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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Round Rock?

Located north of Austin in Central Texas, Round Rock is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. Brushy Creek was one of the sites for low-water wagon crossings in the 19th century, and evidence of inhabitants from the Ice Age has been found in Round Rock. The weather in the area does cause problems for trees, as well as the rapid growth and development of the city.

  • Weather: Located in Tornado Alley, Round Rock sees a high number of tornados and severe thunderstorms throughout the year. In addition, the area is prone to droughts, and as such, has water usage restrictions year-round, with more severe restrictions during a drought.
  • Protected Trees: A tree can be designated as protected based on size, species, as well as its importance or uniqueness. Trees with a diameter of more than eight inches are considered a protected tree, with the exception of some species, such as Texas Common Cedar and Honey Mesquite. Monarch trees are designated by the city council and are generally very large trees. Some monarch trees include the Post Oak tree with a diameter of 24 inches or more, the Magnolia tree with a diameter of 14 inches or more, and the Pecan tree with a diameter of 34 inches or more.  

Does the City of Round Rock Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

In most situations, the City of Round Rock does not provide assistance for the removal of trees on private property. In fact, the city specifically states that property owners are responsible for the cleanup of any storm-related damage. Trees that are considered hazardous, such as trees that are near power lines or blocking public roads, are generally taken care of by either the city or the utility company. Homeowners are encouraged to properly maintain their trees to reduce any potential damage from severe storms. The city does offer curbside pickup for brush and other tree debris, as well as the Brush Recycling Center.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Round Rock?

When trees fall and require removal, determining who is responsible for that task can be complicated. If a tree falls due to a storm, is the city responsible? If your tree falls into your neighbor’s yard or the street, are you or your neighbor (or the city) responsible? If you are renting your home and a tree falls, is your landlord responsible or are you? What if it is considered a shared tree because it is planted on the property line? Let’s take a look.

If you’re a homeowner?

For trees that fall into your yard, removal and cleanup are almost always your responsibility. If one of your trees falls onto the street, it is often your responsibility unless it is blocking the street. However, it is still your responsibility to notify the city. If there was an existing problem that caused the tree to fall, that you neglected to take care of, you will be responsible for removal regardless of where it falls. Additionally, most homeowner’s policies will not pay for removal or any damage in this case. A tree that falls into your neighbor’s yard might not be your responsibility unless you caused the tree to fall, but it is always a good idea to offer to help your neighbors.

If you’re a renter?

As a renter, unless your rental agreement assigns responsibility to you, it is generally not your responsibility to remove a fallen tree. Oftentimes, your renters’ insurance will cover most of the costs related to any damage that is caused by a tree falling. It is important to call your landlord right away if a tree falls on your house or anywhere else. If you did something that caused the tree to fall, be prepared for your landlord to request that you pay for the damages and/or removal of the tree. And in this situation, your renter’s insurance is not likely to pay for any damages.

If you’re a landlord?

Since you are the owner of the property, you are generally responsible for removing any fallen trees, unless the rental agreement states otherwise. Either way, you should promptly communicate with your renter to assess the damage and facilitate removal. However, if you are able to determine and prove that your renter did something that caused the tree to fall, it is completely reasonable to require the renter to pay for the removal of the tree and any damages that were caused.

If you’re a neighbor?

Even if it is not your tree, if it falls into your yard, it is still usually your responsibility to have the tree removed unless you are able to show that your neighbor knew about an existing problem and refused to address it. Most of the time, your homeowner’s policy will pay for any damages, as well as any cost associated with removal minus a deductible if you have one. If you have concerns about any trees on your neighbor’s property or any trees that could be considered shared trees, it is a good idea to try and discuss them with your neighbor before anything happens. However, unless the tree is dangerous, your neighbor is not required to remove it if they choose not to. If it is a shared tree, you are usually able to prune or trim branches on your property, but removal usually requires permission from both you and your neighbor.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Round Rock?

The soil in Round Rock is mostly composed of well-drained gravelly and loamy soils, particularly very gravelly clay loam. The soil is formed in soft marine chalk, and there is only a very thin layer of soil over chalk. This type of soil does not retain nutrients very well and dries out very quickly. It is difficult for non-drought tolerant plants and trees to grow and flourish with this type of soil.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Round Rock?

In addition to being located in the very drought-prone Central Texas area, Round Rock also has a storm season that lasts from March through November. During this time, there are often severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, and while actual hurricanes are less common, the area is still affected by the Atlantic hurricane season, and none of these extreme weather events are beneficial for trees.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Round Rock?

Trees that are near or have fallen on power lines are very dangerous, and you should not try to remove them on your own. Round Rock sees severe thunderstorms and tornadoes every year, so, unfortunately, trees and tree branches falling on power lines is common. According to Oncor, which provides energy services to Round Rock, as well as other areas of Texas, they monitor and maintain trees near power lines, performing preventive pruning and removal of trees across downed power lines. They also provide information on how to best plant and prune trees so the risk of falling across a power line is lower.  

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Round Rock?

In general, there are not any set prices when dealing with tree removal because the cost is usually dependent on multiple factors. In Round Rock, on average, it can cost between $491 and $669 to remove a tree but prices can exceed $1,500 in some cases. Your homeowner’s insurance may cover some or all of the cost minus a deductible, depending on why the tree is being removed. You also need a permit for some tree removals, particularly if the tree is considered a protected tree, which adds to the cost of removal. Our arborists and tree trimmers will know if your tree is a protected tree and requires a permit, and will know how to easily obtain it.


Trees that are bigger, both in terms of height and width, require more time and resources to remove. Because of this, the bigger the tree is, the more expensive it is to remove it. Our tree trimmers typically employ a top-down method of cutting down taller trees, as this is by far the safest method to use. This method involves, as you might guess based on the name, cutting sections of the tree starting at the top. While this is definitely the safest method for tall trees, it also requires multiple people and is not a quick process. On average, a 20-foot tree might cost around $169 to remove, while an 80-foot tree can cost around $1,590 to remove. 


Where your tree is located and what is located near it can both affect the cost of tree removal. If you live in a particularly crowded neighborhood, the cost to remove a tree will be higher. Additionally, if the tree is near power lines or a crane has to be used to remove the tree, the cost will also increase. Even if you don’t have neighbors or other buildings nearby, if it is difficult for one of our tree trimmers or arborists to reach your property, this can potentially increase the costs, as well.

Protected Trees

Protected trees, depending on why they were designated as protected, can be difficult to remove. Monarch trees, for example, are almost impossible to remove unless the city council removes its designation as a monarch tree. You are not only required to have a permit to trim or remove these trees, but your application also must have a tree replacement plan prior to being approved. Even if the tree is dead, if it was designated as a protected tree while it was alive, you are required to have the city forestry manager confirm that the tree is in fact dead. If you do remove any of these trees without a permit, unless it was an emergency situation, such as after a tornado, the penalties can be expensive. In addition to a fine, you will generally be required to replace the tree.


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