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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Elizabethton?

The trees in Elizabethton include softwood and hardwood tree varieties. Pine trees, oak trees, and evergreens can be found throughout the city limits. With so many trees in the area, there are times when trees develop issues and can be a real problem. Below are some of the more common tree issues in Elizabethton and what you can look for before your tree removal. 

Ambrosia Beetles

One of the biggest tree problems that residents of Elizabethton face are Ambrosia beetles attempting to take over trees that may have been weakened or recently cut and trying to get back to a more stable state. They look for wood that is freshly cut or exposed and begin an infestation. The leaves and flowerings on your trees will start to show signs of wilt and decay. There will be holes found throughout the tree, which affect the integrity of the tree’s trunk and stability if left untreated. A tree that is too far gone with ambrosia beetle damage needs to be cut down. 


Insects are not the only threat posed to trees in Elizabethton, TN. One of the most damaging fungal diseases affecting shade trees and areas with lots of moisture in the soil is anthracnose. These fungal diseases can be spread from tree to tree and begin taking over the leaves, twigs, and branches before moving to the tree’s interior. Once they are in the tree, they can be deadly and require removal for safety purposes and protect surrounding trees. 

Winter Damage

Because Elizabethton does get snow and ice each year, some of the trees in town have a hard time surviving this winter weather. The weight from the ice and extreme temperatures is too much for some of these trees to handle. By the time spring arrives, these trees cannot bounce back, and they begin dying, causing a safety concern for your property. Trees that suffer from winter damage can cause damage to your property or your neighbor’s, depending on the location of the tree and the direction it is leaning as it dies. 

Does the City of Elizabethton Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Elizabethton is happy to assist with tree removals if the tree is causing a safety concern to your property or the neighboring areas. The members of Street and Sanitation proudly maintain the right-of-way areas throughout the City, making sure that there is no obstruction and any trees that need to be removed are done so right away. They are responsible for removing trees that are on their property. However, you will need to contact their Planning department if you believe that a tree that is near or shared on your property needs to be removed and would like their assistance with the service. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Elizabethton?

Once you have decided that the best treatment for the tree or trees on your property is tree removal, determining who is responsible could be tricky depending on the circumstances.

If You’re a Homeowner?

As the homeowner, you will be responsible for most cases of tree removal. When a tree is entirely on your property and needs to come down, you would be responsible for contacting us and making that request. 

If You’re a Renter?

As someone who is just renting the property, most situations for tree removal would not be your responsibility. You would reach out to your landlord regarding a tree that needed to be removed, and they would be responsible for having that scheduled and covering the cost. Renters are only subjected to covering the cost of tree removals if they have a clause in their lease that indicates they are responsible for these types of services. 

If You’re a Landlord?

As the landlord, you are either the property owner, or the property owner hires you to manage the rental property where the tree is located. In either instance, you would be the one to reach out to the homeowner, if applicable, and notify them of the tree removal that needs to happen. Any funds set aside to cover the cost of property maintenance or emergencies can be used to cover this service. 

If You’re a Neighbor?

As a neighbor, you may share a tree with someone next door and decide that the tree needs to be removed. In that instance, you and your neighbor who share the tree can agree to have the tree removed and share responsibility for the service. Also, you could be found liable for the tree removal service if something you did on your property affected the tree adversely and required tree removal. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Elizabethton?

In the northern part of Tennessee, where Elizabethton is located, there is a level of limestone in the soil that exceeds other areas due to the Appalachian Mountains nearby. This level of limestone provides the trees and the earth with additional protection against toxins that could get into the ground from metals. The nutrients in this limestone are great for trees, and some of the oldest trees have thrived on it. Like all good things, it can come to an end and the nutrient supply depleted, which adversely affects the trees. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Elizabethton?

While the summers are warm and humid in the area, the winters and late fall can be just as harsh. Frigid temperatures and wet conditions from rain and snow can weaken some of the most robust trees. However, these trees thrive from warm temperatures and a steady water source in the spring and summer. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Elizabethton?

These trees should be moved immediately, as the damage they can cause can be extensive. They can remove power in neighborhoods for several days, which can be dangerous when the weather is freezing out or very hot. Many residents in Elizabethton depend on electricity to keep them warm or cool and operate any medical machinery needed to keep them healthy and alive in their homes. If you have noticed a dead tree near power lines in your community, you need to contact the utility company right away so that they can have the tree removed. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Elizabethton?

While the average resident in Elizabethton, TN, pays nearly $600 on average for tree removal, there are several factors to consider that can make a difference in how much you will be paying for your tree removal service. Most jobs fall between $190 and $1,875.

Tree Type

Depending on what type of tree you require to be cut down, the cost of the tree could vary. Evergreens and shade trees are often smaller projects and have a lower price component if needed. However, if you are looking to have an oak tree cut down or a tall pine tree, you are looking at higher-cost options. 

Sometimes we are called to a home and need to remove multiple trees that vary by type. Removing all of the trees that need to be removed in one job is the most cost-efficient option for you as the customer. 

When Is Service Required

The rates in place for different trees are designed with a non-emergency factor in mind. Most tree removals are scheduled out and require an appointment so that the right staff members can be available for the service. These are also scheduled during standard work hours. 

Emergency services, however, require our crews to come out after work hours for tree removals that are safety hazards. If you need our team to come out and work beyond standard work hours, an additional fee will apply.


Depending on the size of the tree and how large the project is, the cost of labor is a factor in every quote you are given when you request to have a tree removed. Knowing how many of our team members need to be available for the job and whether overtime will be required is factored in the overall cost. The labor costs are calculated by the hour and how long it takes to complete the job. The number of hours multiplied by the number of our professionals on-site can give you an idea of how much labor will cost you for the tree removal. 


Thicker trees like oaks or other hardwoods can require more materials to cut through than, say, a pine tree or another shade tree. This is because the size of the oak is much more widespread, so while it may not be as tall to cut down, the trunk and stump removal will be extensive on these trees. Our team members will need different saws and blades to remove the tree and maintain our standards properly. 

Additional Services

When you have your tree removed, you have the option to have additional tree services, and maintenance added while our team is on your property and available to assist. For example, we are happy to chip the wood from the removed tree for you or have a team member chop the logs for firewood. The additional services are at your discretion, and we are happy to assist at an additional cost. 


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We have a large hickory tree on the right side of our house (facing the house) that is leaning over the house that we would like to have cut down. Leaving the stump will be fine we are just in need of the most reasonable price.

Date of Request: December 7, 2023

Location: Elizabethton, TN


We have several dead ash trees that we would like cut down at least cut down to vertical stumps that would not pose any danger. You would be welcome to all of the wood.

Date of Request: December 4, 2023

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Like a quote on trimming 9 trees. They are all marked with blue or black Duck Tape. 2 river birch 3 Cleveland select 2 maples 2 oak.

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I have 2 stumps that I need removed.

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Cut down dead trees.

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Tree removed.

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