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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Belton?

The City of Belton is home to a variety of tree species including cathedral oaks, red maples, camphors, cotton trees, and sycamores just to name a few. Those beautiful trees provide shade in yards, on streets, and in the parks. They’re as beneficial as they are decorative, keeping the air clean and providing habitats for insects, birds, and small mammals. Trees, like all living things, are susceptible to disease and illness, and Belton trees are no different. Common tree issues include:

Oak Wilt

Caused by a fungus called Britziella fagacearum, oak wilt is an infectious disease that disables the water-conducting system of oak trees. It affects all oak trees including white oak, live oaks, and red oaks. Although it affects all oaks, red oaks are especially vulnerable to death due to the disease. Both white oak and live oak have some immunity. However, oak wilt is a very serious disease that has killed more than a million trees in Central Texas, including Belton. 

Hypoxylon Canker

This is a tree disease caused by a fungus called Biscogniauxia (Hypoxylon) atropunctatum. Trees that are already stressed from environmental factors such as drought are particularly susceptible to this disease. Symptoms include yellowing leaves, a thinning canopy, dead limbs and branches, and the characteristic cankers or sores in the tree’s bark. Unfortunately, once this disease is noticed, it’s too late to save the tree and it will have to be removed to protect the rest of the trees on your Belton property.

Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Due to the extreme climate in Belton, oak trees in the area can suffer from this devastating disease. It begins with the premature browning of the leaves. You’ll notice a yellow border between the brown areas of the leaves and the green areas. This condition worsens over time, and generally, trees that are infected succumb to the infection within 4 to 5 years unless action is taken to eliminate the disease and save the tree.

Pest Infestations

Texas is home to a number of insects. Some are beneficial like bees and other pollinators. Other insects are just pests that are voracious feeders that can strip a tree bare of leaves in a matter of days. Some insects burrow into the bark of the tree, obstructing the flow of water and nutrients, causing the tree to become weak and ill. Insects like the emerald ash borer are particularly deadly to ash trees.

Does the City of Belton Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

For the most part, you’re on your own to handle tree removal issues on your Belton property. Although the City of Belton will take care of street trees, as well as those on city property, they don’t handle residential tree problems. If you notice a tree on city property that needs attention due to an illness, damage, or because it’s dead or dying, you’ll want to contact the City of Belton Planning Department. They’ll send the appropriate personnel out to take care of the problem tree.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Belton?

According to Texas property law, the owner of the property the tree has fallen on is responsible for tree removal and its costs in most cases. That is, as long as the tree was healthy before it fell and the cause of its fall was natural, such as strong winds from a storm. If, however, the tree is known to be unhealthy, diseased, or dead, and it falls, the liability shifts to the tree owner.

If you’re a homeowner?

If a tree that’s growing in your yard falls and lands on your property, it’s your job to clean it all up. If the fallen tree causes any damage to your home, garage, or other structures like fences, your homeowner’s insurance policy will likely help pay for the damages. Your insurance may also help pay the costs of tree removal, as well as the removal of branches and other debris.

If you’re a renter?

You’re probably not going to have to worry about paying for any of the tree removal costs if a tree falls on your Belton rental property. That’s the responsibility of the landlord or property management company that you lease from. If, however, any of your personal property is damaged due to the tree falling, your renter’s insurance policy will likely cover the costs.

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords, property management companies, and other investment property owners are held to the same standards as any homeowner. If a tree falls on a rental property that you own, it’s your responsibility to manage the tree removal and to arrange to have the branches, limbs, and other debris removed. You may also have to provide emergency shelter for your tenants if the home is damaged.

If you’re a neighbor?

If a tree from a neighboring property falls onto yours, the liability is almost always yours. Generally, you can only pursue damages from a neighbor if a tree falls onto your property that’s known to be a hazard. Examples of hazardous trees include standing dead trees, severely damaged trees, heavily infested trees, and trees that are diseased and unstable.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Belton?

Belton’s soil is generally loam, which means that it contains fairly equal parts of sand and silt, as well as a portion of clay. However, the conditions of the soil on your property may be different. For example, your soil may contain more sand than another yard. This would make it a little bit harder for your trees to thrive since sandy soil cannot hold water or nutrients for long periods.

If your soil has a very high clay content, your trees may be at risk, as well. When soil that’s heavily laden with clay dries out, it cracks and that can cause damage to your tree’s roots. If the soil becomes waterlogged, it expands, pushing the tree roots upward, sometimes snapping them. Either situation can cause your trees to suffer trauma that can make them more susceptible to pests and diseases.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Belton?

Your trees are exposed to whatever the Belton weather throws at them. Drought conditions are extremely hard on trees and water use restrictions make it difficult to provide your trees with the water they need. Like all living creatures, trees need water to survive, and if the drought lasts long enough, you may lose trees.

Belton can also experience severe storms that produce high winds, heavy rains, and lightning. Tornadoes can also be spawned by large storms. In the worst weather, even large, mature trees cannot withstand the forces of the wind and rain, and many fall over each year.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Belton?

No matter what, don’t touch a tree that’s near a power line. The amount of electricity that pulses through those lines is enough to seriously injure you–if it doesn’t kill you. Instead of risking your life, contact Reliant Energy to report the problem tree and to request service. They’ll send out a crew of workers who are trained to take care of dangerous trees near the power lines safely. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Belton?

If you ask any of your Belton neighbors who’ve had a tree removed what it cost, they’ll probably say somewhere between $450 and $600 per tree. At least that’s what the average cost is. But, that may not be the amount that you’ll pay. Every tree removal job is different, and there is no way for us to say how much your costs will be until we get a good look at the trees. Costs can very between a few hundred and $2,000 in some cases. Some things we’ll consider include:

The Tree Size

This probably won’t come as much of a surprise, but the bigger the tree is, the bigger the tree removal bill will be. Large, mature trees are extremely heavy. Even the branches are heavy and unruly. That means we need to bring in extra rigging, heavy equipment, and a few more hands to make sure we keep the tree safely under control as it’s being removed.

Number of Trees

Another factor that we take into consideration is how many trees you’re having removed at the same time. It obviously takes more time for our crew to remove multiple trees, and therefore, the costs are going to be higher. If all the trees are small, your costs will still be relatively low. However, if you have multiple large trees to remove, it can get pretty pricey.

Location of the Trees

The easier it is for us to access the tree that needs to be removed, the less we have to charge for the work. Trees that are in precarious situations like between structures, on steep slopes, in mucky areas, or areas with heavy vegetation are much more difficult to access and remove. That means we have to bring in more equipment and crew members so we get the tree out safely and with as little damage as possible to your property.


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