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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Royal Oak?

A series of invasive diseases have threatened the trees in Royal Oak. Starting in the 1950s, Dutch elm disease ravaged the plentiful elm trees throughout the city, decimating the elm tree population. These trees lined many streets and were abundant in city parks in Royal Oak. The city is still fighting this disease, with regular inspections of surviving elm trees, including those on private property. If a tree infected with Dutch elm disease is identified on your property, you have 30 days to remove it. The disease is so severe that it is regulated by city ordinances, and all residents and the city are required to comply.

Ash trees were a common replacement for elms in Royal Oak, but more recently, these trees have been plagued with invasive emerald ash borers which have done incredible damage to the ash populations throughout Michigan. Once these insects infest a tree, there is very little anyone can do to stop it. Preventative insecticides have helped newly planted ash trees survive, but the trees are still at risk from these invaders.

Now, Royal Oak arborists are watching carefully for signs of oak wilt. Although this disease hasn’t been found in Royal Oak yet, it has been identified in Farmington Hills, not far from the city. This new disease is rampant in northern Michigan, and the state is so concerned about this new development that they implemented an oak wilt coalition to stop the spread. Residents of Royal Oak can help by making sure they don’t move firewood, especially from up north, and avoid any oak tree pruning from April 15 to October 15. Check your oak trees regularly for leaves that turn brown starting at the edges and moving inward. If you see this sign, let us know right away. We’ll help you determine whether oak wilt is the cause of the problem and help you take steps to remove the tree safely, without spreading this disease.

Does the City of Royal Oak Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The city of Royal Oak maintains many of the trees throughout the city. The parks and forestry division is responsible for maintaining all trees in city parks, along several important boulevards, and within easements. In addition, the city has an annual tree sale in February or March, in which homeowners can purchase trees that the city will plant on their land or right-of-way. While homeowners still have to pay for any trees purchased in the annual sale, they are saved the labor of planting and can rest assured that the tree has been professionally planted, increasing its chances of survival. If you have concerns about a tree in a traffic circle or right-of-way near your home, you can contact the city to have it evaluated at no cost to you. Trees on private property, however, are the responsibility of the owner.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Royal Oak?

If you’re a homeowner?

In Royal Oak, homeowners are responsible for maintaining, pruning, and removing trees on their land. They are also required to prune any trees on their property that overhang city property, especially if they block the light from a streetlamp or encroach on roadways or parks. Trees in your right-of-way may be the city’s responsibility, so call before you have them removed. If the city is responsible, they will cover the cost.

If you’re a renter?

Renters in the state of Michigan are not responsible for maintaining common areas, such as walkways or parking lots, although you may be expected to maintain your yard if you rent a house. However, since tree removal is a major repair and a dead or dying tree is a safety concern, it is the landlord’s responsibility to inspect and resolve any issues with a dangerous tree. If you are concerned about a tree in your yard, call your landlord and let them know about the problem so they have a reasonable amount of time to fix it.

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords are held responsible for injury to tenants and their guests if the injury is due to negligence. Since landlords are bound under the law to provide a reasonably safe living environment for their tenants, they are responsible for any trees that may cause damage or injury to their land or tenants. It’s smart for landlords in Royal Oak to inspect their trees at least once a year to ensure the property is safe for tenants and their guests. In addition, many landlords choose to hire a professional trimming company like Tree Triage to maintain the property instead of asking tenants to maintain it. This can prevent unexpected costs from overzealous pruning or other accidental mistakes if a tenant has limited experience with yard work.

If you’re a neighbor?

You have to live next to your neighbors, so if their tree overhangs your yard, it’s always best to have a conversation about your concerns first. They may agree to remove the overhanging branches for you, or the two of you may come to a compromise that works for everyone. If not, however, you do have the right to remove the branches up to the property line, as long as it doesn’t kill the tree. It’s important to remember that you are responsible for cleaning up any branches you remove. No, you can’t throw them into your neighbor’s yard. Our professional arborists can help you determine how to do this safely and accurately, without damaging any structures or property below the branches.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Royal Oak?

The soil in Royal Oak is poorly drained, according to the USDA Soil Survey, which can cause problems for trees. Choose water-tolerant maple, tamarack, or willow trees instead of hickory or walnut trees for the best growth. Choosing native plants is a good way to ensure your trees are well adapted to the soil. Trees can help your yard by soaking up some of the water through their roots, preventing run-off and ponding water on your land.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Royal Oak?

We are prone to significant snowstorms in Royal Oak, and these storms can be devastating to trees. Silver maples pose a particular risk in this area since they become hollow as they age. This weakens the tree and makes them susceptible to heavy snows or strong winds. Heavy snow and ice can pose a threat to any tree, particularly if the tree has dead branches. These branches are weak and can fall off in any inclement weather. It’s best to have them removed before they become a problem.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Royal Oak?

If dead trees are near powerlines in Royal Oak, the utility company is responsible for removing them. In recent years, DTE has stepped up its efforts to keep trees trimmed. They will inspect trees near powerlines if they are on your land. Usually, you will get a letter in the mail before they arrive. They will knock on the door and leave a door tag if you don’t answer. Their certified arborist will inspect your trees and let you know what they plan to do. Usually, trees are just pruned or trimmed at no expense to you. Occasionally, you may see two white dots on a tree, which means it needs to be removed. If this happens, contact the energy company right away so you can work together to find a solution that works for you. If the power company needs to remove or trim a tree, they will pay for the removal, and they will also consider your feedback in solving a problematic tree.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Royal Oak?

Tree removal costs in Royal Oak range from $280 to $1,640 or more, with an average of $760. Several factors can affect the cost of tree removal, including location, height, and condition of the tree.


A tree located close to a road or driveway is typically easier for our team to remove than one that is far away or difficult to reach. In addition, trees with plenty of room underneath them are cheaper to remove than those with buildings or other structures under them. Trees in convenient locations cost less to remove because they don’t require as much labor and special equipment as those that are difficult to access. In the most expensive cases, a crane must be used to remove the tree, and this can quickly drive up the price. Planting trees where they can be accessed easily can save you money in the long run.


The height of a tree plays a significant role in the cost. Since we remove most trees in sections, starting at the top, it takes much less time, equipment, and effort to remove a smaller tree. Very large trees can require extra safety equipment, and they take much more time to remove without damaging your property. We always take care to prevent any damage to your home or yard, so tall trees cost more to remove.


A tree’s condition makes a difference in the cost of removal. If the tree is already dead, or worse, has fallen on its own and damaged a structure, it can be especially difficult and costly to remove. Dead trees are more unpredictable, and trees that have damaged something under them require special safety equipment and extra precautions to prevent further damage. By inspecting your trees regularly and identifying diseases early, you can save hundreds of dollars on tree removal. In some cases, we may even be able to treat the tree and save it, allowing you many more years to enjoy its shade. By keeping your trees in good condition, you’ll save money and prevent damage to your home.


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