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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Leander?

We see many issues that eventually destroy an entire tree, such as insect infestation and harsh chemicals that enter a tree’s root system as a byproduct of construction. The City of Leander has put newer policies in place to help maintain the ‘street trees’ (as they are referred to) and also ‘the urban canopy’, another local government term for a city’s tree population. Whether they are indeed street trees or a portion of the urban canopy, here are those tree issues that we see more frequently than any others.

  • Insect Infestation: There are two main types of insects that will infest a tree and start it on a downward spiral that ends in death. Aphids are spiny and long-legged types of insects that infiltrate and feast on the leaves of the tree. Their identifying damage looks like tiny punctures in the leaves of the tree, and if left unattended, can devour the entire leaf system in a matter of days. The boring insects ‘bore’ holes in a tree that looks much like a small drill operator has been practicing his art on the trunks of trees. These insects will feast on the interior of the trunk and their boreholes will eventually lead to canker disease and death of the tree.
  • Diseased Trees: From diseases that affect only the tree’s root system, leaving the tree unable to absorb nutrients to those diseases affecting only the stems and leaves. The sometimes harsh conditions here in Leander play a role in those diseases that will kill the healthiest tree in less than one season.
  • Soils: A healthy tree begins with the roots and goes up from there, literally. The soil in the greater Leander area is not the best soil for growing and maintaining trees. Runoff from construction sites is partly to blame for this soil condition and new provisions in the City of Leander’s Street Tree Ordinance make it in a construction firm’s best interest to follow up and replant as many trees as possible when several are destroyed due to construction progress.

These common issues that affect the trees of Leander are pretty much in line with other metropolitan areas and other city’s trees. When cities such as Leander adopt laws at the city level regarding their trees, it simply shows the population of the town that there’s genuine care for trees in the city. 

Let’s look at how the City of Leander provides its citizens with assistance when they have tree issues.

Does the City of Leander Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Leander is like any other city that takes its trees seriously. They have tree ordinances in place to protect, preserve, and provide for the general well-being of the Leander Urban Canopy. The City of Leander has also posted this very detailed set of instructions on the city’s main webpage concerning the picking up of tree limbs and other types of brush that the citizens of Leander may encounter. This is taken directly from the city’s main webpage:

“02/22/2021 (3 p.m.) — In an effort to assist residents with removal of brush debris from recent weather storm events, City of Leander Parks & Recreation is providing brush drop-off locations at Devine Lake Park and at Lakewood Park starting Tuesday, Feb. 23, and continuing through Sunday, Feb. 28. City staff will be onsite to assist at each location from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m each day.”

“Brush drop-off locations, Feb. 23-28 (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.):


  • Drop-off times limited from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. No after-hours drop-off allowed
  • Brush only. No construction materials, lumber, or fencing allowed
  • Trailers allowed. But no commercial quantities or commercial dumping allowed
  • Please trim branches, if possible, prior to drop off. No on-site trimming allowed
  • Tree trunks/branches more than 8 in. in diameter should be reduced to 4-ft. lengths
  • Please practice COVID-19 distance/mask protocols while dropping off

Brush pickup included with regular trash service

Clawson Disposal resumed trash and recycling collections for Leander customers on Monday, Feb. 22. Tree branch and brush pickup are also available on your pickup day, but branches must be cut down into 3 to 4-foot lengths and grouped in bundles of 40 pounds or fewer. Up to five additional bundles or bags of trash may be left next to your container on your designated pickup day. Please be patient as pickup volumes may be higher than normal.”

It is nice when the city that you live in not only picks up your tree limbs and brush free of charge, but also offers various places throughout the town to drop it off if it happens to fall on a day that isn’t your pick-up day!

These types of services aren’t unique to Leander. Cities across the nation, particularly those ‘Tree City USA’ cities usually do offer to pick your tree limbs and brush as a courtesy. That being said, not many also offer additional drop-off locations available every day.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Leander?

Few things in life can destroy a relationship with your neighbor like a tree issue can. We get it. There is a tree down, and you think he or she should foot the bill for its removal. It doesn’t matter what city or state you are in, these are real issues that have been settled; in some cases, by state Supreme Courts! 

Here’s a thought… Before you get that chainsaw out and sever a relationship with your neighbor that you have grown to be quite fond of, brush up on a bit of the law in the State of Texas concerning this issue. The laws are self-explanatory and might just save you an additional court date for other public violations you have incurred as a result of the tree issue.

Let’s examine some of those laws and these following scenarios.

If you’re a homeowner?

Most of the laws concerning this issue simply state that if the root ball/system of the tree is on your property, you are responsible for its removal when in doubt. Your property, your tree. My property, my tree. City property, city tree. See the trend developing here? That is all fine and good until you throw the word easement into the mix. This is where simple problems become court cases.

Easements are areas of your property that are used by another person for a specific reason. In the state of Texas, the air above the easement also qualifies as easement unless a tree or tree limbs invade that easement. If this happens, and the person decides that this tree has limbs hanging over on my property, they have every right to trim or cut them back. If that trim or cut results in the untimely death of your tree, you get to foot the bill for its removal. We didn’t make that up, it’s Texas State Law.

If you’re a renter?

Same situation but you rent. The tree in the backyard is blocking your view, sunlight, or other natural commodities that would require its removal. If the tree can be trimmed to regain your view, sunlight, or whatever in question, go ahead. You have every right under Texas State Law regarding easement protection.

Now if you rent, and for whatever reason, you do not like a tree and want it removed, hash it out with your landlord or property owner and remove it. Otherwise, get used to it!

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords and renters must come to an agreement. If you are the landlord, you have the right to say no regarding your tree removal issues, but If those trees on your property have been posing a threat and need to come down anyway, and your renter has brought up the issue, tell them to proceed, and they will have to pay for it. Or, maybe you can pay half and have your problem trees removed without further incident.

If you’re a neighbor?

Neighbors and trees, court dates and expenses… over a tree. Read the laws, be an adult, keep the lines of communication open, and call Tree Triage in to take care of the removal quickly and affordably!

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Leander?

We mentioned in the first section of this guide about how the soil plays into the health and well-being of the tree. Leander’s city government does a very good job in maintaining those trees that fall into the “City Trees of Leander”. Both Texas and Texas A&M have very important roles in promoting Texan soil. Both of these Universities have excellent resources for you to use and will be able to process your soil sample and give you results a lot quicker than most co-ops do.

We have not seen a lot of damage to trees from soil issues, but then again, there are times when the soil becomes contaminated and isn’t fit for growing anything. Keep testing your soil, keep a routine and check it regularly, and provide your soil with what it needs. These people that are in business to test soil quality should also be very helpful in getting it back to full speed.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Leander?

Leander, Texas is located in the heart of Texas, about an hour or so northeast of Austin. This makes Leander all the more intense as this is ‘Tornado Alley’. The location of Leander on a map puts it also in the right place where the developing weather pattern from the Pacific and the Pacific North-west (the fact that there aren’t as many recorded storms with significant damage reported on the Leander website). We have also seen patterns develop. When we get a lot of those long summer day and night thunderstorms, it is a challenge on a grand scale that we have to work on to restore the city.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Leander?

If you see a dead tree that has begun to fall to the ground in pieces, and this tree is about to get tangled up in the power lines, use this handy link to a webpage that will cover all tree issues with the citizens of Leander. The tree trimming division of PEC Electrical will come out to investigate your problem tree and get your yard and your home back to the nice cool and comfortable status that it once was!

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Leander?

When a natural disaster comes along and pretty much takes everything that you have worked so hard for in the blink of an eye, how do you deal with that? The only thing worse than having your home invaded by a very large oak tree is paying the bill to have the tree removed. We always see a large increase in our monthly bottom line when we have several of these types of situations. So, for the purpose of this next section, let’s look into just how much this tree may cost you.

These figures are the average low, high, and average prices paid for tree removal right here in Leander.

  • Average low cost for tree removal in Leander, TX: $490
  • Average high cost for tree removal in Leander, TX: $627
  • Average price paid for tree removal in Leander, TX: $543

These figures will give you a good idea about what to expect when we come and remove your tree(s, but note that the total can reach up to around $2,000 in some cases. Now, let’s enhance those numbers a bit and look into some circumstances that might cause your price to go up.

Just How Big is Your Tree?

Those above figures were based on removing a fully developed medium-sized oak tree with its highest branch being under 45 feet tall. If you have one of those big ol’ granddaddy oaks (95 feet tall), it will cost significantly more.

How Much (if any) Damage Has Been Done to Your Property?

Obviously, this would be referring to a tree that has crashed through the center of your home like a hot knife through butter. Only, there is nothing sweet about this situation at all! Also, be sure to check with your homeowners’ insurance carrier, there may or may not be some funds set aside for something such as this. 

Is The Tree Down Already?

Is your tree removal project going to be a simple matter of cutting up the larger pieces and then loading and hauling them away? Perhaps your tree is dead but still standing and both you and your landlord have decided to pay for its removal. This tree is going to need cutting and bringing it down in small controlled sections. Our goal is to get that tree gone as quickly as possible.


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