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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Newton?

Like the people who call Newton, Massachusetts home, the trees are resilient, tough, and strong, but even the mightiest oak can be brought down by rough weather, diseases, infections, or insect infestations. A few of the most common tree issues you should be aware of in Newton include:

Sudden Oak Death

Triggered by a water mold pathogen called Phytophthora ramorum, this disease causes cankers to form on the trunk and branches of trees that ooze a black or reddish substance that makes its way down the bark. Other things to look out for that may indicate your trees have been exposed to sudden oak death include leaf spots and twig dieback. 

Gypsy Moth Infestation

These non-native pests are ravenous feeders, quickly stripping trees of their foliage. When defoliated, a tree becomes stressed, and if it’s already compromised, its chances of survival are slim. When gypsy moths infect a tree, and it’s obviously defoliated and unable to recover, it needs to be removed quickly to prevent spreading the infestation. However, it is possible for trees to survive a gypsy moth invasion. These wily pests are more than happy to return for a second round, however, which is nearly impossible for a tree to survive.

Black Turpentine Beetles

This native insect genus is highly dangerous. It can affect a variety of tree species that live in the Newton area. The first sign is the 1″ holes they bore in the bottom 6 feet of a tree’s trunk. A mixture of tree resin, bug excrement, and sawdust flows from the holes. Usually, trees infested with Turpentine Beetles succumb to their injuries and die within a few months.

Emerald Ash Borer

One of the most destructive of all the tree pests in Newton is the Emerald Ash Borer, first introduced to the U.S. in the 1990s. Since then, it’s killed countless ash trees along the eastern coast of the country. If your trees are infected with this lethal insect, it’s vital to take suitable steps to stop them, including proper handling of the wood and debris after tree removal to limit the spread of the insects.

Does the City of Newton Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The answer to that question is no. However, each of the villages within the Newton region does have its own rules regarding tree removal. In the majority of cases, there is no assistance for homeowners who need to have a tree removed. It will be your responsibility to take care of the tree removal and all associated costs. 

However, in all Newton villages, street trees, city-owned trees, and trees on public property are the responsibility of the municipality. If a tree is suffering from a disease, is dying, or dead, the city will take care of the removal of the tree as well as cleanup. All you need to do is contact your local city office to report the problem tree. 

Newton puts a high value on its trees and places requirements for the protection and replacement of certain trees, even on private property.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Newton?

The cities in Newton rely on Massachusetts law regarding trees and damage liability. It states that when healthy trees cause damage, the liability for repairs and cleanup lies with the owner of the damaged property. If the tree is unhealthy, dead, or known to be a hazard, the responsibility shifts back to the owner of the tree. They are liable for the damages, tree removal costs, and other expenses.

If you’re a homeowner?

As a Newton homeowner, you’re accountable for maintaining your trees. It’s your responsibility to make sure they remain healthy and stable. If you know one is diseased, dying, or dead, it’s up to you to have it removed to protect yourself and your property. Irrespective of the health of the tree, if it’s growing on your property and falls on your property, it’s your responsibility to take care of the removal and associated costs. Your homeowner’s insurance might be able help, but you’ll have to check your policy to be sure.

If you’re a renter?

Renting a place in Newton for a season is a terrific way to experience the casual, relaxed ambiance. Don’t bother too much; renters are seldom held responsible for anything that happens to the trees on the property. It’s not a renter’s responsibility to make sure the trees are properly maintained or that they’re healthy and strong. If you do experience a fallen tree problem and your property is damaged, your renter’s insurance can help.

If you’re a landlord?

If you own an income property in Newton, you’re essentially a homeowner when it comes to dealing with tree issues. If a tree that’s growing on the property causes damage, it’s up to you to call us to arrange for tree removal services, clean up debris, and make the necessary repairs. You may also be liable for damages to the tenant’s property.

If you’re a neighbor?

According to Massachusetts law, property owners cannot be held liable for damage caused by a healthy tree to a neighbor’s property. So, if your neighbor’s tree falls and damages your property, you pay for cleanup and tree removal. However, if the tree is dead and/or known to be a hazard, the property owner may be liable for certain damages.  

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Newton?

Most soil in Newton is a sand, silt, and clay mixture. It’s ideal for plants and trees to thrive in, but a little too much rain and high clay content can cause the soil to expand, which can cause damage to the root systems of trees. Sand and silt aren’t good at holding nutrients in either. Rain filters through, taking all the beneficial nutrients with it.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Newton?

Weather is one of the biggest factors in the health of trees in the Newton villages. In idyllic weather conditions, trees are healthy and strong. Inclement weather, such as strong storms, lightning, and wind, can strip trees of leaves, break branches, and even topple them over. Drought conditions make it difficult for trees to survive. Winter weather, cold, ice, and snow all take their toll on trees.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Newton?

Dead trees and power lines are a potentially lethal combination. If you see a tree that looks dead, dying, or sickly, and it’s near a power line or a tree that’s already fallen on the line, contact Eversource to report it ASAP. The people who work for Eversource have the training, skills, tools, and equipment to safely facilitate the tree removal process. With advanced warning, the crew can remove the dangerous tree without any disturbance to the electric service. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Newton?

Most of the homeowners and landlords in Newton’s villages who have had to hire us for tree removal paid around $450 per tree. But, that’s not a good way to judge how much it will cost for tree removal for anyone else. Many things are taken into account when estimating tree removal prices, and your total could be significantly cheaper or in excess of $1,700. Just a couple of things that will affect your rate include:

The Diameter and Height of the Tree

When it comes to tree removal, It’s a simple fact that large, mature trees are much more difficult than small trees. The branches and trunks are larger, lengthier, and heavier. Tree trunks that are large in diameter and very tall are exceedingly treacherous to cut down. We need to bring in heavy equipment, additional rigging, and plenty of extra crew members to securely remove a large tree. All those things add up to a higher bill, but you can rest assured all will go smoothly, and the tree will be cut down efficiently.

Location of The Tree

Next to the size of the tree, the tree’s location is crucial when it comes to removal. If the tree is situated in a very restricted space that’s near buildings, other greenery, or landscape features like fences, it’s more difficult to remove it. Again, we need to bring in special equipment so that we can carefully remove the tree without causing destruction or injury. 

Stump and Debris Removal

Every tree removal project we finish in the villages of Newton results in a pile of splintered wood, branches, limbs, giant piles of foliage, and other debris that need to be removed. It’s a job that requires large bins, heavy equipment, and additional time, which all add to your removal bill. Stumps that need to be removed necessitate a separate type of heavy equipment, as well as additional labor hours, again, adding to the final cost.


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