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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Lake Oswego?

Those of you who live in Lake Oswego, Oregon know Oregonians love the abundance of trees here. The city of Lake Oswego also takes special care in making sure trees get the care they need all year round.

A few of the most common species found in the area include:

  • Douglas Fir
  • Oregon Ash
  • Oregon White Oak

There isn’t a tree in the Oregon valley not susceptible to tree diseases, insects, or other forms of Mother Nature. Invasive species that are known to afflict valley trees are:

  • Aphids
  • Scales
  • Elm Leaf Beetles
  • Bronze Birch Borer Beetles

All of these insects affect the physical characteristics of each tree, often turning leaves yellow, or making the bark look diseased. While the city tries to control these insects, they’re impossible to stop completely, leaving many city and residential trees vulnerable.

It’s not just insects causing a tree to die. Tree diseases like Hawthorn Leaf Blight and Dutch Elm Disease are seen all too frequently in Lake Oswego and the surrounding Portland area.

Other things can affect trees, as well, any time of the year:

Tree Blight

Did you know bacterial or fungal infestations can lead to tree blight in Oregon’s trees? When this happens, the leaves of many of our beautiful trees turn into an eerie brown or yellow color.

Be sure to hire our professional arborists to examine your tree if you think tree blight is a problem. Far too many people let tree blight continue, eventually leading to dead tree removal.

Extreme Weather

Due to hot summers and cold winters, Lake Oswego’s trees can easily die from inclement weather events. We’ll look more later at how weather affects trees in this region of Oregon.

Construction Equipment

Construction crews frequently have to work near old trees to get a specific job done. When they do, they often disrupt tree roots belonging to older trees. This can happen less than 20 feet away from the tree without construction crews realizing the damage they’re doing.

Does the City of Lake Oswego Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Removing a tree in Lake Oswego takes a thoughtful process involving analyzing whether any public trees are truly dead. The city carefully considers the removal of those trees by requesting a permit if the tree trunk exceeds 6 inches in diameter at breast height.

Only if the tree is truly beyond help will the city hire a local staff of arborists to look over the tree. These trees have to pose a major hazard to the public and be considered an immediate emergency. In this case, permits are free for a dangerous tree to get removed. Otherwise, permits cost $20.

For the city to consider whether a tree needs removal, you need to present a photo of the dead tree’s crown. City staff does a proper inspection on-site to back up your photos.

After the city tree removal, it leaves the stump in place to take care of separately. Our specialists can remove stumps for you quickly and affordably. On the other hand, it might take time for city officials to remove it due to calculating how it affects underground utilities.

The above process is only for trees belonging to the city of Lake Oswego. It’s a little different when trees reside on residential properties. 

Who Is Responsible for a Fallen Tree Removal in Lake Oswego?

The circumstances behind who’s responsible for a fallen tree might create confusion based on the situation. If you’re a homeowner, you’ll probably have sole responsibility if the tree isn’t within Lake Oswego’s city property line.

When renting (or working as a landlord), other responsibilities apply. A fallen tree from or into a neighbor’s yard also brings potential legal concerns.

If You’re a Homeowner?

Any tree falling on your own property is your responsibility in Lake Oswego, even if property lines pose confusion on occasion. Like many cities, Lake Oswego plants trees near homes in residential neighborhoods. In this case, you’re responsible for trees you own if they pose a danger to human life or property.

To claim damages to your own property from a fallen tree, use your homeowners’ insurance policy if you have one. Your insurance company assesses damages and usually hires a professional tree service like Tree Triage for cleanup.

If You’re a Renter?

Those of you who rent your home may not have responsibility for a fallen tree if your landlord explicitly states this in your leasing contract. Landlords in Lake Oswego are generally responsible for all damage on the property they own.

An exception might be if you initially bought the felled tree. The stipulation could be, if you plant the tree, you’re responsible if it falls. Take time to read your leasing contract to make sure your landlord didn’t pin responsibility on you for tree troubles.

If You’re a Landlord?

Preventative maintenance should become automatic on the Lake Oswego properties you own if working as a landlord. Still, it all depends on the rental contract you created for tenants.

Maintaining trees on your property is essential to ensure the trees don’t become hazards to anyone nearby. Perhaps a lease addendum stipulating your tenants’ responsibility for yard upkeep is your preference.

If You’re a Neighbor?

Based on Oregon law, a neighbor’s tree falling on your property means you’re typically responsible for your own damages. Use your homeowners’ insurance policy again to have repairs and tree removal covered. Your neighbor does the same if your tree fell on their house.

Things could get legally perilous if your tree falls on your neighbor’s home after you had repeated warnings about the tree being diseased. Your neighbor could sue you in this scenario. Only if the tree was deemed healthy would it mean avoiding lawsuits.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Lake Oswego?

Soil is always responsible for how well trees survive in this region of Oregon. Based on Oregon’s soil survey, the official state soil here is Jory Soil. This is one of the most fertile soils in the entire state, even though Oregon has 2,000 soil varieties. Jory Soil is known for its red color and is made up mostly of clay.

Since Lake Oswego can have wild extremes of torrential rains and then long, hot summers, clay soil sometimes stresses trees. The reason is clay is known for expanding and shrinking based on how wet or dry it gets.

At least clay soil is one of the best for Oregon trees since it does hold water well. You just have to remember to water all your trees during Oregon’s dry summers. Plus, you’ll need to be on the lookout for intense floods in the wintertime. Clay soils can become a gooey mess when they become too wet, hence potentially falling any weak tree.

When Oregon’s Jory Soil is well cared for, it creates a treasure trove of trees. Christmas trees grown in this region of Oregon use Jory Soil as just one example.

Always be aware of the type of soil you have on your Lake Oswego property. Be sure to provide proper mulching each season.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In Lake Oswego?

Weather can become a definite tree problem in Lake Oswego and the entire Oregon valley. Heavy rain and windstorms are the most significant culprits in weather downing trees. Over the decades, major floods have occurred, including windstorms with gusts over 60 mph.

Once in a while, other freak weather events occur in Lake Oswego that take everyone by surprise. In early 2021, a major ice storm blanketed the region, placing heavy ice on older trees. Occurrences like this can easily stress weakened trees and split their trunks due to the intense icicle weight.

Weather events like this are always concerning to our arborists who want to protect older trees in the area that go back 150 years.

There isn’t much anyone can do about natural disasters when they occur at this level. All you can do is try to protect and care for your trees as best you can.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Lake Oswego?

Windstorms continue to have a direct impact on how Lake Oswego trees can topple over on power lines. The wind isn’t always a factor, however, as seen by Oregon’s strong snow and ice storms.

What happens if a tree goes over on power lines near your Lake Oswego home after extreme weather? First, never handle tree debris over power lines on your own. Electrocution is more than possible, especially if you have little experience cleaning up tree debris.

Trees going over on power lines should be the responsibility of your local power company, which is Portland General Electric. This becomes more likely if the tree is within the city’s property. Also, PGE could send you a bill if you have a diseased tree falling over on their lines.

Either way, let professionals handle this, no matter if your downed tree knocked out power long-term.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Lake Oswego?

What you pay to have a tree removed in Lake Oswego varies based on circumstances going beyond your own control. The average cost for tree removal in Lake Oswego is $668, but your total could be as low as $200 or as high as $2,000.

Extreme Weather Events in Oregon

Lake Oswego’s potential to get inclement weather during heavy wind or rainstorms can lead to messy work when trees fall. After a storm, tree removal often becomes a stressful job for our tree removal specialists. Chances are good the work could prolong beyond 24 hrs., including required waiting until the wild weather calms. If this happens, labor time adds to the bill.

How Large the Tree Is

Older trees in Lake Oswego are always complex to remove based on the size of the trunk and how much foliage it has at the time. Expect to pay $100 more when adding in stump removal.

Overly thick stumps could take a day (or two) to remove. Very old trees over a century old or more are good examples.


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