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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Rathdrum?

Rathdrum, Idaho is a small but scenic city in the northern part of the state, and it’s named after the city of Rathdrum in Ireland. Just over 8,000 people reside in Rathdrum, and most of the people that live here are outdoor enthusiasts that care about preserving the natural beauty of our landscape. There are tons of hiking trails, hunting areas, and nature preserves in the area. Because of this emphasis on nature, we believe it’s important for everyone in our town to be aware of some tree problems common to the area so that we can all work to preserve the natural greenery of our city and its surrounding areas. Three of the most common issues our trees face are leaf rust, fire blight, and pine beetles. 

Leaf Rust

Fungus is often beneficial for the health of our forests, breaking down dead trees to make room for other ones to sprout up in their place. Some forms of fungus, however, are a bit more malicious than others. Leaf rust is a fungal disease common to the area, and it harms trees by disrupting the photosynthesis process. This leaves trees unable to absorb all the good stuff they get from sunlight, and it shows up as yellow or brown spots on leaves. Fruit trees that get leaf rust also produce malformed fruits that can also get yellow spots and ooze liquid. 

Fortunately, leaf rust can often be treated with fungicide, and it is rarely fatal, but it should still be taken care of quickly before it spreads to other trees and causes more widespread damage. 

Fire Blight

Like fungus, bacteria are also important in maintaining the circle of life in natural areas, but they can also get out of hand. Fire blight is a bacterial disease caused by the bacteria Erwinia amylovora. These bacteria thrive in temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and they cause cankers to form on branches and stems. At first, cankers appear to be reddish-brown, but in later stages, they appear more dry and sunken. 

A tree’s blossoms also begin to look dull, and they often take on a green or gray color. Sometimes, the blossoms shrivel, turn black, and fall off. If severe enough, blossoms may also ooze a milky white liquid. Fire blight can spread quite easily from tree to tree, and active bacterial cells can survive winters. Sometimes wind, rain, or even pollinating insects can propagate its spread, so it’s important to contact our arborists right away for treatment options if you notice signs of fire blight. 

Pine Beetles

Pine beetles are a serious problem in Washington and Northern Idaho, largely thanks to our abundance of pine trees for them to snack on. Pine beetles like to attack diseased or injured pine trees in most cases, but they will, sometimes, team up and destroy perfectly healthy trees. These creatures are small and black, and they lay their eggs underneath the bark. As soon as pine beetle eggs are laid, they produce a chemical that prevents trees from absorbing key nutrients. 

Sadly, most trees die within a year of being attacked by pine beetles because their young eat bark so voraciously, and the presence of some pine beetles on a tree attacks more to show up and lay their own eggs, setting off a horrible cycle. You can tell a tree has been attacked by pine beetles if you notice little holes on and underneath the bark, and if a tree starts to turn gray. By this point, it’s much too late to save the tree, but there are precautions we can take with other trees on your property. 

Does the City of Rathdrum Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Rathdrum does not provide any assistance with tree removal problems, but Kootenai County can help remove downed trees on public property. If you see a fallen tree on a public road or in a public park, you can call 208-446-1300. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Rathdrum?

Fallen trees are never a fun issue to deal with, especially once other parties become involved. Being aware of how these matters normally shake out, however, can help you understand who is responsible for what in most given situations.

If you’re a homeowner?

Homeowners are in charge of maintaining their property’s trees, both in preventative maintenance and fallen tree cleanup. It can be helpful to have our arborists inspect your property’s trees once in a while to assess their health and make recommendations about keeping them healthy and your family safe from tree-related hazards. 

If you’re a renter?

Renters are usually not responsible for fallen trees unless their rental agreement states that they will have to pay for such occurrences. For the most part, though, that responsibility will go to the property owner. 

If you’re a landlord?

Property owners usually have to foot the bill for fallen trees on their property, which is why it’s always helpful to regularly inspect the trees on your properties to ensure they are healthy and don’t pose a hazard to your tenants. Landlords that fail to keep their property’s trees well-maintained may face negligence charges

If you’re a neighbor?

If a neighbor’s tree falls onto your yard, you, unfortunately, become responsible for having it removed since it is now on your property. It’s always helpful to discuss these matters with your neighbors ahead of time to reach an agreement about who will pay for what. We have also seen neighbors agree to split tree removal bills in these instances. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Rathdrum?

Soil has a tremendous impact on the health of our trees, and our soil tends to be on the acidic side of the pH scale. Many trees and plants are perfectly suited for acidic soils, though some may show signs of illness like shriveling or discoloration due to their low pH. Acidic soil can make it difficult for trees to absorb key nutrients from soils, but there are plenty of interventions that can address this problem. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In Rathdrum?

Our weather tends to be dry throughout most of the year, but we occasionally get strong and heavy storms that pour high volumes of water on our city in a relatively short amount of time. We have received several powerful windstorms over the past few years that have knocked over a lot of trees and have caused all kinds of property damage. When trees go without adequate water for weeks and are suddenly subjected to rain and wind, it makes them much more susceptible to damage and falling over. 

Keep a close eye on how your trees are doing before and after storms, and contact our local arborists if you have any concerns. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Rathdrum?

The utility companies in Rathdrum regularly prune back branches that grow near main power lines to prevent power outages and downed lines from trees. If you spot any trees that are growing too close to the main power lines, you should contact your electricity provider and request an inspection from one of their staff members to determine if it poses any danger. 

Property owners are responsible for keeping trees pruned back that are near power lines that connect from poles to homes, but the utility company can turn off your electricity before you bring in someone to work on those branches. 

If you see a tree tangled in a power line, or any other hazardous electrical situation, stay far away from the scene and contact Avista at (800) 227-9187 to get connected to their emergency line. Trees can conduct high voltage electricity, so getting too close can have disastrous consequences. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Rathdrum?

Most people in Rathdrum pay around $620 for tree removal, but your final bill may be much higher (up to around $1,900) or lower than that (as low as $150) depending on a wide range of factors. When we calculate tree removal costs, the three largest factors we take into account are the size of the tree, the location of the tree, and if we have to provide any other services during or after tree removal. 

Size of the Tree

As you can imagine, taking down a large tree that is several stories high and several feet wide is quite an undertaking. When we are tasked with removing a large tree, we often have to bring in more staff members, and it can take all day or several days to get the job done right. Generally speaking, the larger the tree that you need removed, the more you will have to pay to have it removed because of the increased labor hours it takes. 

On the other hand, having a small sapling removed from your property won’t take more than an hour, and we won’t need to bring as many staff members to handle the job. 

The Use of Special Equipment

Some tree removal jobs require the use of special equipment or more complicated techniques in order to keep your property and our staff safe. Trees that are in hard-to-reach areas or are rooted close to homes often have to be braced to prevent large limbs from falling on homes. Anytime we have to use these extra precautions, it will raise your final bill, but spending a bit more to get the job done safely is always worth the investment. 

Other Services Provided

The task of removing trees that are simply dead or in the way is usually done as soon as the tree has been brought down and the scraps have been cleared. When it comes to trees that died of a disease or have some kind of infection, however, we often recommend that you allow us to provide extra services that can help prevent the disease from spreading to other trees in your yard.


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