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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Chester County?

Chester County, PA trees face an assortment of environmental issues. Usual problems include inadequate maintenance, insect infestations, and damage from automobiles. Other than that, fungi and a variety of diseases are usually the most dangerous factor for trees in Chester County. Pennsylvanians suffer from an array of serious tree diseases, such as Sudden Oak Death (SOD).

One of the most dangerous pests that affect Chester County flora is the European gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar dispar). Their larvae consume the leaves of hardwood trees, destroying them so fast it kills off huge chunks of the forest. All of Pennsylvania has shown to be a fit environment for these pests, so it’s vital to report sightings to Chester County officials. Inaction quickly leads to infestation and the spread to unaffected portions of the state. 

Less risky, though still damaging, is the spotted lanternfly which feeds on the sap of plants, piercing into the delicate skin of the leaves to suck it through the outer bark or stem. A single lanternfly is not apt to do much destruction, but many consuming the same plant can easily cause its death.

Does the City of Chester County Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

No city in Chester County assists residents in tree removal. While county officials will maintain and remove trees on public property, homeowners must arrange for tree removal of their own volition. There may also be a permit required for tree removal depending on where you are in the county, and the type, size, and age of the tree. Check with the Code Enforcement/Zoning committee before cutting any trees. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Chester County?

The party responsible for a felled tree isn’t always clear. Here are a few frequent conditions related to fallen trees in Chester County and who would be responsible for the tree’s removal. 

If you’re a homeowner?

Owning your home means you own the land under it and any trees on the property. In most cases, the landowner is liable for having a felled tree removed, unless you can prove that someone harmed your tree which required its removal, the costs related to it are all on you.

However, don’t get too discouraged. Check your insurance policy before you call for professional help. Many property owners discover tree removal is covered in their policy in some manner, especially if an “act of God” occurred. Insurance will significantly reduce or fully eradicate all removal costs.

If you’re a renter?

Rental tenants are only paying to use the property. They don’t own it and are not typically responsible for “act of God” accidents. Unless some special lease arrangement is present, renters don’t own any of the trees growing on their rented property, which means they aren’t liable if they fall over and require removal.

An exemption would be if the tenant were responsible for the tree’s status. Crashing a vehicle into a tree could land the rental tenant in hot water.

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords may or may not be responsible for a fallen tree on a rental property. The defining factor is in the official capacity of the landlord. If the landowner is also the landlord, they are responsible. If the landlord is simply a hired hand to manage rental payments, the landowner will hold the responsibility. Pennsylvania law stipulates that rental properties are to be clean and free of hazards, and a dead tree on the lawn is unquestionably not in compliance with the law.

If you’re a neighbor?

Trees falling into a neighbor’s yard has been an issue for as long as humans have lived near each other.

Today, it’s as important as ever to fall back on the ownership of the tree. A tree’s owner is the person whose property the tree’s trunk was previously growing. Irrespective of where it fell, it’s the owner’s responsibility to remove it. It’s really just common courtesy to at least remove a tree that wipes out a neighbor’s garage on its way to the ground.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Chester County?

Data collected for the Chester County soil survey showed the soil is mostly loam and silt. It drains well and has many nutrients. One advantage we have by being outside major cities, like Pittsburgh, is the soil is untainted by the chemicals and runoff found in urban environments, making Chester County one of the most productive places in the state for healthy trees. It also means that we can grow a variety of trees in this area.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Chester County?

Chester County enjoys what’s called a “humid subtropical” climate zone. This climate provides residents with hot, humid summers, but milder winters. The most common type of precipitation in the vicinity is plain old rain and snow, and it is becoming a more common occurrence as years progress. All trees planted in Chester County must properly adapt to the heat because they’ll be exposed to it for the majority of the year. Some cold resistance adaptations are also a good move but may not be necessary in your area of Chester County if recent weather trends of less snow persist.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Chester County?

Trees and limbs on a powerline are a recipe for disaster, no matter where you live. Dead wood catches fire much easier than living wood. City tree trimmers are constantly on the lookout for these situations, but if you spot something like this happening, it’s vital to call one of the 14 Chester County electric utility companies that service the area.

Under no circumstances should anyone other than a linesman from the power company attempt to tackle a tree issue in the powerlines, even if it is your tree that’s fallen. There may be a charge, however, if you have allowed a tree to become a hazard and caused its death.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Chester County?

The cost to remove a tree depends on a handful of extraneous factors. In Chester County, the average cost is roughly $162, varying between $144 and $180 for approximately an hour’s work. Fallen tree removal is approximately $500, depending on the situation, with final prices ranging from $250 to $750. Numerous factors will affect the cost of your tree removal because every job is different. Some are extremely easy, others are more challenging, and some are downright dangerous. The specifics of the job are the biggest pricing factor. Here are some situations that will affect the price of tree removal in Chester County:

Height, Girth, and Dimensions of the Tree

Size could be considered the key factor in pricing tree removal. Taller trees cost more to remove. They pose more danger, are harder to cut down, and require more than one timber cutter in many cases. The prices quoted above are based on trees under 45-feet tall, for example. The cost of the risks is added to the customer’s final bill. Additional safety precautions, time, and manpower necessary to cut down a tree professionally and safely over 45-feet tall are expensive. It isn’t surprising to find yourself with a pricier bill than you expected.

Timing, Scheduling, and Emergency Services

Standard prices do not apply to emergency situations. An emergency situation typically runs more than a standard call. It’s just common sense. Asking a professional service to come out on a holiday, weekend, or after-hours costs more because it costs more to keep employees on-call and a business open 24/7. No one can really control when a tree falls through the roof, but it’s not unreasonable to assume you’ll have to pay extra for tree removal outside regular business hours.

Location of the Fallen Tree

A lonely tree down in an open area is no trouble to remove. It’s a simple job and you’ll pay the least for this kind of situation. There is less risk of danger when it falls. If you have a limited budget for tree removal, ensure the surrounding area is as clutter-free as possible with a clear route to and from our truck and equipment. It can also help to cut costs if you can remove branches and debris from the work area.


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