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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Flower Mound?

Common trees that grace Flower Mound include the Eastern Redbud, Mexican Plum, Post oak, and Pecan trees. Although the trees on the famed hill are cared for by The Mound Foundation, they are still susceptible to diseases and pests. Some of those diseases include Powdery Mildew, Sudden Oak Death, Leaf Spot, Bacterial Slime Flux, and Fire Blight, among others. A good inspection from our arborists can uncover these diseases and allow us to treat them swiftly and efficiently.

Numerous pests would like to make the beautiful trees their home, introduce diseases, and break down the strong inner structures. These include wood borers, webworms, aphids, and spider mites, and other creepy-crawly insects. These insects either burrow into the wood and destroy from within or consume the foliage, leaving devastated and unsightly leaves. Proper inspections and the use of insecticides prevent infestations and damage to the trees.

Does the City of Flower Mound Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Though the City of Flower Mound, TX does not necessarily provide assistance for tree removals they do require permits for the removal of trees. Protected trees require additional voting and permits before any work can be completed. FEMA does assist with natural disaster damage mitigation, including fallen tree removal and hauling away. The TAP or Tree Assistance Program is a government authority that provides assistance after natural disasters to orchards and nursery tree growers to recover and replant. Some insurances will cover the cost of tree removal depending on the location and health of the tree. Trees removed for aesthetics are not usually covered by insurance.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Flower Mound?

In order to maintain the beauty of the city, the protected tree list contains a few hundred species. Protected trees require permits for removal, replanting, and planting. Ordinances in the city include the required amount and size of trees per residential house and commercial facility. So, who is responsible for the tree should it die or fall?

If you are a homeowner?

Homeowners have the responsibility by law to maintain the trees on their property. Failure to do so or damage to the trees that either causes death or the tree to fall will incur fees from the city. On top of that, tree removal services will be required and a new permit will need to be obtained for a new one to be replanted. The responsibility of the homeowner is to remove the parts of the tree on their property. Insurance may cover some costs of the damages depending on the health of the tree prior to the incident.

If you are a renter?

When a tree falls on the property of a rented home, it is the responsibility of the renter to notify the landlord for cleanup and removal. Diseased or infested trees need to be reported immediately upon notice to be adequately treated and fertilized before death occurs. Renters’ insurance can cover some personal property damage should the fallen tree damage the renter’s property.

If you are a landlord?

Landlords must follow the ordinances of the city and maintain the trees on the property to ensure good health. Pruning and inspections are necessary to maintain the health of the trees on the property to avoid fines and fees. When a tree falls on a rental property, it is the landlord’s responsibility to clean the property, remove the damaged tree, and replant according to the city’s regulations after obtaining a permit. Some insurances that cover the rental property will assist with coverage of the tree service costs, depending on the tree’s prior health. It is the responsibility of the renter to notify the landlord of any noted issues and the landlord’s responsibility to act on the information in a timely manner.

If you are a neighbor?

With tree regulations requiring a certain amount of trees per property, the possibility of a fallen tree after a storm or disaster is increased. If a neighbor’s tree should fall onto a neighbor’s property, each should clean and remove the portion on their property. Replanting to maintain ordinance compliance is the responsibility of the tree homeowner. Annual inspections and frequent tree care from our specialists should prevent most trees from dying and getting infested.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Flower Mound?

The soil in the Denton County area where Flower Mound is located is generally well-draining and great for growing crops. With the higher hills containing clay and loam, they drain well into the lower and sandy grounds. Crops like cotton and wheat are grown in the fertile fields and large swaths of grasslands for grazing. Trees require some additional fertilization and care depending on the location of the tree and the proximity of other trees. Our certified arborists can determine the specific pH of a tree and fertilization needs for the trees on the property. They can check the soil for nutrients and pH levels, inspect trees for damage or disease (including those from pests), and advise on the best solutions for any issues that arise.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Flower Mound?

The weather in Flower Mound is normally cool and moist, which promotes the growth of smaller trees. Freezing temperatures can cause some issues in winter. Spring brings the rainy season and the chance for new growth to take hold. Summer temperatures get as high as 105 degrees, causing some damage to delicate leaves. Overall, trees grow strong and healthy with the direction of great arborists like ours and the seasonal rains.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Flower Mound?

Flower Mound is a deregulated energy area giving the inhabitants a choice of over 50 electric companies. No matter the company, there are regulations for the trimming of trees and removal of trees impinging on the right of way of electrical poles and lines. Normally, the electric company will leave a notice if any trimming or removal is necessary, letting the homeowner know that the job will occur. Only certified electricians are able to trim branches around electric lines for the safety of the homeowner and ensure no damage to lines is done. Damage from overhanging limbs being improperly trimmed not only places the trimmer at risk but also risks the connection of neighbors’ electricity.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Flower Mound?

Removal of trees is not a quick endeavor in Flower Mound as there are several cost factors involved. These include permits, equipment needed, and the size and girth of the trees. Emergency services also cost more, especially after disasters when demand is up. Tree removal service costs also vary based on the number of trees which need to be removed. Regulations of tree removal include the replanting of trees to keep in compliance. The average cost of removing a tree is around $700. Charges increase with tree size and stump removal inclusion.

Size of the Project

Small trees that are around 20 ft. with a girth of around 3-5 inches will be close to the lowest cost for tree removal and will range from $180 to $340 depending on location and accessibility. A larger tree will, of course, cost more. For example, an 80 ft. tree will cost between $720 and $1,360, sometimes more. Multiple trees will incur additional charges per tree. The differences in equipment used and how many people are in our crew will also increase as the project becomes more complex.

Permitting (and replanting permitting)

City ordinances require permits for both the removal and replanting of trees. A specific amount of trees is required per property in the area to maintain the beauty of the area and promote the growth of protected trees. These permits require the town manager’s approval for replanting of trees, as well. All trees are registered and inspected occasionally for health and growth. Our certified arborists can help maintain the trees’ health and keep properties within regulations.

Stump Removal or Grinding

The removal of stumps or grinding to make the stump more appeasing will cost extra. Stump services require extra equipment and alerting water and gas services as excavation can cause damage to underground pipes. Prepare to add at least $100 or more to get the stump removed safely.


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