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What are the Most Common Tree Issues in Kitty Hawk?

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina has a wide range of gorgeous trees that reflect the change of the seasons. Kitty Hawk is teeming with green in the spring, turns brilliant colors in the fall, and has plenty of trees. You may see American beech trees, loblolly pines, southern red oaks, hickory trees, sweetgum trees, and water oaks, among others. With the Kitty Hawk Woods Reserve in your backyard, you will find that the neighborhoods and parks of Kitty Hawk offer the same wide variety of trees.

With that wide variety of trees, however, comes an equal set of potential tree challenges.


Most tree pathogens focus primarily on trees that are already stressed or otherwise unhealthy. Some diseases, however, can take down even otherwise healthy trees before you know it. Worse, they can spread through your yard and your neighborhood if left unchecked, which may mean that you place all those trees at substantial risk. Common diseases in North Carolina and the Kitty Hawk area may include:

  • Fusiform Rust
  • White Pine Blister Rust
  • Pitch Canker
  • Wetwood
  • Wood Decay
  • Brown Spot
  • Hypoderma Needle Cast
  • Dogwood Anthracnose
  • Leaf Blister
  • Little Leaf Disease
  • Root Rot
  • Oak Wilt
  • Dutch Elm Disease
  • Laurel Wilt
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch

If you suspect that the trees in your yard have contracted a disease, contact Tree Triage immediately to have an expert come out and assess your trees and provide the proper treatment. Failure to provide that treatment as soon as possible could leave you struggling with spreading disease throughout your yard. Common signs of tree disease include:

  • Thin or stunted trees and shrubs
  • Yellowing of foliage, especially in the spring months
  • White spots on your trees or shrubs, especially on the trunks
  • Smaller than usual leaf growth
  • Leaf spots

Sometimes, prompt treatment can help save your tree. In other cases, you may need to move fast to prevent the disease from spreading to other trees in the area. Fast containment can prove crucial.

Dangerous Insects

Some insects cause no harm to the trees and other plants around them. In fact, under the right circumstances, some insects can even prove beneficial. Others, however, can pose a substantial problem for those trees, resulting in tree death or illness. Insects like the ash borer, aphids, the Asian longhorn beetle, the black turpentine beetle, and the Douglas-fir bark beetle, among others, can cause significant damage to trees in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. If you notice that you have insects burrowing into your trees, or you notice signs of an insect infestation on your trees, contact TreeTriage as soon as possible to help remediate the problem.

Emergency Tree Removal

Sometimes, trees need to come down immediately because of the imminent danger of falling. A tree that dies suddenly, or whose death you notice suddenly, may lean toward your home or vehicle, posing a danger to your property and its inhabitants. Following a storm, you may have dangerous branches in position to create substantial damage. Our emergency tree removal services can help take down the tree before it poses a more serious problem, allowing you to protect your home. 

Tree Pruning

Your trees, like the other areas of your property, need care in order to keep them looking and growing their best. In fact, tree pruning can not only help with the aesthetic look of the tree, it can actually help keep it healthier or keep the tree out of the power lines, where it could cause considerable damage. At Tree Triage, we can help prune your trees, from cutting off dangerous branches that could fall on your roof, power lines, or house in a storm to keeping them looking their best each year. 

Does the City of Kitty Hawk Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Most of the time, if you have a tree on your property that needs to come down, you will need to consult with a tree removal specialist like Tree Triage in order to handle its removal. However, the City of Kitty Hawk will typically take care of removing trees on public lands that cause problems. The City of Kitty Hawk may also remediate trees that are too close to power lines, whether a dead tree threatens the power lines and needs to come down or a tree’s branches have grown up around the power lines, necessitating pruning. The City of Kitty Hawk may also come out to deal with trees in rights-of-way or easements, where utility companies and other government entities may need to get through the property safely.

Keep in mind, however, that if the city takes care of pruning the trees around your yard, you may not get the same shaped, aesthetically pleasing results you might get if you hire our tree removal specialist directly to take care of those needs. If you need to tidy up a tree after the city has come through, contact Tree Triage to learn more about how we can help.

Who is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Kitty Hawk?

The responsible party for fallen tree removal in Kitty Hawk may depend on who owns the property. North Carolina notes that trees are the responsibility of everyone in the community

If you’re a homeowner:

If a tree from your property falls on your land, as a North Carolina homeowner, you will need to take care of removing that tree from your property. You can choose to use the fallen tree for firewood or simply arrange for us to have it removed, depending on your specific needs. 

If you’re a renter:

Typically, your landlord will be responsible for maintaining trees on the property, including taking care of fallen trees. However, you may need to check your rental agreement! Some landlords will leave the renters responsible for cleaning up the yard, including fallen trees.

If you’re a landlord:

In general, as a landlord, you should assume that you have responsibility for anything that happens on your property, including fallen trees. You are likely responsible for arranging for tree pruning and maintenance, as well as removing those cuttings.

If you’re a neighbor:

If a neighbor’s tree falls on your property, you will likely need to take steps to clean it up. However, if you’re the neighbor whose tree has fallen on someone else’s property, you may want to offer to help with the cleanup, especially if the tree was diseased or damaged in some way and you should reasonably have anticipated the fall.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Kitty Hawk?

The Kitty Hawk area is filled with deciduous trees, including the Maritime Deciduous Forest. Many of these trees have deep room systems that actually help purify stormwater and stabilize the soil in the area. The soil throughout Dare County may have generally lower overall levels of nutrients available. It typically has low phosphorus, which may require extra fertilizer or treatment in order to help with tree growth. If you notice that the trees in your yard do not seem to be thriving, taking a soil sample can give you a better idea of how the soil on your property could be affecting your trees and what nutrients you may need to add in order to help your trees thrive.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Kitty Hawk?

Weather in Kitty Hawk can have a significant impact on overall tree health. For the most part, the deciduous trees in Kitty Hawk are healthy and can grow for years, often with little intervention. However, there are some weather challenges that can significantly impact the overall health of your trees. 

Winter Storms

While Kitty Hawk sees, overall, relatively mild winters, winter storms can crop up that lead to significant icing and snowfall. Some trees are incredibly vulnerable to winter storms, especially those like Bradford Pears and Leyland Cypress trees, which may have a hard time handling the weight of ice on the limbs.


Hurricanes can cause immense tree damage. Dare County doesn’t get hit by hurricanes every year, but when it does, it can cause thousands or even millions of dollars of property damage–including falling trees. 

Cool, Wet Springs

While storms and hurricanes pose the most obvious immediate danger to many trees, cool, wet springs can also cause serious issues in Kitty Hawk. Many of the diseases commonly present in North Carolina trees are more common in years that have cool, wet springs, which can cause those pathogens to thrive. Keep an eye out for foliage discoloration or early leaf drop, and contact Tree Triage promptly if you notice any signs of disease in your trees.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Kitty Hawk?

If you discover a dead tree in your yard that is near the power lines–especially one that seems to be leaning precariously in that direction–it could prove critical to deal with the threat as soon as possible, lest you have to deal with a power outage. In general, the power company is responsible for the power lines up until they enter your home or property. They don’t want to see those lines crash to the ground due to falling limbs. As a result, they may come out to help you deal with those dead trees. Call your utility company to ask how they want to handle tree removal, including whether they may want to take care of that problem themselves. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Kitty Hawk?

Multiple factors can contribute to the cost of tree removal in Kitty Hawk, but most jobs fall between $300 and $2,000. Contact TreeTriage for an estimate to get a better idea of what your tree removal needs will cost. 

Do You Need Emergency Tree Removal?

If you need emergency tree removal services, you can expect it to cost more than if you can wait for our tree removal specialists to come out and take a look at your tree. 

Where Is the Tree Located?

A tree that’s located in a hard-to-reach area of your yard or a dangerous area where limbs might fall on the house could require more care to remove than a tree in an easily accessible area–and as a result, may cost more.

How Large is the Tree?

A large tree may require our tree removal specialists to exercise more care in taking the tree down, not to mention additional labor to bring the tree down in pieces and prevent further damage.


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