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Downers Grove, IL
Tree Removal Services In Downers Grove, IL

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Downers Grove, IL


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Local Tree Services In Downers Grove

At Tree Triage, our #1 goal is to help keep your trees as healthy and safe as possible. 

Our certified arborists provide expert tree trimming, tree pruning, and (when necessary) tree removal services for commercial and residential properties in Downers Grove.

We support communities with local tree care and maintenance services in Downers Grove and the surrounding area.

Tree Removal

Tree Triage’s certified arborists provide residents in Downers Grove with safe, efficient, low cost tree removal services. Trees in Downers Grove are prone to Bur Oak Blight and Butternut Canker, which is a main reason customers reach out to us for a removal. Our team is also ready for emergency tree removal in the event of a downed tree.

Tree Trimming And Pruning

Tree Triage’s certified arborists offer Downers Grove residents their expert tree trimming and pruning services to ensure your trees stay healthy year round. 

The most common tree in Illinois is the Black Cherry tree and, at maturity, can reach a canopy width of 20-30 feet. This means that most Downers Grovians will need to have their tree trimmed occasionally to prevent it from growing near roofs, power lines, or other structures on their property. 

The typical cost for our experts to trim tree branches is usually in the ballpark of $201 to $550, but can cost up to $$917 depending on the size and the location of the tree.

Stump Removal and Grinding

Here at Tree Triage, our tree experts know that half the battle of tree removal is removing the stump and root system after the tree is gone. 

That’s why we offer stump grinding packages with our tree removal services, but we also love to help Downers Grove residents who want to remove existing stumps and root systems from their property as well. 

The average stump diameter for trees in Downers Grove, IL is 20 to 24 inches and their root system is typically 24 inches deep.

As a result, the average cost to grind a stump in Downers Grove, IL is $$336 with the lowest cost being $$193 and the highest being $$578.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost In Downers Grove?

The average cost to remove a tree in Downers Grove is around $642. Most removals in Downers Grove fall between $172 and $2,063. The total for your job will depend on a few different factors, and it’s nearly impossible to provide an accurate quote without first inspecting your tree.

Tree Removal Cost Calculator

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  • National Average: $775
  • Typical Range: $326 - $814
  • Low End - High End: $153 - $1832

What Are The Expenses Associated With Tree Removal?

There are several cost factors that we’ll consider when pricing out your tree removal. The most significant factor is the size of your tree. This is because it takes more time and often specialized equipment to remove larger trees safely, which translates to higher costs.

The most common tree in the Downers Grove area is the Black Cherry tree, which at maturity reaches a height of 80 feet. The canopy reaches widths of about 20-30 feet. When fully-grown, Black Cherry trees could cost up to approximately $2,063 to have a professional like us remove it.

Many homeowners in Downers Grove also have Elm trees on their property, as they are the second most common species in Illinois. 

These trees generally reach heights of up to 60 feet and can span out up to 60-100 feet.

In addition to the tree’s size, we’ll need to consider the species and how dense the wood is. Trees with softwood, like Pines, take less time and put less wear and tear on our equipment. 

The ease of removing them will be reflected in the cost. Hardwood trees in Downers Grove, like Oaks, will be more challenging and demand a higher removal price.

We’ll also need to consider the condition of the tree. Unfortunately, invasive insects like the Asian Longhorned Beetle and White Pine Blister Rust plague trees throughout Downers Grove, Illinois. They weaken the trees they infect and can leave them prone to falling over or dropping limbs unexpectedly.

Trees in Downers Grove are also prone to several tree diseases, including Bur Oak Blight and Butternut Canker. 

Signs of Bur Oak Blight can include necrosis (death) of the tissue along the veins, wedge-shaped areas of browning at the tips or sides of the leaves, or defoliaiton. 

Signs of Butternut Canker can include dead twigs in the crown of a butternut, cracks in the bark of branches and sometimes a blackish fluid, or a whitish margin may form around the black canker.

As you can imagine, taking down a tree that is weakened by these pests and tree diseases can be dangerous. We might need special equipment and more time to remove affected trees. If you notice symptoms of an infestation, a tree disease, or a fungal infection, you should prepare to pay more for tree removal services.

Finally, we need to consider how close the tree is to personal property, including your house, shed, deck, landscaping features, and anything else that could get damaged during the removal process. With an average property size of 0.42 acres and an average house square footage around 1897 sq. ft., chances are higher that the tree you need removed will pose an issue.

If the tree in question is close to personal property, we’ll have to take special care to remove limbs in smaller pieces so as not to cause any damage during the process. This takes a longer time and often involves heavy machinery to guide pieces down, increasing the cost of removal.

Should You Remove A Tree Yourself?

Completing a DIY tree removal is possible, but only in certain circumstances.

Most importantly, you should only consider taking down a tree in your yard if it’s under about 10 feet tall. That means fully-grown trees that are native to Illinois — including Black Cherry and Elm— should be entirely out of the question if they have grown into maturity. 

Additionally, you should only take down a tree that is far enough away from all personal property. Controlling where a tree falls isn’t always possible, so only take down a tree that wouldn’t damage anything no matter which way it topples.

Finally, you should never attempt DIY tree removal if the tree is infested with pests like the Asian Longhorned Beetle or White Pine Blister Rust, or one that might have been affected by tree diseases local to Downers Grove. 

These trees need to be removed by a professional who will prevent the issue from spreading to nearby trees.

What Is The Most Common Tree Problem In Downers Grove?

One of the most dangerous tree issues in Downers Grove and throughout much of Illinois is the Asian Longhorned Beetle. This invasive insect was first discovered in 1996.

The Asian Longhorned Beetle is about 3/4 -1/2 inch long and typically has a black with white markings body. It feeds on leaves and twigs, which can kill off an otherwise healthy tree in about 1 year.

The easiest way to identify an infestation on your property is to look for visible Asian longhorned beetles, chewed round depressions in the bark of a tree, or pencil-sized, perfectly round tree exit holes. If you see any of these symptoms of a Asian Longhorned Beetle infestation, contact our arborists right away for proper removal and disposal.

When Should A Tree Be Removed In Downers Grove?

Most Downers Grovians enjoy the natural beauty of the native trees in Downers Grove, but there are numerous reasons a tree in the area should be removed. Knowing when to take down a tree can help prevent property damage, personal injury, and the death of nearby trees.

Firstly, if a tree is threatening your home or a neighbor’s home, you should have it removed. The average property value in Downers Grove is $406,661, so even a relatively small amount of damage can be catastrophic.

Another hazard to consider is proximity to power lines. Many of Illinois’s larger tree species — like the Black Cherry that can grow to 80 feet— can easily interfere with electrical wiring. Not only can these problems cause power outages but they are also a major fire hazard.

Finally, trees that have been affected by invasive species in the area — like Asian Longhorned Beetle or White Pine Blister Rust — or potentially deadly infections — like Bur Oak Blight and Butternut Canker — should always be removed properly. 

Taking down infested or infected trees that are visibly dying or struggling can help save nearby trees from the same fate. The best way to do this is to identify symptoms early, for example if you notice or those are indications that a tree is struggling.

Or, if you’re noticing pests like Asian Longhorned Beetle which have a black with white markings body about 3/4 -1/2 inch long you should notify a professional immediately. These pests feed on leaves and twigs and can kill a tree in 1 year. 

The first symptoms to look out for with these pests are visible Asian longhorned beetles, chewed round depressions in the bark of a tree, or pencil-sized, perfectly round tree exit holes. This type of infestation can weaken your tree substantially over time and create even more of a hazard for your family and your property.

Who Is Responsible For Tree Removal In Downers Grove?

Generally speaking, the property owner where the tree is growing in Downers Grove is responsible for its removal. For example, if a tree is growing on your property, you will need to coordinate and pay for removal services. If the tree is growing on public property or on a right of way, Downers Grove will cover the removal.

However, like many areas throughout the United States, negligence plays a big part in tree removal responsibility in Illinois. For example, if your neighbor fails to maintain their Black Cherry trees and it falls into your yard, you may be able to hold them liable for removal if you can prove that they were negligent.

When Should You Hire A Professional To Remove A Tree?

Hiring an expert tree removal service like us is almost always worth it, but there are certain cases where you should always leave it to the professionals.

Most importantly, if your tree is over 20 feet tall or you can’t reach the highest branches without getting on a ladder, don’t attempt a DIY tree removal. Tall trees native to Illinois like the Black Cherry and Elm are extremely dangerous to fell if you’re inexperienced or lack the required equipment.

Secondly, Downers Grovians should contact a removal service if their tree is located near any personal property. 

In Downers Grove, where the population density is 3,416.2/sq. mi., chances are high that your tree could damage a house, deck, or other nearby property.

Finally, you should rely on a tree removal service in Downers Grove to tackle any trees that are plagued by the Asian Longhorned Beetle or White Pine Blister Rust or problems like Bur Oak Blight and Butternut Canker that are prevalent in Downers Grove.

Why Tree Triage?

Our team of arborists and removal experts at Tree Triage know from firsthand experience that tree removal can be stressful as a homeowner. Not only can service in Downers Grove run up to about $2,063, but it can also put your home and other property at risk of severe damage.

That’s why everything we do is in an effort to make the process simple and stress-free for you. We only work with genuine experts who can remove your tree safely and quickly without compromising the safety of you, your family, your home, fence, deck, shed, or other property. 

We promise not to damage your lawn or flower beds! All of our work is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can always count on us for white-glove service.

With our team of experts, you get best-in-class service for an affordable price; that’s the Tree Triage promise!

Quick Tree Facts For Downers Grove, IL

Most Common TreeBlack Cherry
Black Cherry Avg. Canopy Width20-30 feet
Black Cherry Avg. Height At Maturity80
Black Cherry Growth Ratefast
Black Cherry Foliagedeciduous (seasonally loses leaves)
Illinois State TreeWhite oak
Common Illinois Softwood TreePines
Common Illinois Hardwood TreeOaks


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