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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Independence?

Trees around Independence thrive on the natural waters that surround the area; however, the water, soil, and weather affect the trees and promote certain diseases and infections. Some of these infections like Leaf Spot or Apple Scab can be quickly spotted and treated to not spread or endanger the tree any further. Armillaria Root Rot can live for years on dead or decaying trees and affects many species of hardwood trees. Maintenance, care, and inspections can reduce the observance of diseases and insect infestations. The best thing for a tree is to minimize the stress and unintentional damage done to the tree. Care when using gardening tools near roots can minimize gouges and damage where disease and insects can enter into the wood and take hold.

Does the City of Independence Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The city of Independence has a forestry department that maintains and develops city trees. The Missouri Department of Conservation has a forestry management service for private forests. You can learn about the trees, diseases, insects, and maintenance of your property, or you can use the service to help you maintain the property with a certified forester. Removal of trees that are diseased or infected is the responsibility of the homeowner and can have the costs offset by insurance or, in the case of a natural disaster, FEMA.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Independence?

While the cities’ forestry department maintains the trees on public property, the responsibility of fallen healthy trees is the property owners. Each person that owns or resides on a property has certain rights and responsibilities to the vegetation and trees on the property to be within municipal codes and not become a nuisance to neighbors. Winter storm damage can be reported to the insurance company for assistance with funds for the removal of trees or limbs. 

If you are a homeowner?

Most trees are only cared for once it is discovered that they are infected or unhealthy. Fallen trees that are dead, unhealthy, or infected might result in a liability claim for the homeowner. Dead trees should be removed as soon as possible so that storms do not pull them up and blow them over. Damages from fallen trees are the property owner’s responsibility to report to insurances and repair. Debris removal and maintenance of leaves and limbs is the homeowner’s responsibility. Preventing infestations may require clean up of fallen leaves regularly and annual inspection of trees for health and fertilization.

If you are a renter?

Renters must keep the lines of communication open with the landlord if something is not as it was when they moved in. Trees and plants are included. Any damages to personal property will be covered by adequate renters’ and flood insurance. Structural damage and damages to trees and other vegetation are usually the landlord’s responsibility. Contracts can vary and wording is especially important. Be sure to check and see if the lawn is under the care of the renter and specify who is responsible for tree care. As the landlord owns the property, it will be their responsibility to remove fallen trees.

If you are a landlord?

Because the landlord is the property’s owner, he or she is accountable for the land and structures, including the trees. If a tree falls, the tenant may be asked to fund a percentage of the tree service cost, and may amicably agree, however, unless the contract state otherwise specifically they are under no obligation to fund the removal. Contract specifics are the key to a landlord’s responsibility and the renters’ obligations. Wording the contract simply and specifically can assist with the sharing of responsibilities.

If you are a neighbor?

Storms and other natural disasters can cause healthy trees to collapse. Each property owner must call their insurance carrier and begin the removal procedure. If a tree was neglected and fell during an event, the landlord remains responsible for removing the afflicted tree as soon as possible. Limbs and roots that pose a potential threat to a neighbor’s property may be trimmed to the property line so long as the tree is not endangered.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Independence?

The soils around Independence vary from moderately well-draining silts and loams to poorly draining soils that contain shale and limestone. While the soil promotes grain growth, the excess water also is bad for the roots of trees. Hardly trees grow near the waters and dig deeper to the clays and anchor their roots. The pH of some soils leads to premature death or failure to thrive of trees just planted. It is best to hire an arborist before planting trees to evaluate the soils and recommend adjustments to ensure proper growth of the sapling.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Independence?

The climate around Independence is a steady cadence and assists with new growths yearly. Though the area gets down to freezing in winter, the temperature does not get so low as to damage trees. It’s not likely that Independence will see enough snow or ice to snap off limbs or break trees. However, the rainy seasons in spring and fall provide both a treat and hindrance to new growth. While ample water assists in growth, too much can cause the spreading of root rots and other fungi that can damage trees. In summer, the heat helps dry out the soils but can also damage new leaves and burn those that are designed for cloudier areas.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Independence?

Never trim a tree that is near a power line. IPL tree division makes rounds throughout the year to maintain trees that are within the power company’s causeway. This includes trimming limbs and removing trees that hinder or potentially hinder the lines between poles. They also trim trees to maintain street clearance for their vehicles. IPL also has a tree replacement program should they be forced to remove a tree. They do not however remove or trim trees that endanger lines between the home and the electric pole because it does not threaten the system, just the one home.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Independence?

The average cost of removing a small tree in Independence is $650, with prices ranging between $150 and $1,980 in most cases. The factors that go into determining the final cost are the size of the tree, safety, distance from the road, and any necessary additional services like stump care and limb mulching.

Size and Distance

Distance does not seem like a big factor until you look at the bigger picture. Our trimmers are not going to endanger their health by carrying a five-foot section of tree trunk 100 feet across a property to be placed in a large truck to haul away. More equipment will be necessary to complete these jobs that are further from the roads. The size of the tree is extremely important as it is a major factor in how long the trimming and cutting will take and how much wood will be left or hauled. Multiple trees may receive a slight discount but each adds its own fee to the bill.

Safety Concerns

Trees that grow near utility lines, water mains, and structures pose a huge threat to the safety of our crew and your property. It is necessary to call in experts like Tree Triage who know where the lines are and how to navigate safely around them without causing damage to the existing infrastructure. Extra equipment, specialists, or crew may be necessary to remove the tree or limbs properly and safely from the property.

Additional Services

A service contract will be agreed upon before any work is begun. Most of the time the basic contract will cover cutting down and hauling away the tree. Removal of debris and the extra wood is included in our quote.

You can request additional services, though the cost will increase. Request stump grinding, coverage of the hole, and treatment of the roots to prevent future growth. This can range by stump size and coverage type but usually starts around $100. Requesting the limbs to be mulched can cost around $75. Finally, the chopping of the wood into usable pieces of firewood is extra. Please remember not to move firewood from the area where it was cut to prevent the unintentional spread of diseases and infestations.


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