggravation. Plus, it may just save your tree.

soil and Weather Conditions

If your property is primarily red clay, like so many other Roswell lots, removing a dead or dying tree can be particularly challenging. It’s even more difficult when it’s cold, wet, and rainy. Clay becomes extremely slippery, making it dangerous to operate heavy equipment and putting our crews at physical risk. In these conditions, the cost of tree removal will be higher to account for the additional risks involved.

If your property has more sand than clay, you have another unique set of conditions. Due to the way sand shifts, it may be difficult to operate heavy machinery safely in the area, adding to the complexity and costs of the job. 

Number, Size, and Location of Trees

If you’re having multiple large oak trees removed from your Roswell property, you can expect it to cost more than removing one tree. Likewise, you’d expect that the cost of removing a smaller tree would be significantly less than a large, expansive tree. And yes, it works that way most of the time but there are exceptions. 

Keep in mind that tree removal costs are variable, depending on the scope of the work. A particularly hard-to-reach single tree can be just as expensive to remove as a group of easy-to-reach trees. A good rule of thumb is that the harder it is to get to the tree, the more expensive it will be to have it removed.


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