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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Dublin?

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources works together with the USDA Forest service to suppress invasive pests and disease impacting trees in Ohio. Some of the biggest issues residents of Dublin will face in caring for their trees are insects and disease.

Emerald Ash Borer

The emerald ash borer can cause irreversible damage to a tree. In fact, this insect is solely responsible for killing hundreds of millions of ash trees throughout North America. If you notice D-shaped holes in the bark of your ash tree or light-colored patches appear throughout the length of the trunk, you need to look closer for the tell-tale iridescent emerald ash borer.

The City of Dublin has successfully treated numerous ash trees in the area. If you have impacted trees on your property, the City recommends that residents utilize certified arborists like Tree Triage and Ohio Department of Agriculture Licensed Pesticide Applicators to provide treatments.

Asian Longhorned Beetle

The Asian longhorned beetle feeds on 12 species of trees found in southwestern Ohio, including maple, poplar, mountain-ash, willow, and elm trees. Signs of infestation include broken branches, round exit holes, and the presence of large beetles scurrying around the bark.

Needle Cast Disease

Needle cast disease has been spreading at a faster rate in recent years due to unseasonably cold and wet weather during the spring. Needle cast disease is caused by two different types of fungi: Rhizosphaera kalkhoffii or Stigmina lautii. These fungi affect the needles of spruce trees, most commonly on Blue Spruce and White Spruce, but all spruce trees are susceptible to needle cast disease. The needles will turn brown or purple in color, and eventually, the tree will die.

Does the City of Dublin Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Dublin’s Forestry Division maintains all trees located on city-owned property. This includes all trees on public right-of-way streets and boulevards. They are also responsible for overseeing the landscaped areas in and around the city, inside city cemeteries and parks, and most trees located within 4 feet of the curb.

While the city will not help homeowners remove trees from private property, they will schedule regular maintenance of all street trees near your home.

Additionally, the City’s chipper service can help residents remove tree and shrub trimmings from their property during their weekly scheduled pickup times. The City will bring the chipper machine directly to private residences and can remove tree and shrub trimmings as long as they follow accepted regulations. The trimmings need to be at least four feet long and less than 8 inches in diameter.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Dublin?

Most homeowners think they are responsible for a tree that falls into their yard, and while that may often be true, the state of Ohio has specific laws regarding tree removal.

If you’re a homeowner?

Homeowners in the city of Dublin are responsible for the trees on their property. This means, should a tree fall into your yard as a resident of Dublin, if you own your home, you’ll be responsible for tree removal of the fallen tree. However, most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover any related property damage.

If you’re a renter?

Neither the state of Ohio nor the city of Dublin require renters to maintain trees located on their rental property. Landscaping care and maintenance is typically the responsibility of the landlord or property owner. Unless your specific lease documents state otherwise, the homeowner will need to pay for and schedule removal of a fallen tree.

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords in Dublin must provide a safe environment for their renters. That includes regular tree trimming to keep hazards of fallen limbs at a minimum. Even if a lease states that the tenant will handle regular lawn care such as mowing, they are not responsible for tree trimming and overall tree care.

If you’re a neighbor?

This is where the laws get a little obscure. If a tree is located along a property line, it likely belongs to both neighboring landowners. Thus, according to Ohio’s complex Fence Laws, the two would need to share in the cost of tree care, or when necessary, tree removal. This also means that if one landowner wants to remove a tree along the shared property line, he’d need permission from his neighbor, or he may be facing expensive fines. 

So, if your neighbor’s tree falls onto your land? Hopefully, you’ve discussed it ahead of time, but it remains his problem to remove the tree, unless it has caused property damage, at which point the person with the damage will report it to their respective insurance.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Dublin?

On a soil map prepared by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, we discovered that Dublin is at a crossroads of soil types. Since parts of Dublin sit in Franklin, Union, and also Delaware counties, this means that the soil in any one backyard may be completely different than the soil in your friend’s yard across town. The United States Department of Agriculture has explained that knowing the benefits of various soil regions and planting appropriately can vastly increase the lifespan of area trees.

Many homes in the Dublin, OH area will have Miamian soil. This is considered the state soil of Ohio since it covers more than 750,000 acres statewide. This type of soil has a higher lime content than other soils found throughout the region. Layers of decomposing organic matter and layers of limestone help to promote healthy tree growth in the region, as well.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Dublin?

Humidity is a factor across all of Ohio, with long, warm summers. Rainfall and increases in humidity can negatively impact fungal growth on trees in Dublin. Grounds which are oversaturated with rainfall become loose, and high winds from spring storms have been known to uproot trees in the area.

Winter also has its own set of problems, as Midwest winters can be long, windy, and cold with significant snowfall. Heavy snow conditions and other winter storms can place a lot of weight on your backyard trees. This ice and snow can cause trees, powerlines, and even structures to topple.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Dublin?

A number of electric companies service the City of Dublin and its surrounding areas. If you notice dead limbs near power lines or have a tree which has fallen onto the lines, you’ll need to contact your specific utility provider for further instructions. Most companies in the area will have a regular tree pruning schedule to help eliminate damage caused by overhanging branches before they have a chance to fall on lines and disrupt power service to customers.

American Electric Power (AEP) is the service provider for most Dublin households and businesses. They recommend that, for your safety, you never try to cut back trees near power lines by yourself. They have an easy online form to report the threat, and they’ll come out and determine when and how the trees should be pruned.

Homeowners are responsible for clearing trees that interfere with the line that runs from your house to the utility pole. Your electricity provider will be able to disconnect the power while we complete this work for you. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Dublin?

The cost of tree removal in Dublin fluctuates based on several factors. However, the average price for a medium tree will cost you about $500. Remember, though, there are a few variables to consider when calculating the final cost.

Size of the Tree

The basic rule of thumb on tree removal is: The larger the tree you’re trying to remove, the more it will cost to take out. In Dublin, the guidelines for tree removal are as follows:

  • Small trees, which are also small in diameter and with a height less than 30 feet – approximately $250-300
  • Medium-large trees within acceptable diameter guidelines between 30 and 80 feet – $300 to $800
  • X-Large Trees, ranging over 80 feet tall or with exceptionally large diameters, can cost $1500 or more

Location of Your Tree and Accessibility

A tree that is easy to access will cost much less to remove than a tree located in a hard-to-reach location on your property. For instance, if the tree requiring removal is near a building or looming over a fence line, the job will be more complex. As complexity rises, so does cost.

Complex tree removal will usually result in the use of our specialized equipment and more manpower, all of which will be reflected in the final price. 

Additional Services

If you want your fallen trees chipped or split and stacked for firewood, your cost will be higher.

As expected, there is a surcharge for any additional services you request. Other items to consider might be having the remaining stump ground removed or treating nearby trees with insecticides or fungicides to protect them from additional damage.


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