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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Shreveport?

Our Oaks, Hickory, Holly, Cedar, Cypress, and Beech trees all share the same issues with disease and pests. Swarming termites and beetles destroy trees from the inside causing a dangerous dead tree situation. Funguses and rots eat the trees from the outside. Some of the most common tree problems do not come from nature, but human interactions. A few of these include

  • New constructions – damage to the root infrastructure.
  • Bacterial infections – causing constrictions of sap flow.
  • Bad pruning – removing limbs and growth and causing more damage than good.
  • Improper lawn care – use of chemicals and mowing weed-eating roots causing damage.

Through the actions of our landscaping, we can kill the trees we think we are caring for. Our beautiful large oaks are only as strong as their roots. Causing breaks in the bark allows access to pests and fungus to the tender woods. Chemicals can be harmful to the trees, and roots branch out yards away from trunks. Our arborists can assess the needs of your property to protect and heal damaged trees. The Department of Agriculture and Forestry also provides several ways to help maintain a healthy landscape. 

Does the City of Shreveport Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Under normal circumstances, the City of Shreveport does not assist with fallen or dead trees. However, in the case of a natural disaster occurring, FEMA may be of some assistance in the removal of the trees. Some insurance companies compensate a portion of the removal depending on the contract and if it has already caused property damage.

The best time to remove trees is in spring before the leaves come in. This causes less of a mess depending on the type of tree. Our arborists can assess the tree and determine when it should be removed. For the safety of others, damaged, badly diseased, and dead trees should be removed prior to the beginning of hurricane season when storms are most likely to cause damage to trees.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Shreveport?

Damage to property from trees is a common occurrence. Insurance providers have specific clauses in their contracts stating what is covered and when a fallen tree is not covered. What portion of a tree falling on a property is not your responsibility? That depends on if you own the tree or the property it is on. The one thing all of our tree removal specialists agree upon is DIY is never a good idea. Permits, safety codes, and debris removal are unsafe for the untrained homeowner.

If you are a homeowner?

Most financed homes require homeowners’ insurance for instances like fallen trees causing property damage. Removal of a tree after it has fallen is the responsibility of the property owner. With that said, if a portion of the tree crosses property lines, so does the responsibility. Usually, each property owner is responsible to clean up their own property. If it is proven that the tree was diseased or dead prior to a storm or other disaster felling the tree and that the homeowner was aware of such, it could lead to litigation for neglect. Diseased or damaged trees need to be tended to before limbs fall or the whole tree falls over because the roots rotted and a strong wind pushed it over.

If you are a renter?

Renters should remember that insurance is for the protection of their personal belongings and should be maintained while renting a property. The property, including trees, is not the responsibility of a renter unless the contract specifies otherwise. Care is necessary when renting a home. Be sure to bring to the attention of the landlord any pests, discolorations, or dead limbs noted before they become a problem. It is the responsibility of the renter to notify the landlord of any potential dangers.

If you are a landlord?

Landlords are responsible for maintaining adequate insurance coverage to replace or repair damages caused by trees falling. Trees must be properly maintained and trimmed. The responsibility of removal of a dead or fallen tree falls on the landlord or property owner. Renters should be communicated with on a regular basis or inspections made of the landscaping to prevent any diseased or dead limbs from going unnoticed.

If you are a neighbor?

If a neighbor’s tree falls across the fence and lands in your yard, you are responsible for the portion of the tree on your property. As for the damaged fence, it depends on whom the true owner is as fences have designated distances from property lines. Should it be proven the tree was priorly damaged and the owner did not maintain or remove the tree, the responsibility can shift back to the owner, and compensation for damages sought.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Shreveport?

The soil in Louisiana, in general, is as diverse as its population. Shreveport has fertile soils that have different mixtures of clay, sand, and silt, depending on how close you are to a body of water. With many lakes and rivers running through Louisiana, trees can burrow deep to anchor themselves without much difficulty. The pH balance of the soil can affect how well the tree grows. Determining the soil’s pH and fertilizing to adjust toward the best levels for the tree type helps the trees become tall and lush and, in the great oaks’ case, wide and strong, as their branches are typically low to the ground and extend several meters with giant moss-covered limbs.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Shreveport?

A typical day in Shreveport during the hot summer has temperatures ranging from the lower 80s to the high 90s in August as provided by In January, cooler weather is at its peak with average lows of 47 degrees. Usually, the air is moist to muggy, and rain can be expected almost any day. You won’t have to wait long for the weather to change!

Unfortunately, there is a nastier side to living close to the gulf coast. Hurricanes, tropical storms, tornados, and even hard freezes grace the state with their presence each year. Tree and property damage adds up when natural disasters hit so often. Flooding loosens soils and exposes roots, trees are uprooted and thrown or blown over with hurricanes and tornados, and root rot is prevalent when the season brings excessive rains.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Shreveport?

Louisiana power lines are nothing to play with. Shreveport and the surrounding areas have had to rebuild lines several times after disasters strike. One of the power company’s many objectives after a storm is tree removal or trimming. Power lines can not be restored until the dangers of fallen or falling trees are removed.

Power lines have a right of way and electric companies have the right to remove obstacles. Should your tree be too close to the line, it will receive a trim that may not be visually appealing. They also have the right to remove trees, dead or otherwise, that will impede on power poles or cause problems in the future. Remember to leave a safe distance between power lines and poles when planting trees to make sure they will be able to grow unimpeded. Should you need their services, these are the companies that serve Shreveport. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Shreveport?

The price of tree removal changes during the seasons. The cost is usually based on the tree’s size, emergent removal, and stump removal. While FEMA offers assistance paying for tree removal in disaster areas, the price of removal services tends to go up because of demand. Factors include project size, root involvement, trunk and height measurements, and debris removal fees.

Stump Involvement

One of the first things learned when disaster knocks over a tree is that stump removal is not always included when we remove your trees. This can cost an extra $100 or more depending on size and difficulty. Though some opt to keep stumps and create decorative items out of them, removal of the stump can leave a large hole in the yard that needs to be patched. Stump removals because of root rot may be covered under insurance claims, but the removal of a tree for aesthetics is usually not covered.

Size of the Project

Clearing lots for new construction will cost much more than removing one tree. Removal of trees less than 30 feet can cost upwards of $1,000 or more according to our records. This removal doesn’t include stump removals and requires nearly 40 hours of work. On the flip side, one 10-foot tree could cost around $200 and be done within a few hours. Our crew and labor costs increase with the width and height, as well as the number of trees.


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