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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Bryan?

From pesky pests to deadly tree diseases, the health of our community’s urban forests and green spaces depends on maintaining and caring for our trees. With insects and diseases killing two out of every three trees that die, it is important to address any tree issues early. Identifying any bug or disease issues at the first sign of an attack can prevent further damage to the tree and reduce the risk of safety hazards. It can also prevent the spread to neighboring trees, ensuring future generations can enjoy the natural beauty of Bryan. Some common tree issues to watch for in Bryan include:

Oak Wilt

As one of the most destructive tree diseases, oak wilt can affect all oak species and pass the infectious disease to neighboring oaks. Oak wilt attacks and disables the water-conducting system in oaks because of the fungus, Bretziella FagacearumOften confused with other tree problems, such as severe drought, lightning strike damage, or excessive use of fertilizers, you should consult a professional for a correct diagnosis of oak wilt. Management techniques for oak wilt include trenching or injections. The Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS) administers a federal cost-share program that can help a limited number of landowners fight against the disease. Contact your local TFS Forester for more information on the program. 

Ips Bark Beetle

Living under the bark of pine trees in the eastern half of Texas, Ips bark beetles often attack previously injured, stressed, or fallen trees. Usually only killing a few trees in Bryan, in extreme drought conditions the beetles can destroy hundreds of pines. You can identify infested pines by looking for white to reddish-brown pitch tubes on the bark, while early signs are reddish boring dust in the bark’s crevices. The beetles inject trees with a blue-stain fungus that discolors the lumber making it less valuable. 

Hypoxylon Canker

Affecting oaks and other hardwood trees in Bryan, hypoxylon canker is a common tree disease in East Texas. It is a fungus that creates cankers on weakened, stressed, or damaged trees pushing the tree to die quicker. Man-caused stressors and environmental factors can make the trees susceptible to hypoxylon canker, which then increases the chances of other pests attacking the tree. A thinning crown can be an early sign of the disease and once colored spores appear on the tree, the tree is too far gone to save. Once the fungus invades the tree, the sapwood will begin rapid decay. 

Does the City of Bryan Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Bryan does not currently provide assistance with tree removal issues on private property. However, the city does maintain the trees in right-of-ways and the city’s more than 50 parks and over 35 miles of community trails under Sec. 106-200 – Public tree care. Therefore, if you need to remove a tree on your property, be prepared to cover the full cost on your own. The only exceptions are if a tree proves to be a threat to public safety, is identified as causing potential problems to the city’s sewer or water lines, or is infested with disease and dangerous to nearby trees. 

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Bryan?

When a tree falls in Bryan, it is the property owner’s responsibility to handle the removal and related damage expenses caused by the fallen tree. While it sounds simple, the responsible party for fallen tree removal can become a gray area between neighbors or if you’re a renter. 

If you’re a homeowner?

While owning a home offers many benefits, it also includes the tasks of maintaining and providing proper care to your home’s landscaping. If your property has trees, or you choose to add trees to your landscape, you are responsible for pruning, trimming, and removal if needed. Therefore, if one of your trees is affected by disease or storm damage that creates a safety hazard to your family or others, you will need to pay for tree removal services. Since some homeowner insurance policies include damage caused by trees due to storms, contacting your insurance agent may help with the expense of having a tree removed or fixing property damage. 

If you’re a renter?

As a renter in Bryan, the owner of the unit is usually responsible for any maintenance and repairs. Therefore, if a tree falls on the property you’re renting, call your landlord or property manager to resolve the issue. Also, if you have safety concerns about damaged or dying trees near your unit, let the owner know to address the potential threat. 

If you’re a landlord?

If you own rental property in Bryan, you must remove fallen trees and handle any related tree maintenance for each of your rentals. To save yourself the stress and hassle of an emergency tree service call, regularly check the health of trees on your rental properties or contact our specialists for help.

If you’re a neighbor?

Neighbors can go from friends to enemies when tree-related issues arise around property lines. We’ve already established that it’s the property owner’s responsibility to handle tree removal costs, but when the tree falls on a neighboring property, it can cause a dispute over the removal process and who must pay for it. In these situations, the City of Bryan considers it a civil dispute to be worked out between the involved parties, and if desired, their attorneys. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Bryan?

Soil provides support for tree roots and stores the nutrients, water, and other elements the tree requires for growing and thriving. With its deep agricultural roots, the soil type in Bryan ranges from somewhat poorly drained clay soils to moderately well-drained loamy soils. The soil is usually alkaline and many of the native trees grow well in the soil for the most part. Since nutrients are often limited in alkaline soil, it can stunt the growth or stress trees and plants in some instances. In areas in Bryan where clay is dominant, the rainy winters can increase the risk of root rot in trees because of the soil’s ability to hold an excessive amount of moisture. To determine how the soil affects your trees in Bryan, contact Texas A & M Agrilife Extension to have your soil tested by collecting and sending samples. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Bryan?

Bryan, TX, has hot, humid summers, wet winters, and temperatures that rarely drop below freezing. Thunderstorms, tornados, and earthquakes are common weather concerns for residents. These environmental stresses affect the health and longevity of trees in Bryan, often leading to impacted trees needing to be removed from homeowners’ properties. The hot temperatures, with highs in the upper 90s, during the peak summer months, often create drought conditions in Bryan, leaving trees to suffer from lack of water, dealing with wildfires, and increased threat for insect attacks. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Bryan?

Bryan Texas Utilities maintains almost 2,300 miles of overhead transmission and distribution lines with a 4-5 year cycle to keep the lines free from tree limbs or underbrush overgrowth. If you spot a dead or dying tree near the power, call BTU Customer Service at 979-821-5700 during normal business hours, or for emergencies use the 24-hour number at 979-822-3777.

Trees in the right-of-way can cause larger issues than an interruption of your service, such as creating a public safety hazard or increasing the chance of wildfires from sparking lines from branches touching or falling on the lines. The tree trimming crews from BTU follow all industry-accepted principles of proper arboriculture to prevent damage to our trees while keeping the community safe from potential tree damage. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Bryan?

Tree removal costs for Bryan residents are typically between around $500 and $670, with the average estimate for homeowners around $585. However, your price could fall anywhere between $200 and $1,800. The price quote varies because of several factors involved in a tree removal job. Think about the following questions to determine if removing a tree from your property will be a major expense or more affordable.

Size of the Tree

The tree’s size is a major cost factor because, naturally, it requires more time and equipment to remove a tree over 75 feet than one that is under 25 feet. Mature trees will often require additional equipment and labor to safely remove the tree from your property, while younger trees are usually removed with a minimal amount of equipment. 

Stump Removal

Our estimates for tree removal jobs in Bryan typically do not include the removal of the stump. Stump grinding requires additional equipment and can take between 1 hour to several hours, depending on the diameter and above-ground height of the stump. While some homeowners do not want the additional expense of stump grinding, it can save you headaches later when mowing and maintaining your lawn and improve your home’s curb appeal.

Location of the Tree

If the tree is in a hard-to-access location or an area that requires blocking off streets, you can expect a more costly estimate for removing the tree. The tree’s location is a cost factor because it will determine the type of equipment that we can get to the jobsite and the amount of labor needed. Whether the fallen tree is on a structure or away from nearby buildings, patios, or decking can also affect the removal cost. 


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