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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Odessa?

Odessa’s tree population includes redbuds, ocotillo, Mexican buckeye, elms, palms, oaks, and pistachios that thrive in the climate of the Panhandle. While some of them are ornamental and difficult to grow, others are hardy and withstand the weather and heat. However, all are susceptible to the damaging effects of drought, cankers, and insect infestations. Fungi, like the Diplodia Pinea, are also causing problems to pine trees after extensive rains and hail storms. Excessive stresses allow the fungi to take hold and grow rapidly. The breezes allow the spores to spread to other pines, increasing the problem.

Does the City of Odessa Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The city of Odessa does not provide financial assistance to remove hazardous or dead trees from private property. Insurances may cover the removal of a tree depending on contract terms, the health of the tree, and the hazard it poses. Electric companies can be notified if the tree is within the right-of-way of a line for pruning and, sometimes, removal. In the case of a natural disaster, like a tornado or hail storm, insurances and FEMA may be able to help.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Odessa?

Neighbors should strive to solve issues dealing with trees and other property line disputes without involving lawyers and courts. However, there are guidelines to assist with disputes. Texas has a self-service law that covers most of the questions regarding tree care and fallen trees. Guidelines and suggestions are set from previous cases brought to the court regarding the topics. From encroaching limbs to fallen trees, there is a responsible party for each disaster.

If you are a homeowner?

Homeowners are responsible for the health of all the vegetation, the well-being of animals, and the structures on the land. This includes trees. An annual inspection of the trees by our arborists can assist with tree pruning, growth, and help prevent or eliminate new hazards. Trees that fall are the sole responsibility of the homeowner if they are within the property lines. Trees that cross property lines and are in good health are the respective property owner’s responsibility.

If you are a renter?

Renters are responsible for the maintenance of the home and repair of damages that are caused by use, family, or friends. Unless specified in the contract, the renter is not responsible for the landscaping. Conditions may be agreed upon for the care of the lawn and pruning of the trees, but in order for a fallen tree to be the financial responsibility of the renter, it has to be specified in the contract. Renters can cover their belongings with renter’s insurance and flood insurance so that their possessions can be replaced.

If you are a landlord?

Landlords have the same rights and responsibilities as homeowners. Depending on the contract and rental property, the landscaping maintenance may or may not be the landlords’ responsibility. The financial responsibility of a fallen tree falls on the landlords’ shoulders unless the terms are specified in the contract. However, if the case should be that the renter is neglecting the responsibility of the landscaping, it falls back to the landlord to maintain the health and well-being of the vegetation to properly conform to ordinances.

If you are a neighbor?

Trees that grow tall and large can encroach on the property line and pose a hazard to structures, vehicles, and underground pipes on the neighbor’s property. Your neighbor may be responsible for the tree’s care, but you, as the neighbor, have the right to professionally prune limbs and roots that endanger your property. If a healthy tree or limb should fall and damage the structures or vehicles, it is the property owner’s responsibility to remove the portion of the tree on their property and contact the appropriate insurances for coverage options. Proof of neglect or malicious intent is necessary to hold the owner liable for the damages caused by their tree. Permits may be necessary to trim certain species of trees, but we are aware of the permitting needs and process and can handle it for you.

Before planting, consult our arborists for the best species, location, and soil treatments to aid your favorite tree to thrive. Annual inspections from our team can prevent damages from becoming deadly and aid in treating the soils for the perfect nutrient balance and pH levels. Taking care of the trees on your property is not only your responsibility but also the best way to reduce energy bills and help in soil retention.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Odessa?

Odessa’s soils are mainly sandy loams that are best for growing grasses for ranching. The well-draining soils do not hold enough moisture within the ground for trees to thrive outside city limits where fewer trees are maintained. Mesquite trees grow well in the heat and dry soils. Large sections of hard limestone or gypsum prevent the trees from burrowing deep enough to anchor well. While the land is well-suited for growing several types of grasses, trees do not thrive well without constant and consistent care.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Odessa?

Odessa is a semi-arid region with little rainfall. Tornados and hailstorms torture trees and cause damages that introduce fungi and insects into the wood. Droughts are more frequent than flooding, though the overabundance of rain can cause disastrous flooding to occur. Excessive rain can loosen the trees’ hold in the soil and cause the tree to fall. Hardy trees that are maintained and whose downward growth is unimpeded can thrive and reach great heights. Trees are usually pruned in the winter months to prevent pest transference and reduce the likelihood of woodpiles catching fire. The temperatures can get over 100 degrees during the summer, and vegetation that isn’t suited to high temperatures will not thrive in the increased stress.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Odessa?

Never prune or climb a tree that has a power line running through it. Trees can conduct electricity and lines can arch power up to 10 feet away. Amigo Energy is one of the multiple companies that will maintain the lines between poles, pruning or removing trees that pose a hazard to the main lines. Lines that run to homes are the homeowners’ responsibilities to maintain and professional assistance from our team is necessary to prune or remove the trees without endangering lives.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Odessa?

Proper maintenance of a tree will cost less in the long run than a neglected tree that falls. The average cost of tree removal in Odessa is $700, and most jobs fall between $190 and $2,200. Several factors can increase the cost of the service including distance from usable roads or drives, tree health and size, permits, and any additional services requested.

Additional Services

Before signing the work agreement, ensure everything you desire is included in our contract. Basic services typically do not include stump removal. Stump grinding can cost as much as $300. Covering of the stump’s hole is also extra, and the cost will vary depending on the extent of the coverage. Be sure to request treatments for roots to prevent future growth. Limb chipping for mulch or ease of removal is also extra in most cases. Cutting the wood into a firewood-usable size is extra and may require more of our crew members and equipment to complete.

Safety, Equipment, and Permits

Any work done near structures or lines requires two things: special equipment and specialists. Both have their own unique cost added to the final bill. As safety is of the utmost importance when removing a tree, delays may be endured for the electric company or cable company to assess their lines. Equipment–from a machete to crane–must be cleaned and maintained once the job is complete, and their individual fees will be added to the bill. In some cases, trees are protected by the city, and permits are necessary to prune or remove the tree. These are not usually very expensive but are time-consuming for us to obtain.

Tree Health and Size

While the size of the tree matters a great deal, the health of the tree can pose the most hazardous of situations. Dead or damaged trees may cause problems and reduce the safety of our climber cutting and lowering the pieces. Damaged or dead trees are usually very dry and can heat up quickly, causing a fire hazard. Not only that, but they can also break apart unexpectedly. Larger trees take more time to bring down and are more work. The trunk is only allowed to be broken up into five-foot sections and lowered to the ground. Each limb must be trimmed sectionally, as well, before the trunk is cut. A very large tree can cost as much as $2,200 to remove, not including any additional services. Multiple trees increase the cost, though we typically will discount additional trees.


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