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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Lake Norman?

Waking up to the gorgeous view of leafy greens with lake views in almost any direction you go, Lake Norman is the heart of Catawba County. It sits at the Southeastern corner of Catawba and is home to a surplus of rivers, inlets, and lake life. The well-fashioned city has an abundance of tree life, including hickories, sweet gums, red maples, dogwoods, and more. Unfortunately, as naturally gorgeous as Lake Norman can be, the trees still have their fair share of diseases and insects that act as pests and can stunt their growth or lead to decay. 


Described as a group of fungal diseases that cause dark lesions on leaves, Anthracnose can lead to cankers on twigs and stems. Typically, when a tree is infected with the disease, you’ll notice small beige, brown, or black spots that cause leaves to curl and become distorted. Over time, the expanding threat can lead to defoliation, dieback, and prevent a tree from being able to react to and grow from necessary air circulation. 

Apple Scab

Primarily found where apples are grown, Apple Scab is the most lethal of apple diseases. The infection is primarily found in early spring and targets young leaves. Apple Scab produces lesions on leaves and spreads through spores throughout the surrounding leaf tissue. This can distort or pucker leaves, leaving them with cracks and lead to defoliation. Most often, the pathogen-based culprit will leave trees susceptible to other threats, weakening them. 

Other common culprits of tree decay in the Catawba area include Diplodia and Cedar rust. Be on the lookout for cankers, spores, and bored holes from insect predators that rely on trees as hosts for nutrients. 

Does the City of Lake Norman Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

To help take care of Lake Norman, the Catawba County government does have a specified unit to help with the trimming, pruning, and removal of trees that are on public property or pose the risk of falling in lake water. They mandate that due to the potential risk of pollution in the lake and in developing areas, all trees must be preserved to the maximum unless decaying or dying. No clear-cutting is allowed and should a tree by the water appear to be decaying or be at risk for falling, you must gain approval from the city before having it removed. The city does not remove trees on private property outside of special circumstances, including trees that are considered part of the corp line. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Lake Norman?

North Carolina laws can be fairly strict when it comes to the responsibility of tree removal based on cases of negligence versus natural occurrences. When a tree falls for either reason, it’s important you know if you’re responsible for scheduling and paying for the removal. 

If you’re a homeowner?

The state relies on the “Act of God” theory, which states that if a tree falls due to known negligence, then it’s the responsibility of the homeowner where the tree originally resided to handle the cost of any damage. If it falls due to natural causes, then it’s the responsibility of the homeowner on which the fallen tree resides. 

If you’re a renter?

Most of the time, landlords and homeowners are responsible for the care and maintenance of the trees, unless stated on your lease. However, if you notice that a tree is beginning to lean towards your neighbor’s property or shows signs of decay, then it’s important that you send your landlord a message to let them know. This can act as proof that you’ve reported the potential risk of a tree falling in case it falls and causes damage to anyone’s property.

If you’re a landlord?

The responsibility of tree maintenance and care is your duty unless agreed upon otherwise with your current tenant. This means that if they report a tree showing signs of decay, it could be beneficial to contact us to get that tree checked out or removed to prevent it from falling and causing damage to your property or your neighbor’s.

If you’re a neighbor?

Following the “Act of God” theory, if a tree from neighboring property falls onto your land, fence, or any structure on your property and it falls due to natural causes, then it’s your responsibility to have it removed. However, if you can prove that the homeowner next door was negligent in trimming, pruning, or caring for a decaying tree, then they could be held liable to cover the cost of damages or removal. In situations where a tree falls due to natural causes such as storms, you can file a claim with your home insurance to potentially get reimbursed for the cost of removal and fixing any damage caused.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Lake Norman?

There are six soil associations considered to be part of the Lake Norman area. The city has a mixture of gentle slopes and moderately steep soils that primarily are home to combinations of red clays. The soil throughout Lake Norman is rich with nutrients from local rivers and great for growing crops and trees. Cecil and Hiwassee Cecil are two of the prime soil types found in Catawba. Both are well-draining and have a surface layer of sandy or clay loam.

Other Cecil soil types found around Lake Norman include Pacolet, Madison, and Appling. All Cecil soil types are well-draining and have variations of red and dark red clay. This can make the ground firm, which helps the root systems of trees slowly soak up the nutrients they need to grow. Pure Hiwassee soil can also be found in roughly 19% of the county and is known for being a clayey subsoil. It’s commonly found in pastures throughout Catawba and is prime for growing crops.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Lake Norman?

Living up to that dream-like lake life, Lake Norman weather is filled with sunny days for almost 8 months out of the year. On average, the weather stays pretty warm other than a few cold months during the winter. This makes the area great for spending time outdoors and provides much-needed rays for healthy tree growth. 

During the winter, you may experience a few freezing days and snow in early January, but the weather doesn’t drop to freezing temperatures too often. Weather-wise, thunderstorms and scattered rain showers are fairly common and provide a little extra hydration for trees that aren’t located on a riverbank or near the water. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Lake Norman?

It may seem like common sense that power lines are dangerous, but what many people don’t realize is that when a limb or twig falls and makes contact with a line, it can be just as dangerous as placing your hand on an active line. That’s why we recommend reporting when trees show signs of decay or overgrowth near power lines. If a tree is planted less than 20 feet away from a live line, it can be risky to trim or prune and will likely pose a risk in the future. In many cases, it’s recommended that trees that may grow 15 feet tall or higher be planted 50 feet away from live lines to help with future pruning. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Lake Norman?

The average service for removing a medium-sized tree around Lake Norman runs at $550. This pricing is based on homeowners that have needed assistance to remove a decaying or dead tree in the recent past. The cost includes the time and labor required for the removal, all equipment and machinery needed in order to get the job done, and the preparation as well as cleanup once the tree has been cut down. 

Depending on a variety of factors such as local taxes and permit fees, the size and diameter of the tree, along with other cost considerations, you can expect that pricing to increase up to around $2,100 or decrease down to $150. Each tree removal project is unique and requires careful precision in order to safely remove it without putting anyone in danger and without risking damage to structures that may be close by. 

Size and Accessibility

There’s no one size fits all service when it comes to having a tree removed. The complexity of the job highly depends on the size and diameter of the tree you need to remove, along with how easy it is to gain access to that tree. When trees are near lake water, rivers, or on slopes and hills it can take a little more planning to complete the actual removal process. In these situations, the pricing for extra equipment, additional safety precautions, or critical planning may raise the price of removal. 

Complexity of Removal Project

In addition to size and accessibility, the complexity of the removal plays a large part in how much the service costs. Trees that are around power lines, near a public property, or near structures play directly into the accessibility of the job, but also how difficult it is to safely remove the tree. Some trees will require extra planning and communication, such as trees near power lines. In this situation, our team will need to work with the local power company to ensure their safety along with yours.

Extra Services

Removing a tree is only one part of the job that comes with many tree removal projects. In most cases, tree removal services don’t include removing the stump or trimming back limbs on other trees (unless necessary), cutting up the tree for firewood, or providing landscaping and other services. In the case that you’d like for any of these services to be done at the time of removal, you’ll likely pay a small increase for the extra labor, additional equipment, and any other add-on services.


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