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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in New Bern?

Planting trees adds to the value of any property. They clean the air while providing shade that can help reduce heating bills in winter and cooling bills in summer. And, trees are beneficial for other forms of wildlife. One of the most abundant types of trees in New Bern is the flowering dogwood. Other flowering trees include the redbud and crape myrtle. Some good shade trees include white oaks, sourwood, and shagbark hickory. Some trees that are good for providing privacy include Nellie Stevens Holly, Green Giant Arborvitae, and Chindo Viburnum. 

Unfortunately, these trees can experience pests and diseases. Some are more common than others here in New Bern, and some cause less damage to trees than others. 

Anthracnose, a Common Fungal Disease

Dogwood anthracnose is responsible for depleting dogwood forests in the western part of our state, according to North Carolina Cooperative Extension. It attacks the leaves and flowers, leaving tiny brown spots and dead tissue. Twigs and branches die off as the wood becomes infected developing a canker and eventually causing the death of the tree. There is another type of anthracnose in dogwoods, aptly named the dogwood spot anthracnose, which is not fatal. It also affects the leaves, causing spotting and crinkling.  

Other types of anthracnose infect other trees including sycamore anthracnose, oak anthracnose, and maple anthracnose. Anthracnose can also infect ash and walnut trees. For the most part, these strains of the fungal disease affect the cosmetics of invaded trees but are not lethal. Keeping leaves raked up and avoiding reintroduction of the disease each year is important, according to the North Carolina Forest Service. Contact our arborists to have your trees properly pruned to help avoid infection and for more information.

Other Dogwood Diseases

Powdery mildew, leaf and flower blight, and crown canker are all fungal diseases. Powdery mildew is a white fungus that develops on leaves in the late summer into fall. It thrives in higher humidity. Besides dogwoods, powdery mildew will commonly affect oaks, maples, magnolias, crabapple, and catalpa. As it spreads, leaves turn yellow, wilt, and the entire branch may die. Like most anthracnose, powdery mildew is most harmful to leaves and new growth. Fatality to a tree is rare.

Leaf and flower blight causes wrinkled patches on flowers and leaves. A gray mold can also grow in the humidity of our area. It also affects oaks, sycamore, maple, ash, walnut, hickory, and coniferous trees.

Crown canker, also known as collar rot, is specific to flowering dogwoods. It kills off twigs and branches while a canker forms near the base of the tree. The canker slowly girdles the tree, eventually killing it if another pathogen doesn’t do so first.

Hurricanes Can Devastate Trees

New Bern and the rest of Craven County have seen more than their share of hurricanes over the last decade. Not only does the storm itself topple trees, but the especially soggy ground can also compromise tree roots causing trees to tumble over in the days following. Furthermore, the water dumped during a hurricane has increased salt levels, leaving more salt in the soil which can be harmful and eventually deadly to some species of trees.

Some trees that have a high resistance to winds include the flowering dogwood, American holly, live oak, and crape myrtle. Those with a medium to high resistance include the sweetgum, swamp chestnut oak, Shumard oak, persimmon, and river birch. Note that just because a tree is native to North Carolina, does not mean it can handle a hurricane better than another type of tree. 

Does the City of New Bern Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

New Bern enjoys its trees. In celebration of Arbor Day 2020, the city’s Park & Recreation Department partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to give away 700 5-gallon trees. Eleven different species were offered with information on planting and care for each tree. 

The city is responsible for the care of its public trees and removal when it becomes necessary, such as if a tree is dead or dying, or if it poses a hazard to the public. There are other reasons considered for the removal of a tree including:

  • Whether it is a desirable species for the area,
  • If the space permitted is adequate for the tree’s growth, 
  • Disease and pest problems,
  • Frequency of a tree’s maintenance requirements,
  • Damage to city infrastructure including streets, sidewalks, and sewers.

If residents see a problem with a public tree, they should contact the city’s Park & Recreation Department.

The city does not assist in private tree removal.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in New Bern?

As mentioned, the City of New Bern is responsible for its public trees. Citizens are responsible for their own trees including fallen tree removal.

If you’re a homeowner?

As a homeowner, you are responsible for the removal of a tree that has been living on your property, whether it falls on your property, your neighbor’s, or city property. Check into your homeowner’s insurance before having a fallen tree removed. It may have an allowance for just such an incident.

If you’re a renter?

Renters are customarily not responsible for a fallen tree. If a tree falls on the property you are renting, make the property owner aware of the situation as soon as possible.

If you’re a landlord?

A landlord who owns a rental property is responsible for the care and removal of any trees on his or her property.

If you’re a neighbor?

If a neighbor’s tree falls on your property, it is the neighbor’s responsibility to have it removed. The same is true in reverse. If your tree falls onto your neighbor’s land, you are responsible for removing it. As a courtesy, it is best to discuss an appropriate time to have it removed; convenient for both parties.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in New Bern?

The official soil of North Carolina is Cecil soil, which is a well-drained, moderately permeable soil and covers some 1.6 million acres. It is found in the Piedmont region of the state. But here in Craven County, located along the Neuse River, we have mostly silt loam. 

Silt loam has a combination of particle sizes including sandy, silty, loamy sand, and clay loams. The combination is good for growing plants and trees. However, good drainage is important for plantings in silt loam, especially in areas where we experience so much rain.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In New Bern?

We discussed the effect of hurricanes on trees previously, but occasionally, we also have a severe winter that can affect New Bern trees, especially our palm trees. In 2018, we experienced exceedingly low temperatures for us–well below freezing. The result was visible damage to landscape trees and palms alike. That damage can take a year or two to exhibit and only recently have we been able to ascertain how different varieties fared from the experience. If you have any questions about the conditions of your palms or other trees, contact our arborists.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in New Bern?

New Bern boasts being one of the first U.S. cities to manufacture its own electricity. In 1902, the city established its electrical system. It continues to provide electricity, along with water and sewer services, to most of its residents and is responsible for maintaining power lines and poles. If you see a dead or fallen tree on or near power lines or a power pole, you should call 911 immediately, whether it is on public or city property. Never touch power lines or a tree that has fallen on or near them.

If you have a tree that has branches growing near power lines or a pole, contact the city’s Utilities Department and let them know of the situation. They may handle the problem or advise you to call us to clear them away.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in New Bern?

It is not easy to give an overall cost assessment for tree removal. There are a lot of variables involved. It should be noted that a permit is required for the removal of a tree in a local historic district or a National Register Historic District, as well as within a commercial development area. Similarly, if all or part of a tree is on public property, a permit is required.

While permits are not expensive, removal can be. Most homeowners in the area pay between $300 and $2,100. Some cost factors include:

Tree Size

Not only is the height of a tree important, but so is its diameter in the cost factor of removing the tree. Height matters because very tall trees require the use of a bucket to gain access to the taller part of the tree. The use of a bucket truck adds to the cost. Diameter matters because thicker trees, measuring more than a couple of feet in diameter, may take more specialized equipment to get through the trunk for removal.

Tree Location

If the tree is far away from driving access, it will take a lot more manpower to drag limbs and heavy logs from the removal site to the chipper or hauling vehicles. That can add to the cost. Other location factors include whether the tree is next to the house, garage, or another structure. This can require more care and time in the removal of each branch so as to not damage those structures. Furthermore, if the tree is close to power lines, it becomes more dangerous to work around the area and a greater deal of skill and care, driving the cost up.

Tree Health

If a tree is already dead or diseased, it makes the decision of having it removed easier. However, actual removal may be more difficult. A dead or sick tree is unstable, making it more dangerous to work in and around it. This takes more care and becomes more time-consuming. More time equates to more labor time and a higher cost.

A yearly exam of your trees’ health by our arborists will help avoid pest and disease problems, as well as other situations which could result in tree removal.


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