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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Kennett Square?

Pest infestation and root disease are the most common tree issues experienced by homeowners in Kennett Square.

The spotted lanternfly (SLF) is the most invasive pest in the region, accounting for millions of dollars of damage to the forestry and agriculture industries. The insect bores into tree trunks, causing weakening and sometimes complete devastation of the tree. The female lays approximately 200 eggs per year, which can be found on trees, outdoor patio furniture, and underneath decks. If you discover eggs on your property, remove them immediately to prevent further infestation of this destructive pest.

Sudden oak death is a rapidly spreading fungus that can devastate healthy trees. Signs of attack include spotted leaves, twig dieback, and calluses on the tree oozing black or red sap. Pests, such as the Asian gypsy moth, are causing widespread damage to North American tree species, and the Asian longhorned beetle is aggressively attacking hardwood trees.

The presence of the emerald ash borer beetle is very common in Kennett Square. More than 30 states across the county are experiencing devastation to their forests from this invasive species. All 16 species of ash trees are at risk from this pest. If you notice wilting yellowing foliage, D-shaped beetle holes in the bark, and unusual woodpecker activity, you probably have an infested tree that requires immediate attention.

Does the City of Kennett Square Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Property owners that would like to remove a tree located on a right-of-way in Kennett Square must submit an application before tree removal commences. If the request is approved, the homeowner must pay $350 before the permit is issued. 

The money is held in escrow by the borough for 365 days until the Shade Tree Commission deems the replacement tree is healthy and well established.

The borough of Kennett Square does not offer financial assistance for tree removal on private property. All costs are the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Kennett Square?

When a tree falls unexpectedly, the first question is usually, “Who is going to pay for the damages?”

In Pennsylvania, zoning laws address who is responsible for costs associated with tree removal in Kennett Square.

In most cases, if the cause of a tree falling is an act of God, insurance companies will cover the damages. If a tree exhibits signs of prior breakage or disease, the homeowner could be held liable. Many insurance companies will deny a claim if it is proven that the property owner failed to maintain the tree before it fell.

If you’re a homeowner?

If a healthy tree falls unexpectedly on your property, contact your insurance company to file a claim for damages. It is essential to regularly inspect the trees on your property to make sure they are free from disease. All branches need to be trimmed and pruned to create a safe environment for all surrounding properties.

If you’re a renter?

As a tenant in Kennett Square, you are not obligated to pay for any costs associated with tree removal services. It is the sole responsibility of the landlord or property management company.

We recommend having renters insurance coverage for any damages to personal property. Your landlord’s insurance policy will cover claims for structures, fences, or outlying buildings.

If a tree falls on your car, the comprehensive section of your automobile insurance policy will cover the claim. You will only have to pay the pre-determined deductible.

If you’re a landlord?

As a landlord in Pennsylvania, you must provide a safe and habitable property for your tenants. All trees on the property must be regularly maintained and inspected for signs of disease.

If a tree in good health falls unexpectedly, contact your insurance carrier to file a claim. Renters have no obligation to pay for costs associated with tree removal services.

If you’re a neighbor?

If a tree from a neighboring property falls on your yard, your insurance company will handle the claim. Likewise, if a tree that belongs to you falls on your neighbor’s property, their insurance company will provide coverage.

A tree that belongs to your neighbor and is close to your property line does not belong to you. Pennsylvania law says you may trim branches that encroach on your property, but you are forbidden to remove the tree. If you do, you could be held legally responsible for the destruction of property.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Kennett Square?

Water degradation and soil erosion are common problems affecting trees in Kennett Square. The soil in this part of Pennsylvania lies in bands extending east to west. There are five distinct soil varieties composed of metamorphic rocks that include quartzite, marble, schist, amphibolite, and gneiss.

The Kennett Square Comprehensive Plan examined the area’s topography, finding most of the region is on high ground, consistent with the establishment of 19th-century towns. The surrounding areas include ridgelines, moderately steep slopes along streams, and gently rolling hills.

The organic material found in the soil in Kennett Square belongs to the Glenelg-Manor-Chester classification. Traditionally beneficial to grazing livestock, the well-drained soil promotes the healthy growth of trees.

After years of urban development, most of the soil in Kennett Square is a well-drained silt loam that is not hydric and has a high water table of over 200 feet.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Kennett Square?

Kennett Square receives approximately 49 inches of annual rainfall and 23 inches of snow. Precipitation includes snow, sleet, rain, and hail and occurs, on average, 121 days out of the year.

Temperatures range from lows of 22ºF in the winter to highs of 85ºF in the summer. On average, more than 110 days per year reach below freezing at night. These cold temperatures affect healthy trees, with limbs breaking under the pressure of accumulated ice.

The Department of Horticulture at Cornell University claims that we are in the unfortunate situation of being the first generation of gardeners, ever, who cannot rely on historical weather records to tell us what our climate is, or what to expect in the future.

The unpredictable climate changes the landscape of Kennett Square, with warmer winters inviting disease-carrying pests to invade local trees. Native plants that once flourished in this region are having difficulty adapting to the changing environment and invasive exotics are becoming more aggressive.

Warmer winters also create freeze and frost damage to trees, leading to premature blooming in the spring and early dropping of leaves in the fall. Variable precipitation can lead to flooding that invokes root disease and soil erosion.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Kennett Square?

PECO oversees a Vegetation Management Program to ensure the safety of its more than 1.6 million customers. Taking a scientific approach, they assess the trees along the lines for possible interference with service.

On a five-year cycle, PECO prunes, trims, and removes trees as needed. The power company estimates that one-third of all power outages come from fallen trees, broken tree limbs, and vegetation making contact with overhead electrical power lines.

If you have a tree touching a power line on your property, contact PECO at 1-800-841-4141 for immediate assistance.

Do not attempt to work on a tree located within 10 feet of a power line. High voltage lines can cause serious harm. The power company will help with branches and limbs posing an immediate threat. In most cases, you will need to contact a professional tree service to remove a tree.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Kennett Square?

On average, homeowners in Kennett Square pay approximately $730 for tree removal. This price varies greatly, depending on several factors.

Tree Size

Size is the biggest determining factor when it comes to removal costs. A smaller healthy tree will cost significantly less than a larger, diseased tree at risk of falling. These estimated prices will give you a better idea of what to expect when hiring us.

  • Small tree (up to 30 feet): $150 to $550
  • Medium tree (30 feet to 60 feet): $600 to $850
  • Large tree (60 feet to 80 feet): $900 to $1,500
  • XL tree (80 feet and more): $1,500 and up

Tree Type and Condition

If a tree has already fallen, the price will be considerably less for removal. A large, diseased tree with broken limbs will cost more. Special equipment may have to be used to take the tree down safely. Older mature trees also will cost more to remove because of the depth of the root system and girth of the trunk.

Tree Location

Tree removal costs will be less expensive if the tree is in a wide-open space on your property. If it is blocked by fences, gates, sheds, or neighboring structures, the cost will be considerably higher as crews will need to work around the obstacles for safe removal.


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