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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Kannapolis?

Kannapolis is the 20th largest city in North Carolina with approximately 50,000 people who call it home. It is a part of the Charlotte metropolitan area but loved for so many other reasons. 

It is a place of natural beauty. As you drive along the back roads, you will see rolling hills and trees that change with the seasons. In the fall, you can see a rainbow of color no matter where you look. It is the trees that help Kannapolis maintain a rustic charm that is uncommon in today’s cities.

However, the trees in North Carolina are faced with several health risks that both the city and its residents must try to overcome. This is not always easy. Sadly, each year, more and more trees are suffering from reduced growth and mortality because of tree diseases.  

Diseases Affecting Foliage and Leaves

Leaves of trees are particularly susceptible to pathogens. Most of the time, these pathogens disappear with the changing of the seasons. Other times, they may invade not only the infected tree limbs but nearby trees. When this happens, the tree may die. To keep trees healthy around your home, you should look around often. Take note of any leaf spots, discoloration, and early leaf drop, which may indicate that your trees are unhealthy.

Diseases Affecting Branches and Stems

Any disease that affects the branches and stems of a tree can become deadly for the tree. Unfortunately, many of them are untreatable. Residents should look over their trees to check for cankers, growths, fungi, cracks, and other wounds. This can lower the risk of infectious diseases spreading around their lawn.

Diseases of the Roots

The most common disease affecting roots is Root Rot. Your trees and plants get nutrients from the soil through their roots. Root rot prevents it. Most often, it is seen in areas with poor drainage. If your trees are infected, you may notice early changes in the leaf’s color and wilting. It may begin to lean if the rot starts to affect the structure of the roots.

Other tree health concerns are present, but often harder to recognize. Vascular diseases, abiotic diseases, and having a combination of diseases (Decline) are also present in North Carolina’s trees. Regular inspection of the trees on your property is the only way to know that you are doing your part to keep Kannapolis beautiful and green. 

Does the City of Kannapolis Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Kannapolis does not provide tree removal assistance. However, if you have limbs and leaves that you need to remove from your property, they do offer yard waste removal

This does not mean you should allow a dangerous tree to remain standing. Both Cabarrus and Rowan County offer a variety of assistance programs. They may help you with tree removal services, especially if there is a risk to you or your family. 

If there is a tree that has fallen and is now blocking the streets of Kannapolis, you can contact the city for help to remove it quickly. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Kannapolis?

North Carolina does not follow a specific liability standard when it comes to trees falling down and the damages that may stem from it. This means that there isn’t a set-in-stone guideline for determining liability or responsibility. Instead, it is dependent on a variety of different factors. Many of these factors are based on your property ownership responsibilities.

If you’re a homeowner?

A lot of North Carolina’s tree laws are based on whether it is an “Act of God” or “negligence” by the tree owner. The tree owner is determined by whose property the tree is mostly located on. What this means is that in the event of a storm that takes down your tree, you are not necessarily going to be liable for damages to your neighbor’s property. It is an act of God. Most homeowners insurance policies will cover the damages to your neighbor’s property. Your policy will cover damages to your home and theirs will cover property damages to their home. 

However, things get confusing if there is negligence involved. If the tree has limbs that hang over your neighbor’s property, lean toward their property, or is dead, diseased, etc., you could face liability. It will become less important than an “Act of God” caused it. Instead, it becomes something you may have been able to prevent. In this situation, you or your insurance may be responsible for tree removal from their property and all property damages. 

If you’re a renter?

As a renter, you are expected to take care of the property to some extent. You should keep it clean, pest-free, and do nothing to cause damage to it. This does not mean you are responsible for tree removal. In fact, according to “§ 42-11 – Willful destruction by tenant misdemeanor”, if you remove a tree from the property, you could be guilty of a misdemeanor. 

The best thing that you can do as a renter is to notify your landlord of tree issues in writing if you notice that it is diseased or dying. If it falls, you should notify your landlord so that they can call us to remove the tree. 

If you’re a landlord?

When you are the landlord, you have an obligation to ensure that your tenant’s home is safe. This is best done through routine inspections of the property when it is convenient for both you and your tenant. If they report a tree issue or concern, you should respond quickly. 

As landlord and property owner, you do fall under the same “Act of God” or “Negligence” that makes up the tree responsibility laws in North Carolina. If it is an act of God, you may avoid liability for damages to another’s property when the tree falls. If it is negligence, you may have to take care of the repairs and cleanup. In fact, in the case of Pierce v. Reichard, the landlord neglected to remove a rotten limb and when it fell, he was held accountable for damages to the tenant’s personal property. 

If you’re a neighbor?

Neighbors should contact the tree owner in writing if they have concerns about branches that extend over the property line. If the tree owner fails to remove the limbs and they damage your property, you can say that they were negligent and may receive compensation. The same is true if the tree leans toward your property or appears to be diseased, pest-infested, or dead. Notify the tree owner in writing and then they may be held liable if it causes injury or damages when it falls. 

If a healthy tree does not extend over your property but falls and causes damage, your own homeowner’s insurance will be the one you need to contact. The tree owner is not responsible for causing high winds, floods, or other acts of nature. Therefore, they hold no responsibility for damages caused by it. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Kannapolis?

In Cabarrus County around the Kannapolis area you will find mostly:

  • Poindexter-Enon: This typically means the land has loamy or clay subsoils.
  • Cullen-Cecil-Hiwassee: This is a well-draining soil that has a slightly acidic clay subsoil.
  • Cecil-Vance-Enon: This soil is well-draining. It may have a loamy surface layer and a clay subsoil.
  • Enon-Mecklenburg-Poindexter: This well-draining soil has a loamy surface as well as clay and loamy subsoils.

For trees and other plant life, this is a great list of soils to have. Trees will enjoy the fact that the soil drains well. However, it is good to have loamy soils because they hold some water for drier seasons.

Though many trees can grow in the area, there are several native trees that are dying out. Therefore, you may want to consider planting trees that are native to the piedmont region of North Carolina. There are many native trees to consider. A few ideas are:

  • Blackjack Oak
  • Beech
  • Carolina Shagbark Hickory
  • Shortleaf Pine
  • White Oaks
  • Sycamore

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Kannapolis?

During the summer months, Kannapolis can be a little hot and humid. Winters are moderately cold and short. The mountains protect the area from extreme cold.

Precipitation is likely throughout the year without any real “wet” or “dry” seasons. However, more rain will fall during the spring when plants are growing the most. On average, you can expect around 43-inches of rain each year with only around 6-inches of snow.

For trees and other plant life in the area, these are ideal circumstances. Their growth is supported during the spring and as the seasons change, their normal growth cycles are supported.

Unfortunately, extreme weather may cause damage to trees. There have been 86 tornados around Kannapolis since 1950 with the largest being an F4 in 1989. There have been 31 hurricanes to pass over Kannapolis since 1930 with the most recent being Alberto in 2006. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Kannapolis?

If you notice a dead tree that is near a power line, your safety is the priority. Stay away from the tree and urge others in the area to do the same if necessary. According to Duke Energy, you should never go near a power line or any object that may be touching it. You are advised to never prune trees or vegetation near a power line. This means you should call them instead of trying to handle a dead tree near your power lines. If you are a Landis Power customer, the same rules apply. You should call for assistance.

In the event that you do not have easy access to either of these numbers or fear that serious damage to your home or health is likely, you can call 911. Even if they are unable to help you deal with the situation, they may be able to contact someone for faster assistance. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Kannapolis?

Homeowners are often curious about the cost of tree removal if they have a problematic tree. However, there are several factors that go into determining the cost of tree removal.

On average, most homeowners in Kannapolis can expect to pay between $250.00 and $1820.00 for their tree removal. Most come in closer to $530.00.

Your tree and the situation are unique. Your cost may be more or less depending on these cost factors. 


The size of a tree is helpful in determining cost. In general, larger trees will cost more to remove. They require more of our crew members, equipment, and time. Smaller trees cost less because there are fewer risks involved with their removal.  


There are certain risks associated with tree removal. Gravity is always a factor, because once the tree starts to fall, it is impossible to stop, especially with larger trees. Other risk factors are:

  • Is the tree near a power line or a structure? If so, cranes may be required to pull the tree away from those structures.
  • Is it a dead or dying tree? Dying trees often become unstable inside, which may require cranes to keep our crew safe. 
  • Is it hard to get to the tree? Is it in an area that could prevent our equipment from getting near it? 

Each of these concerns may increase the price of your tree removal. If they are not a factor, then your cost will be less. 


Labor cost is based on how many of our professionals your tree removal will require and the equipment that may need to be on the job site to take care of it. It may vary based on whether you have an emergency tree removal on weekends or holidays.


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