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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Wendell?

In this area of central North Carolina, we see the two rich ecosystems of the coast and the mountains unite into a land where plants and animals thrive. Our vibrant natural resources also pose some challenges to trees though, as diseases and pests that prey on trees can be quite common in the area. Of the many maladies that could potentially harm trees around here, some of the most common ones are:

  • Annosus root rot
  • Fusiform rust
  • Borers and beetles
  • Sudden oak death
  • Dutch elm disease
  • Dogwood anthracnose

Does the City of Wendell Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Unfortunately, Wendell doesn’t offer any resources to assist residents with tree removal problems. The city does, however, provide weekly yard waste removal in designated bins through Waste Industries. While they won’t take large branches and logs away, it can be extremely helpful to remove tree removal trimmings and smaller waste from your property. This service is offered free of charge to Wendell residents, and you are even entitled to call twice a year and schedule an extra pickup when necessary.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Wendell?

Typically, in North Carolina, the owner of the property on which the tree originally grew is responsible for its removal once it falls. That’s not to say that tree law around here is always so cut-and-dried. Oftentimes, long disputes can occur over so-called border trees that grow along property lines, but when tree ownership is less disputed, the property owner is usually responsible for all maintenance and removal necessary.

If a tree falls and does damage to property or causes injuries, this is usually considered a no-fault accident or act of God by insurance companies. If the owner of the tree knew that the tree was unhealthy or at risk of falling and had been warned by the city or neighbors to remove the tree previously, though, then that property owner may be liable for damage the tree caused due to their negligence.

If you’re a homeowner?

If you own a home here in Wendell, trees are an important part of your property. They enrich the beauty, privacy, and comfort of your home, but just like your home, they come with maintenance responsibilities. Failing to maintain your trees and allowing them to pose risks or spill into the public right-of-way or other private property may run you afoul of both the city code and your neighbors.

Your trees enhance your investment in a property and can be a serious benefit to the long-term value of your home, so you should give them the attention they deserve and need to thrive. Failing to remove fallen trees promptly from your property may result in pests and diseases gaining a foothold amongst the rest of your trees, and may turn a previously beautiful tree into an obnoxious eyesore.

If you’re a renter?

If you rent a home in Wendell, tree removal responsibility likely falls on your landlord rather than you. Most lease agreements have at least some responsibility for tenants for property upkeep and lawn care, but a tenant would rarely be responsible for the maintenance of something so critical to a property’s value as its trees. Just like maintenance on the structural issues within your home, you’ll typically want to make your first call to your landlord and see how they want to proceed. They may want you to call us and sort out the issue and compensate you later or they may prefer to deal with the tree themselves. Either way, prompt communication with your landlord is key.

If you’re a landlord?

If you own a rental property, the responsibility to remove fallen trees is still yours as a property owner. Trees are a vital part of the value of your property investment, and not something you want to leave in the hands of tenants who don’t have any long-term, vested interest in your property. If you’re an absentee landlord, this can pose a problem sometimes, but just like building maintenance and other property upkeep issues, you need to find a solution.

Whether that means having us coordinate with a tenant so your tenant can arrange for the removal and then you can compensate them later, or any other option, it’s important that you act quickly to resolve fallen trees. If left to linger, they could become a nuisance and safety hazard, and potentially cause you to violate the North Carolina rental code.

If you’re a neighbor?

If your neighbor has fallen trees that need removal, it’s their responsibility to have them taken care of, even if they’ve fallen on your property. If you have to remove the tree yourself, that neighbor will owe you compensation for your costs. Even when trees don’t do any damage when they fall, having a fallen tree sitting on your property can be an unwelcome source of bugs and other larger pests as well as just cluttering up and diminishing the beauty of your property.

Even if your neighbor’s fallen tree isn’t on your property, it’s likely that they still have an obligation to remove it if it’s a nuisance to you. Your properties are interconnected ecosystems, and their failure to remove their tree negatively affects the value and beauty of your property. If you can’t reach an agreement with your neighbor and they don’t remove problem trees from their property, reach out to Wendell Code Compliance Enforcement and see if there’s any legal solution.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Wendell?

Our soil in Wendell is pretty amazing for trees, providing good drainage and a rich array of nutrients from both ancient glacial movement and runoff from the Appalachians. Our soil may not be as well-drained as areas of the state nearer to the ocean, but here at the intersection of the Piedmont and the Atlantic Coastal Region, we have clay-heavy loams, thick with decaying organic material that’s great for nurturing strong and healthy trees over years and centuries.

The soil may cause some problems for trees around here, though. The abundance of natural clays in our soil can cause these parts of the soil to gradually expand during times of heavy rainfall, then contract during especially dry periods, which can cause the earth around trees to shift and erode. If landscaping is not kept level around trees, they may lose structural stability as erosion takes its toll or end up with roots that are exposed and vulnerable to pests and the elements.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Wendell?

The weather around here is a dream come true for most trees. Our winters don’t get too cold and we don’t get so much snow that they will weigh down branches. Our rainy months can sometimes overwhelm vulnerable trees, and it’s important to address weaknesses and health issues in trees before summer rains get fully underway.

While we’re not directly in the danger zone like many coastal North Carolina communities, hurricanes from the Atlantic can still affect us. Even ocean storms that don’t make landfall can create very high winds and massive rain that could put the stability of your trees to the test.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Wendell?

When dead trees encroach on power lines, it can pose a serious hazard to all people, trees, and buildings in the vicinity. Branches, limbs, or even whole trees that fall across transmission lines or transformer boxes could disrupt the power supply to you and your neighbors and potentially start dangerous fires. Trees should always be trimmed and controlled to give enough room to overhead power lines, so that there’s no risk of damaging lines, even if a tree falls.

Although, if you have dead trees that are already threatening power lines, it’s too late for prevention. In these cases, you should never attempt to trim or remove them yourself, since power lines can be very hazardous to work around. Duke Energy handles our power here in Wendell. If you have trees that could potentially harm overhead power lines, give them a call as their technicians have the proper equipment and knowledge to safely trim and remove dead trees near power lines.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Wendell?

The cost of tree removal in Wendell is usually pretty affordable. The cost of services, in general, is much cheaper here than it is in nearby Raleigh, for instance, and Tree Triage is here and ready to assist with your needs. Tree removal may be as affordable as $150, but depending on a couple of factors, that price can change a lot and reach up to around $2,000. 

Here are some specific circumstances that affect the total cost:


Our trees can get pretty big around here, and big trees can create big challenges for removal. Larger trees can easily pose a safety hazard to our arborists and will require extra tools. We’ll also have to take more time, as big trees can cause a lot of costly damage during removal if attention isn’t given to proper and diligent planning beforehand.

In addition to all the extra logistical challenges, there’s a lot more material to process and dispose of afterward. It’s important to keep in mind though that calling a tree big is very relative, and we’ve helped remove some seriously big trees. With the proper planning and tools, the safe and efficient removal of even the most massive trees is a very doable task.


Even if a tree is dead, its health can still affect how complicated its removal will be. Trees that were infested with pests or killed by diseases may still be carrying the ailment and can infect nearby trees during removal. 

If a tree has been dead for a long time and started to rot, the instability that leads to in its branches and trunk may pose a safety risk for us during removal as well as require more safety equipment and protocols for issues like splintering and the tree breaking in unpredictable directions. While taking extra precautions and making extra plans for these kinds of issues is a normal day at work for us, special circumstances will necessitate extra time, raising the overall cost.


A lot of different types of trees thrive naturally around Wendell, and there are even more species that love the conditions around here. 

Tree removal on a small pine or other conifer is going to be very different from removing an old, giant oak, for instance. Some trees pose more challenges than others, based on their wood’s hardness, how they grow, and the complexity of their root systems. As a result, the cost can change depending on what type of tree you need help with.


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