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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Parkville?

Most trees in Parkville are healthy. Howver, here are the common issues which affect trees in Parkville:

Tree Diseases

Tree diseases range from mild to severe. Some tree diseases can stay in the tree for many years, and others can kill the tree within a few days. Most tree diseases in Parkville happen when the tree is stressed due to changes in environmental factors. These factors can include excess drought, stem damage that invites an infection, root damage, overcrowding, and many more.

The main signs of tree diseases in Parkville include bacterial leaf scorch, root rot, stem rot, mold, and many more. Any adverse change in the appearance of your tree could signify a disease, so you should not stay silent on it.

Tree Pests

Trees in Parkville get pest attacks which are common in the entire Maryland state. The main types of pests include European gypsy moths, Asian gypsy moths, Asian long-horned beetles, and many more. Most of these pests are average-sized; hence, you can notice their presence in your trees. 

Climate Change

Climate change in Parkville is also a threat to trees in the city. During winter, some trees tend to die because the rain washes away the nutrients, or the roots get into contact with ice. In summer, some trees shed off their leaves, while others die. Strong winds are also a threat to the trees, as they can uproot the trees on loose soils. 

Does the City of Parkville Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Maryland has multiple laws which require residents to have tree removal permits. The Roadside Tree Law, for instance, requires the state to order for any tree removal around the road if it’s risky to safety or it’s dead. The removed tree should also be replaced.

The Forest Conservation Act requires all residents who need to remove a tree on a large area (more than 1 acre) to have a permit for the same. When issuing the permit, the city officers visit the tree removal site to ensure everything is okay and safety is observed.

Also, the Baltimore city requires residents to prune trees after every five to seven years to keep the trees healthy, but obtain a permit for the exercise. The city also requires homeowners to cut off the trees near utility bills and report any pruning issues to 311.

So, yes, Parkville supports tree removal. It shares the duty of growing, cutting, and maintaining trees with the residents. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Parkville?

The property owner is always responsible for fallen trees in his/her property in Parkville. Here are few examples to help you understand the responsibility for fallen tree removal in Parkville:

If You’re a Homeowner

Naturally, the homeowner bears the liability and the expenses of a fallen tree. If your tree falls on your property or your neighbors’ property, you should take responsibility to clean the mess up. Note that the neighbor might sue you if the tree causes any disturbance or damage, but you can be on the safe side if you have homeowner’s liability insurance. 

If You’re a Renter

If you are a renter in Parkville, Maryland, and a tree falls on the rented property, you should inform the landlord. As the property owner, the landlord has the sole liability for the damages unless you directly caused the tree to fall.

If You’re a Landlord

The landlord is responsible for cutting, pruning, or any other type of tree maintenance for trees in the property. So, if a tree falls on your property and you are the landlord, you should take the responsibility to clear the mess and offer compensation for any damages.

If You’re a Neighbor

You should not let a tree raise disputes between you and your neighbors. If your neighbors’ tree falls in your yard, it’s their responsibility to remove it and cover for the damages. 

Your losses can be covered if the neighbor has homeowners’ insurance. Nevertheless, you should solve the issue amicably and take legal action if the neighbor is not cooperative.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Parkville?

Parkville boasts of rich soils which support many types of trees and shrubs. Clay is the most dominant soil type in the northern part of the city (from Loch Raven Boulevard to Putty Hill Avenue). The other parts of the city have sandy, peaty, and loamy soils, which support the growth of many trees.

Clay soil is less porous, but has a very high holding capacity. In Parkville, the trees that thrive well in the clay soils are dogwood, willow, green ash, and magnolia. If you live in the northern part of Parkville, which has the most clay soils, you should add organic compost to eliminate drainage issues. If your soil is sandy or loose, you can consider animal manure to improve its nutrient compositions.

But in general, the varying soil types in Parkville affect the growth of trees. Our advice to residents in Parkville is to understand the kind of soil they have and improve it. This means that you may have to do a soil test to determine the exact type of your land and get a recommendation on the ideal trees/plants to grow.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Parkville?

Weather in Parkville can be unpredictable and changeable due to many factors, with main extremes from the yearly trends to the weekly patterns. The city’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and multiple mountains exposes the city to moisture from the coast, winds, storms, and other conditions responsible for the weather fluctuations.

These fluctuations can sometimes cause havoc to trees, shrubs, and almost all types of plants in the city (although the weeds don’t get the impacts). By understanding how the weather changes impact your trees, you can know how to maintain and protect your trees from adverse effects. 

Here is a short overview of the main weather changes in Parkville and how they can impact your trees:

Hurricanes and Storms

Heavy storms and hurricanes often result in tree falling. The trees that are most vulnerable to falling are those with dead stems and leaves. We advise homeowners in Parkville to take the following preparations to avoid the effects of strong winds and hurricanes:

  • Call us to cut any trees hanging on your house or electricity lines
  • Check for signs of decay on trees, such as mushroom, and have us cut the tree
  • Ask our arborists to trim the trees with a heavy top


Drought has been persistent in most parts of Maryland, with rainfalls falling as low as 25%. The most notable effects of extreme drought in trees include trees dropping leaves, trees fading color, trees withering, and so on. 

We advise homeowners to consider mulching during summer to help trees maintain their moisture. Pruning of the dead trees can also leave enough space for the trees to thrive well.

Excess Precipitation

Trees need rain to survive, but too much rain can be harmful to trees in Parkville. During spring and winters, some trees in Parkville develop the following issues:

  • Root rot in the trees which are already infested by pests, diseases, or drought
  • Falling when the soil becomes loose to hold the roots firmly
  • Low or retarded growth when rainwater washes away the nutrients

The effects of weather on trees in Parkville may be inevitable. However, we can help you monitor the growth of your trees so that they can survive the harsh weather changes. We can also help you prune or remove the fallen trees in case of heavy winds or storms.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Parkville?

Trees and shrubs near electricity lines can be risky to safety. In strong winds or storms, the dead trees can easily fall on the power lines and cause fires, power surges, or total blackouts. Their branches or the foliage should always stay away from the power lines or any other electric infrastructure.

If you see a tree touching power lines in your area, contact an electricity utility firm in Parkville for a quick response. 

But, if the trees near power lines are in your compound, then you can contact us to safely help you prune the dangerous branches or advise you accordingly.

Here are safety guidelines for managing trees near power lines in Parkville:

  • Observe the ten-foot rule. Do not try to cut any trees which are less than teen feet close to the electricity line.
  • Call the electricity utility firm for guidance.
  • Don’t hire untrained individuals for the pruning work.
  • Always look around when cutting trees to know the direction that they fall. Ensure that there are no electricity lines nearby.
  • For the long-term safety of your trees and yourself, cut or prune the dead leaves early enough before they near the electricity lines.
  • Plant the low-growing tree species near the power lines. We can help you choose the best species according to the type of soil in your yard.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Parkville?

Cost is a vital consideration for tree removal. In Parkville, many homeowners pay an average of $507, all-inclusive of the material costs, the labor and machinery, and clean-up. However, your total could be as low as $180 or as high as $2,000. Here are some of the factors which influence the total cost of tree removal:

The Size of the Tree

The removal costs for a bigger tree are significantly higher than that of a smaller tree. This is because the large trees tend to have stronger barks and can be harder to cut than the smaller ones. Large trees may need safe removal measures, too, mainly when they are nearby electricity poles.

The Location of the Tree

It’s easier to remove a tree located in an isolated place because the safety risk would be less. Similarly, more effort is required to remove trees located in overcrowded areas or near utility lines such as electrical lines. Before offering a price quote, we first need to determine the location of your tree and give you the go-ahead.

Other Services Included

Tree removal includes a wide array of services such as cutting the trees, cleaning up, and so on. The more benefits you get, the more the total costs. It’s vital to give clear instructions of the work you need to be done to get a more accurate price quote.


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