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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Franklin?

Most trees in Franklin are healthy. However, some trees get the effects of Beech Bark Disease, a common disease that happens when the trees’ bark comes into contact with an insect known as beach scales. Beach scales originally came from Europe, and they have spread to most parts of the Eastern United States, Franklin included.

Another common disease that trees in Franklin suffer is the Aspen Canker, which is more prevalent in the western part of Franklin. Aspen Canker primarily affects the huge trees which are more than 120 years old. The most vulnerable tree species for Aspen Canker are Willow, Spruce, Aspen, Ash, Peach, and Cottonwood.

American Chestnut Blight is another tree disease that has caused the death of many Chestnut trees in Franklin. It enters the trees through any stem wounds; hence, it is common in trees with wounds.

These three are by far the most dangerous diseases that trees in Franklin get. However, in some instances, trees in the city may experience mold, fire, and other adverse effects caused by small insects. If you notice any signs of diseases in your trees, we highly recommend that you contact our experts at Tree Triage for help and advice.

Does the City of Franklin Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Yes, the city of Franklin assists in tree removal. Through the Department Of Building And Neighborhood Services, the city of Franklin offers tree removal permits to people planning to remove trees.

Before issuing the license, the experts assess the trees to be removed, the equipment, and the possible safety hazards to ensure that no risk arises in work. In some instances, the city provides the proper tree removal tools to accomplish the task with utmost safety.

Not only that, the city offers proper guidelines regarding the tree cutting liabilities, should any loss or damage of property happen in the course of tree cutting. For instance, according to the Tennessee Tree Neighbor Law, homeowners should be responsible for tree removal exercises and take accountability if they cause nuisances to their neighbors.

Furthermore, the city of Franklin takes responsibility for the trees which fall in power lines along the streets and other public areas. By offering such guidelines and providing assistance where need be, the city of Franklin shows that it supports tree removal issues.

Who is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Franklin?

Ideally, it’s the sole responsibility of the property owner to remove any fallen tree that falls within the property. But if the tree has fallen on a street or a public area, you can take the initiative to report the issue or inform the county government of Franklin. That said; let’s have a detailed look at the tree removal responsibility in different cases:

If you’re a homeowner?

Every homeowner in Franklin is responsible for the damage or nuisance that a fallen tree from his/her compound causes to other people. The Tennessee tree neighbor law holds that “encroaching plants and trees are regarded a nuisance when they pose danger or harm to the adjoining property.

“When such damage happens due to weather changes or other factors, other people might sue you. You should pay for the damages, but thankfully, you can have a smoother time if you have homeowners insurance.

Assuming the fallen tree does not harm anyone or cause damages to other people’s property, then you can safely remove the fallen tree with the help of experienced arborists and clean the mess.

If you’re a renter?

If you are a renter in Franklin and a tree falls within your rented property, you should notify the landlord. The landlord is the rightful owner of that property, and the law requires the property owners to take responsibility for any nuisances or effects that their fallen trees cause. So, unless you have directly contributed to the tree’s falling (s), the landlord should take responsibility.

If you’re a landlord?

As the land and property owner, the landlord is solely responsible for trimming or removing trees in the compound. If one of the trees falls within the property and causes dangers to the tenants, the landlord should be held responsible. The same case applies to when the trees fall on the neighbor’s property.

If you are a landlord in Franklin and hold one or more properties, you should ensure the trees, shrubs, and all plants are in excellent condition all through to avoid getting into legal issues should a tree fall accidentally.

If you’re a neighbor?

Tree removal disputes are common among neighbors, but you should not allow them to damage your strong relationship with your neighbors. If your neighbors’ trees fall on your compound, you can assess the damage and agree with the neighbor on the way forward.

But if the damages are significant, you can involve the relevant authorities to solve the issue amicably. Despite the condition, you should try to keep communication between you and your neighbor open all through.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Franklin?

Franklin is located in an undulating Cumberland Plateau, with forests covering almost 55% of the land. The soils differ significantly in their drainage, permeability, reaction, and constructability. These characteristics affect the sustainability and productivity of plants and trees.

As mentioned in this study, the Franklin soils range from loose clay to sand. These types of soils are less porous and have excellent drainage, and this is the primary reason why trees do well in Franklin country.

Franklin experiences very few or no cases of tree felling in case of heavy rains because the soils provide maximum support. Mostly, the trees which fall are those located on the slopes or those with underlying health issues.

Note: some trees such as dogwood and willow thrive well in loose clay soils, while others like white pine and red oak thrive well in sandy soils. Since all these soils are present in Franklin, we highly advise you to engage our arborists before planting trees to help you choose the best types of trees for your soils.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Franklin?

Yes, weather in Franklin has mild to severe effects on trees’ health. Usually, Franklin experiences a fair share of hot and cold weather. The summers are hot and muggy, while the winters are wet and very cold.

If the winter is harsh, some trees freeze and even die if the roots hit an ice bottom. The same case applies during summer, whereby the hot temperatures result in the withering of the leaves. Although most trees are resilient to weather changes, some trees, especially the weak ones, can and do suffer the adverse effects of weather changes in Franklin.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Franklin?

Dead trees near power lines can be dangerous to humans, property, and the environment. In case of strong winds, the branches can easily fall off the power lines and cause power interruptions or other hazards.

If you have a dead tree near a power line, we can trim it to a 15-foot minimum distance for you. But if the branches or the leaves are touching the power lines, you should seek the help of your local utility company to have the tree removed.

Usually, the electric utility firms in Franklin are responsible for trimming the street trees near the power lines. But if the tree is in your compound or property, then you can go ahead and consult our team.

If you see a dead tree in your neighbors’ property or any area, report here for quick assistance.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost In Franklin?

Tree removal costs in Franklin range from $250 to $1130, with an average of $690. The price depends on multiple factors, including the location of the tree, the number of trees, height and the condition of the tree, and many more. Here is a detailed description of these factors and how they influence the total tree removal costs:

The Height of the Tree

Shorter trees are easy to cut compared to tall trees. This is because the more extended trees tend to be more bulky, meaning they are more difficult and time-consuming to remove. Here is an estimate of the tree removal costs based on the heights:

  • Tree removal costs for a 20-foot tree:$180 to $320
  • Tree removal costs for a 40-foot tree: $360 to $640
  • Tree removal costs for a 60-foot tree: $540 to $960
  • Tree removal costs for an 80-foot tree: $720 to $1280

Safety Concerns

Safety is the primary concern for every tree removal we complete in Franklin. Our tree removal experts will most likely charge more if the job is risky, with potential hazards to your health and property.

Some of the safety concerns which can increase the tree removal costs include:

Proximity to electricity poles or utility linesPrecarious locations, if the tree is located between two buildingsPoor tree condition, whereby the stem, branches, or roots are dead

The Services Included

We offer more than just tree removal for all of our jobs. For instance, if you don’t want the wood to be left at the tree removal scene, our tree-cutting professionals can chip the tree into smaller pieces and transport it to your desired area.


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