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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Cedar Rapids?

Even the healthiest trees in Cedar Rapids are prone to multiple pests and diseases that affect their health and productivity. Some environmental factors and weather changes bring adverse effects to the trees, too. Here are the most common issues which affect trees in Cedar Rapids:

Tree Diseases

Tree diseases in Cedar Rapids vary significantly according to the type of tree. The most common tree diseases in the city are Anthracnose and Apple Scab. Anthracnose is a fungal infection that affects the leaf. The trees whose leaves are affected by Anthracnose are maple, elm, butch, walnut, hickory, and linden. The main symptoms of Anthracnose are leaf loss, leaf defoliation, and brown or red leaf edges.

Apple Scab is common in apple trees. It is a type of fungal infection that develops black pores on the poles or the leaves.

Tree Insects

Homeowners in Cedar Rapids often deal with two types of tree insects: Aphids and Emerald Ash Borers. They both feed on the tree leaves and the barks, and the affected tree may die in less than two years if untreated.  

Weather Changes

Like most parts of lowa, Cedar Rapids experiences severe weather changes that significantly impact trees. The most notable effect is strong winds and hurricanes, which often bring down many trees. Heavy thunderstorms, too, harm trees in Cedar Rapids. Homeowners in Cedar Rapids can avoid these effects by ensuring that the trees are firm and not near utility lines. 

Does the City of Cedar Rapids Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Yes, the City of Cedar Rapids offers assistance with tree removal issues. As seen in this news article, Cedar Rapids collaborates with Waypoint and East-Central lowa to match resident needs regarding tree removal. 

Besides, the city of Cedar Rapids offers a free collection of tree debris to make the city cleaner and help the residents in their tree removal practices.

The city of Cedar Rapids also supports safe tree removal by offering permits. The code of ordinances clearly states that no one should cut any tree without a permit. By providing the licenses, the city ensures that only experienced arborists remove the trees, thus, minimizing the dangers of having tree removal accidents.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Cedar Rapids?

It’s the sole responsibility of the property owner to remove a tree within the property. Here are few guidelines for the fallen tree removal responsibility in the city of Cedar Rapids:

If you’re a Homeowner

As a homeowner, you are responsible for removing any tree debris for a tree that accidentally falls on your property. But if the tree falls on your cars or other valuable types of property, you can inform your homeowners’ insurer for compensation.

If You’re a Renter

You should inform the landlord (the property owner) when a tree falls on the property. The landlord should take care of the debris collection and other liabilities associated with the fallen tree.

If You’re a Landlord

You are the rightful owner of the property, and so, you are responsible for taking care of any damages that a fallen tree causes. Your tenants or the neighboring property owners can sue you for any damages that a fallen tree causes to their property. Nevertheless, your insurer can help you with the situation.

If You’re a Neighbor

Neighbor disputes regarding fallen trees in Cedar Rapids never end; no wonder the city has clear tree laws regarding tree liability. If your neighbor’s trees fall on your property due to a storm or natural disaster, your neighbor may not be liable. 

However, the neighbor can pay for any personal injuries or loss of property if the tree was not in good health because that means the neighbor did not observe the correct tree maintenance practices. 

Bottom line: you should peacefully solve the issue with your neighbor to maintain a healthy relationship with your neighbors.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Cedar Rapids?

Soils in Cedar Rapids are not the same. In lowa, there are more than 450 types of soils, and they are evenly distributed in Cedar Rapids. The textures of these soils vary greatly depending on the parent materials they came from, topography, vegetation cover, and human activities.

In a bid to unveil the types of soils in Cedar Rapids, researchers have done multiple surveys regarding the same. In this specific study, the researchers found out most parts of Cedar Rapids contain sandy soils coated in heavy loam soil. 

Perhaps the best solution to effectively plant trees in Cedar Rapids is to have a soil test done by our arborists to know the exact type of soil in your yard. From there, you can see how you will take care of trees, depending on your soil.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Cedar Rapids?

Cedar Rapids experiences a fair share of all types of weather changes. During summer, most trees tend to wither off, their leaves fall, and they become more vulnerable to diseases. Here are multiple ways how weather changes in Cedar affect the health of trees in the city:

Excessive Precipitation 

In line with this article, excessive precipitation during winter and spring in lowa creates a mess for most trees in Cedar Rapids. Long periods of prolonged rainfall fill the pores of the plants and hinder enough supply of oxygen. 

This often results in root rot among other issues. We advise Cedar Rapids residents to avoid watering trees during winter and hold the fertilizers until the soil fully drains off the water.

Strong Winds and Storms

As earlier mentioned, Cedar Rapids is vulnerable to strong winds which attack lowa. For example, the Derecho storm leads to losing many plants in lowa, mainly those grown in loose soils. 

In case of strong winds, you should always check on your trees to ensure they are still intact. This is because strong winds in lowa can often lead to safety hazards when the trees fall on utility lines. Also, you should always consult our arborists to ensure that the trees are in good health because trees with dead stems of branches are the most vulnerable to falling in case of strong winds.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Cedar Rapids?

Dead trees usually pose safety risks because they can fall anytime in case of strong winds and storms. And, when they fall, they can cause power outages, loss of property, or even fire in extreme cases. 

What you do to trees near power lines depends on the location of the trees. If the tree is on the street, you should inform the power supply utility firm. The Cedar Rapids code of ordinances clearly states that “no one should trim, prune, or cut any tree along the public highways or streets except the state.” So, if the tree is located along the roads, you should inform the utility service company to take the necessary action.

However, if the tree is on your property, then we can help you remove it safely. As per the ordinances, only an insured tree removal expert like Tree Triage should handle long trees near power lines using the right tools and protective gear.

For future safety, you should avoid planting trees near power lines. And if you must, then you should consider the lower-sized trees and call us to prune them regularly.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Cedar Rapids?

The average costs of tree removal in Cedar Rapids are $705. The cost varies significantly depending on the exact type of service you need, the tree’s location, the tree’s health, and many more. 

If you need to remove a tree in Cedar Rapids, you need to know the cost influencing factors to plan well. Here are the main determining factors:

the Size and the Height of the Tree

The tree removal costs increase with an increase in the size and height of the tree. When the tree is huge, our arborists will have to be more cautious not to fall on other healthy trees or people’s property. Still, the bark of the big tree will be harder, requiring more effort. 

Here’s a breakdown of the tree removal costs according to the height in Cedar Rapids:

  • Tree removal cost for a 20-foot tree: $180 to $340
  • Tree removal cost for a 40-foot tree: $360 to $680
  • Tree removal cost for a 60-foot tree: $540 to $1,020
  • Tree removal cost for an 80-foot tree: $720 to $1,360 or more

Before removing your tree, our experts should first measure the tree’s height and provide an accurate price estimate.

The Location of the Tree

The tree’s location has a direct influence on the cost. The price tends to be high when the tree is located in a risky area. A location is considered to be risky if:

  • There are nearby property
  • There are nearby healthy trees

Our arborists need to be extremely careful in such situations and might even use special cranes to remove the trees from the risky location. The removal costs of such trees can be high compared to other trees located in scarce areas.

Emergency Service

You might need an emergency tree removal service when:

  • Your trees are leaning toward a particular direction
  • Your trees have many dead branches
  • Your trees have visibly damaged roots
  • One of your trees falls on someone’s property

The emergency services require a prompt turn around and can attract higher tree removal costs. However, we don’t mean to scare you from seeking emergency tree removal services. The prices can be relatively higher, but the benefits can be worth it because the service avoids many safety risks.


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