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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Jackson?

Jackson is the capital of Mississippi and is the most populated city in the state. It has the statewide Mississippi Freedom Train running through it, which encompasses several historic sites essential in the Civil Rights movement. These sites include the Medgar Evers Home Museum and the landmark Mississippi State Capitol building. However, the area’s natural beauty also plays a significant role in the area’s appeal. For instance, in leafy LeFleur’s Bluff State Park, residents can enjoy the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, an aquarium, and the gorgeous nature trails. 

As a result, vegetation, plants, and trees are significant to the Jackson residents. Yet, before these homeowners can ensure their trees remain safe and healthy, they first need to learn more about the common tree issues that the City has to deal with.

Annosus Root Rot

A fungus called heterobasidion irregulare causes thisand is present throughout the United States. However, we can usually find this in the southeastern United States forests, including Mississippi. This specific fungus tends to cause root decay, although many trees may survive for a few years after becoming infected. Yet, as the roots become weakened due to the infection, they generally show heavy resin leakage, and the spread of the fungus through root grafts causes tree fatality.

Generally, these fungal spores are spread by wind and often infect stumps from recently harvested forest stands. Prevention is the best way to manage this disease, but treating stumps with borax can also limit the fungus spread. 

Brown Spot Needle Blight

You can generally find brown spots in nurseries in the nine southern states. Yet, even though brown spots seldom kill infected seedlings, they can cause severe defoliation, which reduces the tree’s vigor and results in poor survival and growth. 

Lesions will typically develop on secondary needles at any time, but they tend to appear more often from May to October. That is why during this period, residents in Jackson need to look for signs of the disease, such as small, grayish-green spots, which become a stray yellow to light brown color.

The best way to prevent this disease is to remove and destroy all infected seedlings and infected pine growing in and around the nursery. Additionally, it is also vital to remove clipped needles from the nursery bed areas and avoid pruning when the seedlings are wet, such as after a storm. 

Does the City of Jackson Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Jackson’s Bridges and Drainage Division is responsible for replacing and preparing catch basins, storm drain inlets, storm drain pipes, and removing debris from drainage channels. This section is also responsible for trimming and removing dead trees from the City’s right of ways and removing trees that have fallen into drainage channels. Additionally, during bad weather, the Bridges and Drainage Division is also responsible for removing fallen trees from the City’s streets and responding to areas that are experiencing flooding issues. 

If you have an issue with a tree or need further information about removing a dead tree from the City’s right of way, contact 601-960-1872 for further details.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Jackson?

In Jackson, property owners are generally responsible for maintaining their flowers, plants, and private trees. However, if a tree falls, it is not always easy to determine who is responsible for the costs associated with removing the tree. In truth, it often depends on the circumstances of the situation. Take, for instance, the following:

If You’re a Homeowner?

In Mississippi, if a tree falls because of natural causes such as water, storm, or lightning, the property owner of the place where the tree has fallen is responsible for removing the tree. However, it is essential to add that homeowners in the state must reasonably care for their trees and prevent them from damaging another neighbor’s property. What does this mean? If a homeowner sees that the tree is showing signs of instability, they need to make corrections to the tree within a reasonable period. Otherwise, if the tree falls, the homeowner can be responsible for the costs associated with the tree. 

If You’re a Renter?

In general, before moving into a home, a renter will have an agreement with a landlord regarding their different responsibilities. However, suppose the property agreement contract does not mention an issue that comes up. In that case, the landlord will be responsible for making necessary repairs to the property, while the renter will be in charge of cleaning and maintaining the property.

Consequently, if a tree falls onto the property, the situation will likely go beyond the renter’s responsibility and become the landlord’s problem. 

If You’re a Landlord?

As discussed above, the landlord is responsible for a fallen tree unless stated otherwise in the property agreement contract. As a result, the landlord will have to pay for the tree’s removal. 

If You’re a Neighbor?

Typically, suppose a tree falls onto a neighbor’s yard because of a natural occurrence such as a strong wind or storm. In that case, the homeowner where the tree originated will not be held responsible for the damages it causes. In these instances, the neighbor will have to file a claim with their property insurance to get reimbursed for their costs and losses. 

On the other hand, if the homeowner knew that their tree was dangerous but took no action to take care of the problem, and the tree fell onto a neighbor’s property, the homeowner may be accountable for the damages that resulted from the fallen tree and the tree removal costs. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Jackson?

The state soil of Mississippi is Natchez Silt Loam, formed in very deep loess, or material under woodland environment and a very humid and warm climate. These soils have a natural fertility and beneficial tilth but tend to occur on slopes that make the ground extremely desirable to trees growing in the area. In areas where slopes are less severe, farmers use the soil for row crops and pastures.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Jackson?

Mississippi’s climate tends to be warm and humid year-round throughout most of the state. The climate is like this because the state is in the humid subtropical region characterized by temperate winters, hot and long summers, and evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year. 

Because of this, many trees, plants, and shrubs thrive in areas like Jackson, where gardeners enjoy a longer growing season. As a result, exotic fruit trees like pawpaw trees, pomegranate trees, and banana trees are favorites. However, some of the more popular trees that tend to grow in Jackson include:

  • Florida Maple
  • Swamp Red Maple
  • Red Maple
  • Indigo Bush
  • River Birch
  • Ironwood

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Jackson?

To provide safe and reliable electrical service, utility company’s such as Mississippi Power maintain the rights-of-way under and around the power lines. They do this through their integrated vegetation management program, where they maintain vegetation on more than 2,100 miles and 27,000 acres on transmission line rights-of-way.

These maintenance activities are necessary to provide customers with reliable services and generally involve mowing, cutting down dangerous trees, applying herbicide, pruning, and removing trees. 

Typically, low-growing trees and shrubs with a mature height of fewer than ten feet are allowed on the easement area provided they do not restrict access to the site and are not where they would cause a threat to the reliable operation of the transmission lines. In addition, Mississippi Power’s strategy is to maintain power lines based on a consistent, planned pruning cycle, which will depend on the tree species and growth rates. However, Mississippi Power addresses the main lines in Jackson on an average two to four years cycle. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Jackson?

Typically, in Jackson, the average cost of removing a tree will depend on numerous factors, including the equipment needed to remove the tree, the size of the tree, and the area around the tree. That is why before you spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a tree removal project, you should understand these different cost factors and shop around to find the best price.

Is the Tree Large or Small?

In Jackson, the size of the tree will be one of the most significant factors when it comes to determining the overall cost of a tree-removing project. For instance:

  • The cost to remove a 20-foot tree will range anywhere from $200 to $400 
  • The cost to remove a 40-foot tree will range anywhere from $400 to $700
  • The cost to remove a 60-foot tree will range anywhere from $600 to $1,020
  • The cost to remove an 80-foot tree will range anywhere from $800 to $1,360 or more

Tree Accessibility

Another factor that impacts the cost of removing a tree is the access to the tree and the terrain surrounding it. For instance, our arborists will look into whether:

  • The property where the tree is is small, and whether it will be challenging to get large equipment into the area.
  • Removing the tree debris from the site will be a labor-intensive job
  • A fence or garden surrounds the tree or is on a slope

If any of these issues are present, it can affect the total cost of the job and significantly increase the amount of money you will have to spend. 

Tree Health

Finally, if the tree is dead, dying, or at risk of falling over, it may require our tree removal experts to use special equipment and safety precautions when removing the tree. As a result, if special care is needed, it may increase the overall cost of the removal. 


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