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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Cleveland?

The common problems that we see here in our Cleveland trees are pretty much the same ones seen across the nation. There exists one disease, however, that tends to strike ornamental trees, such as the large population of Bradford Pear trees. Let’s look at these common problems and how these problems are also affecting the ornamental tree population as well.

Fire Blight

Blights tend to affect all species of trees, but Fire Blight is a bacterial infection that occurs only in the Bradford Pear. If you begin noticing the leaves on your Bradford Pear tree starting to get some discoloration and the blooms tend to be falling off sooner than expected, this is probably a case of Fire Blight. And just as its name implies, the leaves look as though they have been exposed to an open flame.


This is another broad species invader that really does a number on Bradford Pear Trees and other ornamentals as well. This is a fungus that affects the twigs and leaves of the tree and can be eliminated by keeping your soil constantly tested and following the testing house’s recommended procedure.

Leaf Spot

This is another fungus that will attack the leaf system of the tree, and they leave behind tiny circles or ovals that resemble a leaf being scorched by fire. If your tree is suffering from leaf spot, try using a good amount of ammonium nitrate fertilizer in the fall and repeat the application in the spring. Again, have your soil tested, so you will know what to do to improve it. Also, till up the ground at the base of the trunk. This will allow a bit of air circulation to the root system and provide direct access to the roots when watering.

Aphids and Borers

Aphids are small spider-like insects in that they have long spindly legs and a ravenous appetite for the leaves of your trees. Borers are the boring insects that invade the trunk of the tree and feast on the cellulose inside. The thing about these two is if you notice one of them, the other isn’t far behind! These insects can kill a tree in a matter of weeks.

Oak Wilt

This disease can infect any tree, not just the mighty oak. As the name says, the leaves will begin to look wilted, like a head of lettuce left out of the refrigerator for a length of time. This, too, is a fungus, and your soil testing professional should be able to make the necessary adjustments to your soil if you follow his or her directions closely.

Whether it’s bacteria, fungus, or invasive insects, keeping the trees of Cleveland looking good and feeling good is a full-time job.

Does the City of Cleveland Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Cleveland, Tennessee is proud to be called one of the “Tree City USA” cities. And when you are a tree city, you get that title by having a tree ordinance in place and a “Shade Tree Board” that consists of 9 members serving in two-year terms. This board is put in place to oversee the implementation of all the tree ordinance laws and regulations. One of the items that this board looks after is brush and limb pick-up at no charge to residents living inside city limits. They also maintain an open-door policy regarding any issue you may have about a tree and you simply want to come to talk to a face instead of a phone!

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Cleveland?

Now we are going to turn to the legal side of tree removal. Have you ever heard about some states that have actually used their state Supreme Court to settle a dispute over a tree? Trees and fence lines are the two most disputed items among neighbors. Most laws are simple when looking at the matter. If the root ball or system is on your land, it is your responsibility should it need to be removed. Then there are some states where the easement takes center stage and basically tells the neighbor if the limbs are hanging on over his fence, he has the right to cut them back without asking because the tree has encroached on his easement! The best advice we can give you here is to remain calm, be an adult, communicate with your neighbor, and don’t let this destroy a good relationship with your neighbor. Life is just too short to be worried about a tree that will probably outlive us all!

Let’s look at some different scenarios about trees and tree ownership and responsibilities. 

If you’re a homeowner?

If you are a homeowner, and your neighbor wants to get together to discuss this tree issue, don’t stop it! Encourage him or her to come over and talk like adults, and leave a happier person because of it.

If you’re a renter?

If you happen to be a renter and you are outside one day, and you decide, all by yourself, “that tree is ugly and I want it gone,” don’t touch that tree until you have discussed it with your landlord, or whoever owns the house. If you both come to a mutual agreement, great! If not, don’t go home and take your frustrations out on this poor tree!

If you’re a landlord?

If you are a landlord, chances are that this house you are renting also has the same owner for the land, and therefore the rules remain the same. Your property, your tree; my property, my tree!

If you’re a neighbor?

Let’s look at this neighbor thing again. Look at this PDF file on the Tennessee Tree Owner’s Rights and Responsibilities. Go over and grab your neighbor, give him or her a big hug, and the both of you sit down and discuss this issue like adults and pay close attention to that PDF file. There you will find all the cases that have gone to states Supreme Courts. Do not let yours be the next one added!

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Cleveland?

The quality of the soil does have a direct effect on a tree’s overall appearance and health. The soil analysis recently done in Cleveland was good news for everybody involved. The only thing that was a bit off in the report was the pH balance. It would seem that the soil in the greater Cleveland area is a bit too acidic and, therefore, can lead to disease of the root systems, and eventual death as a result. Acidic soil doesn’t let the soil hold very much water. Normal pH balance allows the soil to absorb or expand, and this directly supplies the root system of the tree. When soil turns acidic, you can alter the pH level with certain compounds to bring it back under control. While this will probably restore the Cleveland soil, it does take a lot of workers and time to complete these tasks. Most people combat this by going with a variety of trees and shrubs that tolerate higher pH balances.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Cleveland?

Weather does have a direct effect on a tree’s health. The location of Cleveland is pretty much another “ground zero” location for those ultimate spring and summer tornadoes. It is really hard to say which thing hurts these trees the most – fires or tornadoes? Floodwaters and torrential rain over long periods can also devastate a tree by loosening the soil around the roots until the surrounding ground caves in, causing an uprooted tree, and that is probably a close second or third behind fire and tornadoes as we look into what a tree doesn’t want to see!

We can water a tree, fertilize it, and grow it into one big mammoth tree that, let’s say, has been in the family for generations. Then in a blink of an eye, a tornado can come up and destroy that tree by turning it into matchsticks. We would definitely say that weather will affect the health of trees in Cleveland!

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Cleveland?

Do you have a tree that is posing a threat to a power line in Cleveland? Maybe there is a dead limb hung on the main power line and, either way, you are going to do your part as a customer of Cleveland Utilities. You should use an easy way to get them by phone or go directly to their website. Power that is down is a real bummer. A tree that is causing the power to be down is also untimely and aggravating. Hey, relax and let those professional vegetation managers over at Cleveland Utilities handle all the tree-on-line issues!

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Cleveland?

Basically, somebody, somewhere ends up paying the costs for these trees to be removed, right? No matter what your city or community policy is or isn’t concerning about your trees, somebody is going to be shelling out the dollars to clean up and haul away the tree that has been causing all these issues. Let’s look at some averages for a moment – the average low, high, and overall price paid for a tree removal here in Cleveland, Tennessee.

  • Average low cost for tree removal in Cleveland, TN – $453
  • Average high cost for tree removal in Cleveland, TN – $618
  • Average price paid for tree removal in Cleveland, TN – $535

However, costs can go up to about $1,800 if the tree is very large. Now, take a look at a few contributing factors that may cause your final cost for tree removal in Cleveland, Tennessee to be a bit more or perhaps less.

Big Tree or Little Tree?

Size matters! And where your tree removal costs are concerned, buying in bulk doesn’t cause the price to drop! The more you buy, the more it will cost – plain and simple!

How Big of a Crew Will Your Tree Take?

Those numbers above are for our two-man crew to remove a medium-sized tree less than 40 feet tall. How big is your tree and will it require extra workers? These are things that you are going to have to consider when you start to get serious about your tree removal project.

Is the Tree Still Standing?

If your tree has already come crashing down, all you really need is a good clean-up crew. On the other hand, if your tree is dead, but still standing in place, you may need some extra hands to bring it down in controlled sections. This, of course, is going to cost you a bit more.


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