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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Bethlehem?

Many common problems affect the health and stability of trees in Bethlehem. If a tree changes in color, the leaves or needles become too dry, or you notice any unusual growth, it’s a good idea to ask for help. You can contact us at Tree Triage if you suspect your tree is having problems. 

The emerald ash borer, named for its green color, is a destructive, exotic beetle. This wood-boring pest has infested 35 states, including Pennsylvania, and is responsible for killing hundreds of millions of ash trees across North America. The adult beetle does some damage by eating the tree’s foliage. It’s the emerald ash borer’s larvae that do most of the killing. They will feed on the inner bark, which will disrupt water and nutrient transport throughout the tree. If you see holes in the bark or the bark starts to split open, you may have an infestation. Sometimes, the first sign is canopy thinning. 

One of the worst tree pests in Bethlehem is the gypsy moth. Although they prefer oak, they will feed on hundreds of other plant and tree species. Once infested with gypsy moth caterpillars, defoliation and tree death can take only a year or two. One way to prevent this pest is to remove egg masses that moths may lay in June and July. These may be found near rocks, branches, or other hidden areas in the yard. If egg masses are not removed, you can try insecticides.

However, the type needed to kill gypsy moths is not usually available to the public. We can certainly help you treat your tree and rid of the pests!

Another problem facing trees in Bethlehem is the hemlock woolly adelgid. Some signs that your hemlock tree has this pest are needle drop, branch dieback, and tree death. The hemlock woolly adelgid is an invasive species and causes a lot of problems. They like to feed on the tree sap, which takes nutrients away from the tree. If you suspect this pest has set up shop in your tree, get it checked out by our arborists. Some insecticide sprays can be used to mitigate the spread.

If you notice that one of your oak trees starts to change to fall coloring way before the others, it may be due to oak wilt. This is a deadly fungal disease and a big problem in Bethlehem. Starting from the top of the tree, moving downward, the leaves will wilt and begin to brown. Within a few weeks, the entire tree will be affected and may die. If a tree is infected, all you can do is have it removed as quickly as possible to prevent the spread of the disease. Because this disease is so prevalent and fast-moving in Pennsylvania, it is best to call our professionals for the job. We know how to safely remove diseased trees, limiting exposure to other nearby elms. 

Does the City of Bethlehem Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Bethlehem may assist with tree removal problems if the tree is on public property. Bethlehem has an extensive tree management department that regularly trims and removes city trees. Some city trees are close to or on private property. If a homeowner wants to remove a tree for any reason, they may need a permit. If the tree removal in Bethlehem is on public land or is a city tree near private land, you will need a permit. In some cases, the city will remove trees that pose a danger to residents or utilities. If you aren’t sure if the tree is on public or private property, you need to contact us or the Bureau of Engineering for help.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Bethlehem?

Fallen tree removal in Bethlehem can be a problem, especially during and after severe storms. Who is responsible for removing those trees? It depends on where the fallen tree sits. Below are some of the most common scenarios for who may be responsible for a tree, based on where it falls.

If you’re a homeowner?

Homeowners are typically responsible for fallen tree removal in Bethlehem. The city ordinance states that the property owner needs to take care of trees and vegetation on their own land. If the tree falls on city property, the City of Bethlehem will take responsibility for it even if the tree fell from private property. The city takes tree removal seriously, especially if a disease is suspected. If you are contacted by the city about the health or safety of your trees, you should respond promptly. If they ask you to remove a tree and you do not, they will remove the tree and send you the bill. 

If you’re a renter?

If you are a renter in Bethlehem, you are not responsible for any tree removals. This is because you are not the property owner, and there are stringent rules about who can and cannot cut down trees. If a tree falls on the property you are renting, the best thing you can do is contact the property owner as soon as possible so that they can make the necessary arrangements. 

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords are also the property owners, making them responsible for tree removal in Bethlehem if the fallen tree sits on their property. If you own a property and your tenant informs you of a fallen tree, you will need to take action. In this situation, the best thing you could do is to contact your homeowner’s insurance company to see if the removal is covered. Often, if a tree falls because of storms, they will take responsibility. You will still need to figure out if the cost for tree removal is more or less than your deductible. We will go over the average price for tree removal in Bethlehem a little later.

If you’re a neighbor?

In Bethlehem, neighbors have to follow the same rules as all homeowners when a tree falls. If a fallen tree is on their property, they are responsible for removal. If the tree that fell was not theirs, they are still responsible because it’s on their property. It’s important to talk to your neighbor or the city if you notice a sick or dangerous tree on their property. Doing this can help prevent trees from falling in the first place. If your neighbor’s tree fell due to neglect, and you can prove it, you may not be responsible for their tree.

How Does The Soil Affect Trees in Bethlehem?

Sandy loam soil dominates most of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This soil type is usually a mix of clay, sand, and silt, making it great for moisture retention with moderate permeability. This is great for tree roots because they will be able to move through the soil easily. However, if the moisture is too high, you might start to see problems with the tree. If you suspect that the roots are beginning to rot or show signs of fungal growth, you may need to reduce watering or have the tree looked at. The worst drainage problems and excess moisture come after storms and snowmelt.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Bethlehem?

Less than half of the year is sunny in Bethlehem, limiting sun exposure to trees. There are also a few times a year that cold weather can affect the health of your trees. The first is during the middle of December when you are most likely to see the first snowfall. Anytime your trees have to deal with freezing cold temperatures, there is a possibility of damage. In really severe weather, Pennsylvania has seen blizzards and ice storms. These can wreak havoc on your trees and even be deadly for the more susceptible ones. 

Like most areas of the country, Pennsylvania is dealing with drought conditions. Droughts are a contributing factor in the increased wildfires. They are also increasing the number of deaths and tree removals in Bethlehem. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Bethlehem?

If you have a dead tree near power lines, it is a big problem and a hazard. It is best to have the situation evaluated before property damage occurs. We can help determine if the tree needs to be removed or cut back. In some cases, the City of Bethlehem may help with removal to avoid power line disruptions for the community.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Bethlehem?

Here we will give you some general estimates for tree removal in Bethlehem. These prices are based on past work. The exact estimate for your specific tree removal may be different because there are many factors that could change the cost. The price range for the average tree removal is between $115 and $2,130. Below you will find the most common circumstances that increase the cost.

Tree Size

The biggest cost factor for tree removal in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is tree size and height. The bigger and taller the tree is, the harder it is for our specialists to cut down safely. Tall trees come with more hazards, especially for our crew. Here is a general estimate of how much you could spend based on height:

  • Tree Removal cost for a 20-foot tree: $155 to $335
  • Tree Removal cost for a 40-foot tree: $360 to $635
  • Tree Removal cost for a 60-foot tree: $535 to $970
  • Tree Removal cost for an 80-foot tree: $740 to $2,510

Tree Location

Another influence on the cost of tree removal in Bethlehem is the location. Where the tree sits in relation to other trees, homes, roads, and power lines matters. For example, if the tree is near power lines, the job becomes a lot more dangerous. In some cases, the power company may need to assist in the removal, adding time and money to the project. On the other hand, if the tree fell in a large open space, you will likely spend a lot less on removing it.

Labor and Materials

One of the biggest cost factors for tree removal in Bethlehem is labor and materials. If the job is easy and can be done quickly, we will need fewer workers to complete it, costing less money. If the tree removal requires more crew and heavy machinery, your price will go up. Some factors that determine the amount of labor and materials needed are the accessibility and the size of the tree. Another factor is the tree’s health. Dead and diseased trees need to be removed carefully, taking more time.


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