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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Portland?

Portland, Maine sits far north in the United States and is accustomed to fairly cold weather. However, this does not preclude the area from having tree issues of serious concern such as various pests that latch onto trees and take away resources from them. In fact, this is a major issue for the native tree populations in the area. 

The Emerald Ash Borer Beetle is one example of a pest that has found a home in Portland, Maine. This beetle draws its name from its dark green coloring and from the way that it seeps into trees and steals nutrients from them. This beetle is a pest in many parts of the United States, and it is known to particularly attack Ash Trees. It was first introduced to the country in 2002 by mistake when it made its way over on a cargo ship from Asia. It has been a highly successful species within the country, and it has proved to be a real danger to some native tree populations. Trees that are observed to have been attacked by this insect typically die within 3 to 4 years after they are first impacted. 

The Asian Longhorned Beetle is another species that is seen throughout Portland, Maine, and has a reputation for taking out many native trees. This insect was also inadvertently transported to the United States via a cargo ship, and it was first observed in New York in 1996. This insect prefers to go after hardwood trees including maple trees. It is another constant concern for anyone attempting to grow or maintain trees in Portland. 

Tree diseases are another worry for the people living in this area. Oak Wilt Disease is commonly seen on the Oak trees in the area. The origin of this disease is unknown, but it is known to do a lot of damage to Oak trees and a handful of other species in the area as well. The branches of the trees are the most likely to see impacts of this disease first as they tend to wilt and even fall off of a tree that has been impacted by this. 

These are just a few of the issues that trees in Portland have to contend with, but they are worth knowing about. Having an understanding of the potential threats to tree species in the area can help a person best prepare for how to deal with those threats as they emerge. 

Does the City of Portland Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The city of Portland has a robust program for tree removal within the city government. However, those services are generally only offered for city trees found in public areas. The city of Portland has an interest in removing invasive species of trees in particular. In fact, they recently took on a project to remove many of those dangerous species of trees from public parks and the like. They are trying to stay ahead of the curve as it were when it comes to removing trees that simply do not belong in the city. The invasive species drain resources from other trees and pose a risk to their cultivation. 

The city has specific guidelines for when they move in to remove a tree. They are primarily concerned with the health of the tree up for consideration for removal as well as how that tree has an impact on the local community and on other trees in the area. They don’t want to let the wildlife get out of control to the point where it is taking up resources. Trees that are set to be removed by the city will be marked with an orange or pink dot. This identifies it to the public servants who will move in and get that tree chopped down. 

Those seeking the removal of trees from their private property should look at private companies for this service. The city is not going to provide these services unless there is a danger to other members of the community. If they do have to move in to protect the safety of the community, you can expect to be billed heavily for this service. It is better to get a private company like Tree Triage out to do the work. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Portland?

If you’re a homeowner?

Homeowners in Portland are responsible for any tree that is rooted in the land that they own as part of their property. They must take all reasonable steps to get the tree removed if it has fallen over or if it is in danger of doing so. 

If you’re a renter?

Renters have special rights established for them under local law in Portland, Maine. These rights protect them from abusive landlords and from any other circumstance that could come up that could impede their ability to rent a property and live in peace. One of the protections that a renter has is that they are not responsible for the removal of trees from the property that they reside in. They are simply paying monthly rent to live in that property, but they are not responsible for maintaining the trees when they fall. This will always revert to the property owner. 

If you’re a landlord? 

Landlords are the property owner as well, but property managers typically are not. Legally, the landlord is the owner of the property and the responsible party for tree removal. Property managers may still find themselves dealing with scheduling a tree removal service to come out and take care of a fallen tree. That being said, the money should not come out of the property manager’s pocket if they do not own the property. This should be clearly defined. 

If you’re a neighbor? 

Neighbors can definitely be impacted by a tree falling down, particularly when that tree comes down on their property. They could have their driveway blocked, their property damaged, or any number of other frustrating outcomes. While they will certainly want to get the tree removed from their property as quickly as possible, they are not legally responsible for making that happen under Portland law. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Portland?

Soil is taken extremely seriously in Portland, Maine. The city says that the soil is the framework that helps aid farmers and agricultural workers of all varieties. It may not be surprising to learn then that the city puts out regular soil surveys that detail how the quality of the soil in the city is holding up and information about the different types of soil that exist there. These surveys are always accessible to the public and may prove useful in determining which types of trees to plant in certain areas. 

The soil needs to be sturdy and firm to hold onto the roots of the trees and keep them in place and growing steadily. It is a bonus if that soil is also able to withstand the cold Portland winters. Fortunately, most of the soil in the area is well-equipped for exactly that. However, anyone who finds that the soil in their specific neighborhood to be lacking can always purchase artificial soil to plant trees if they desire. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Portland?

The sometimes brutal winters in Maine are the most important weather of note in the area. Given its geographic positioning, Portland, Maine deals with an average of 61 inches of snowfall per year compared with just 27.8 inches in any average city in America. To reach these levels, the temperature in Maine remains well below average for large portions of the year as well. 

Trees are not too happy with this much cold weather, but the species that do exist in Portland have largely adapted to it. It is best to monitor these trees throughout the year to check for any signs of decline and take care of them as this comes up. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Portland?

Dead trees that endanger power lines are a real problem in Portland and any other city as well. The city works hard to keep public trees trimmed and away from those power lines, but they can’t prevent all accidents. They also can’t always predict how trees on private property will grow. If a tree begins to invade the space of power lines or looks as though it might fall into those power lines, the city will step in immediately. They would much rather take a tree down now to prevent it from falling over than take a risk on having a tree knocking out power lines and cutting out the electricity for citizens of Portland. If a tree is spotted near power lines, and it appears ready to fall, it should be reported immediately. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Portland?

Tree removal in Portland typically falls between $300 and $1,800. The wide range in pricing is due to several cost factors we consider when making up your estimate.

Type of Tree

Invasive species of trees should be removed right away and you might find that you can save a bit of money if this is the type of tree you need taken away. We are familiar with the best practices for taking these trees out and can potentially cut you a bit of a break on getting these types of trees removed. 


No matter the tree removal job, it will require permits from the city. The more permits or the more difficult to obtain those permits are, the more of that cost gets added on to the bill at the end. It is something worth looking into before requesting a service, but our experts can help you obtain all of the necessary permits.

Hours of Labor

Finally, the amount of time required to remove the trees is obviously going to play a role in how much the removal project costs. Our arborists commonly charge by the hour, so it is wise to ask for an estimate for work hours before we begin. 


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