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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Brownsburg?

Anthracnose is one of the most common tree diseases we see in Brownsburg. This fungal disease is most prevalent when we have a cool, wet spring. You may notice defoliation, with leaves wilting and falling off the tree during the spring or summer months. Fortunately, if diagnosed and treated promptly, most trees can survive this disease and recover in a few years. However, those that go untreated or that are already weakened by age, insect pests, or other pressures, can die from anthracnose. 

In addition, all 92 counties in Indiana, including Hendricks county, have experienced infestations of emerald ash borers. These insects can quickly girdle and kill an entire tree. While the statewide quarantine of firewood has been successful in slowing the spread of these invasive pests, Brownsburg is still at risk since ash trees are so prevalent throughout the city. Preventative treatment is the best way to ensure emerald ash borers don’t destroy your trees. A yearly check-up and treatment application from our team on ash trees will prevent these pests from destroying your trees in the future. 

Some invasive threats haven’t hit Indiana yet, but it’s important to watch for signs of these diseases to prevent them from spreading if they do enter the state. One disease that officials in Brownsburg are particularly concerned about is the thousand cankers disease, which affects walnut trees. The insect that spreads this disease has been found in Indiana, and there are active quarantines in place to prevent this disease from entering the state through the nursery trade. If you notice damage or dead branches on a walnut tree in Brownsburg, let us know right away. It’s essential to get this disease diagnosed as soon as possible to prevent the spread of this new invasive tree disease.

Does the City of Brownsburg Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Street and park trees in Brownsburg are the responsibility of the city. If a tree on your street is in poor condition, notify the city. The Brownsburg Tree Committee will assess and remove the tree if it is in an unsafe condition. Where appropriate, they will also replant a tree in the same location. The town also maintains, prunes, and trims all trees in parks and rights-of-way throughout Brownsburg. 

Homeowners are responsible for any trees on their property. If it’s not in the right-of-way or a city park, the homeowner is responsible for maintaining trees in their yard and removing them if they become hazardous. Although the city of Brownsburg does not assist in this situation, homeowners can reduce the cost and impact of tree removal by checking their trees yearly for signs of fungi, insects, and disease. If you have any trees that are at risk of infection or seem stressed, have them checked by our professionals. Our arborists are experts on local trees in Brownsburg and can help you determine the best plan of action for your tree.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Brownsburg?

If you’re a homeowner?

If you’re a homeowner, you are directly responsible for the trees in your yard. If one falls, you must remove it promptly. While it is fairly uncommon for a tree to fall without showing signs of disease, aging, or damage, we have seen it happen during extreme weather events, such as tornadoes or strong storms. If you need to remove a fallen tree, we can help you with every step of the removal process, ensuring there is no additional damage to your property during the removal.

If you’re a renter?

If you’re a renter in Brownsburg, you are probably not responsible for tree removal. While renters may be responsible for general landscaping and pruning, and you may be charged if you caused the tree’s damage, it is typically the landlord’s job to remove a fallen tree. If you notice a tree that looks stressed, with dying leaves, branches, or signs of disease or an insect infestation, let your landlord know immediately so they can rectify the problem before the tree falls or causes damage. If a tree has fallen, it’s important to let your landlord know so they can begin the removal process.

If you’re a landlord?

Since landlords are responsible for tree removal, it’s important to carefully inspect the property between renters and on an as-needed basis. Respond promptly if a tenant is concerned about a tree since it is much more cost-effective to treat or remove a hazardous tree before it causes harm than to wait until it falls. If the tree falls, you may be held responsible for any injury to the tenants, and you’ll have to fix any structures it damages. Many landlords in Brownsburg opt to have professional landscapers care for their rental properties, which can help you detect tree problems early and prevents tenants from accidentally over-pruning or damaging plants on your property.

If you’re a neighbor?

If you’re a neighbor and a tree from another yard overhangs your property, you have some advantages if you live in Brownsburg. First, we always recommend contacting your neighbor and trying to agree on a solution that works for both of you. This helps you maintain good relationships with your neighbors. However, if you cannot agree, you are allowed to trim back the branch of a tree in your neighbor’s yard up to the property line, as long as you don’t trespass on their property to do so. In addition, if the tree is becoming a nuisance and is hazardous to your property, you have the right to sue if you ask your neighbor to address the issue and the tree or limb falls on your property and causes damage. If there’s a tree in your yard that could endanger your neighbors, it’s important to remove the part of the tree that puts your neighbor’s property at risk. In Brownsburg, you may be held liable if the tree causes damage to your neighbor’s yard.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Brownsburg?

The soils in Brownsburg tend to be poorly drained, which can cause problems for trees in this area. Poorly drained soils can cause problems with mold and fungi, which is why we see diseases such as anthracnose causing problems in our area. However, trees can also help with drainage since they absorb soil moisture quickly and prevent water from ponding by soaking it up through their extensive root systems. The soil in Brownsburg can also become compacted if there are heavy rains, which can prevent trees from spreading their roots. This stresses the trees and makes them weaker over time. You can help your trees by adding plenty of compost and organic material when you plant the tree and adding fertilizer when necessary.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Brownsburg?

Weather does affect tree health in Brownsburg. Cool, wet springs can significantly increase the disease and insect pressure that trees face throughout the year, while hot, dry summers can stress the trees, making them more susceptible to disease and other problems. Climate change could pose further problems for trees as our summers become warmer and trees must adapt to more extreme weather in our area.

Strong storms can cause significant tree damage in Brownsburg. Tornados and hail can bring sudden, widespread damage to trees and crops in our area. Trees that are already weak, stressed, or aging are at the greatest risk of damage from these storms, but a tornado can uproot even a strong, healthy tree. If a tree damages your yard during a storm, we’re here to help you 24/7. Our professional removal service will prevent further damage to your property, reducing the cost of repairs due to storm damage.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Brownsburg?

Power companies in Brownsburg regularly inspect and trim or remove branches that are near powerlines. Anything in the powerline easement is their responsibility, and they will trim trees away from powerlines as needed. If a tree is dead or dying, they will typically remove it at no cost to you. Whenever they plan to be on your property, the power company will notify you with a letter in advance and a knock on the door when they arrive. If no one is home, they will leave a notice on your door to let you know they are working on your property’s easement. If you notice a dead tree near a power line, contact your power company right away so they can address the problem quickly.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Brownsburg?

Average tree costs in Brownsburg range from $219 to $2,105, with an average of $612. Several factors can affect the cost of tree removal, including tree height, health, and location.

Tree Height

The height of the tree is the single largest contributor to the cost of tree removal. Very large, tall trees are more difficult to remove, requiring more labor, safety equipment, and work to prevent damage to your yard. Fortunately, having a large tree removed professionally by our team can save you money in the long run, since we will remove the tree safely, without damage to your lawn or other structures under the tree. Tall trees are removed in sections, starting at the top, and we can bring in cranes and other special equipment to ensure the tree is removed without damaging anything underneath it.

Tree Health

A diseased or dying tree can be delicate and unpredictable to remove. In addition, some cases require special precautions to prevent the spread of disease to neighboring trees. Because removing an unhealthy tree requires expert knowledge and extra safety equipment, its cost of removal is typically higher than the cost of removal of a healthy tree. You can save money by catching signs of disease early. In some cases, the tree can be treated and saved, eliminating the cost of removal. Even if we can’t save the tree, catching a tree disease in its early stages makes the removal safer and easier, resulting in a lower cost.


A tree’s location in your yard can make a surprising difference in the cost of tree removal. Trees that are easily accessible and free from power lines and other structures are less costly to remove because it’s easier for us to get our equipment to the tree while keeping your yard safe from damage. Trees that are close to power lines, homes, or are located far from the road or driveway are more difficult to remove. For more information about tree maintenance or removal in your yard, fill out the form to get in touch with one of our experts.


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