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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Danville?

Danville, Virginia is a lovely city in the middle of the commonwealth that borders North Carolina. It’s home to about 40,000 people, and it’s full of great eats, unique breweries, and several fascinating museums. Within the greater Danville area, there are several parks and hiking trails, and we are lucky to have a ton of natural beauty in and around our city. We believe it’s important for everyone to be aware of some common tree diseases that we deal with regularly so that we can all work together to preserve natural the beauty of our home. Three of the most common tree diseases we see are dogwood anthracnose, root rot, and oak wilt. 

Dogwood Anthracnose

Dogwood anthracnose is a highly problematic fungal disease that affects many types of flowering dogwood trees. This fungus was accidentally introduced to North America in the 1970s, and our trees have no natural defenses against it. The first signs of dogwood anthracnose show up on the leaves as tan spots surrounded by a purple ring or margin. These spots usually start small and often increase in size until the whole leaf appears scorched. 

Once the fungus is introduced to a tree, it can spread quickly from the leaves to the twigs and branches, leading to cankers. If a tree sustains multiple cankers, it can die from its injuries or because of a weakened immune system. Fungicides can help a tree shortly after its infection begins, they cannot get rid of infections once they take place. 

Removing infected twigs and leaves, including those that fall in autumn, can help slow the spread of this disease to the rest of the tree and others on your property. 

Root Rot

Root rot is a problematic fungal disease that harms trees all over the country, and Virginia is no exception. Root rot is most common in areas with poorly draining soil, as the fungus that causes it thrives in warm and moist environments. When forests get heavy rainfall over prolonged periods, the risk of root rot increases substantially. When a tree’s roots become saturated in stagnant water underground, fungus often takes hold and doesn’t let go.

It is possible to save trees and plants that have become infected with root rot, but it’s hard to catch the infection in a timely manner because most early symptoms are only visible underground. Above-ground symptoms include stunted growth, decaying branches, and small or wilted leaves, but those are common symptoms of many other tree conditions as well. 

If you have a tree that has to be removed due to root rot, avoid planting another tree or plant in its place until the soil has been inspected by a professional. Failing to do so will set up the new plant to succumb to the same disease as the previous one.

Oak Wilt

The third tree disease on this list, oak wilt, is also caused by a fungus, and some types of oak trees are much more susceptible to it than others. Red oaks, for example, can die within weeks of infection, while white oaks can last months or even years. The fungus that causes oak wilt interferes with the tree’s ability to circulate water and nutrients throughout its trunk and branches, and leaf wilt toward the top of the tree is often the first sign. 

The fungus also grows underneath the bark and produces large fungal clusters known as mats. When these mats grow, they put pressure on the outer bark, and cause the bark to crack or burst, leaving behind a nasty canker. Oak wilt doesn’t typically attack trees that are perfectly strong and healthy, instead preferring to find hosts that are already stressed or weakened by other diseases, injuries, or drought.

The best way to prevent this disease from killing your trees is by calling in our experts to perform routine preventative maintenance that keeps them healthy and stress-free. 

Does the City of Danville Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Danville regularly trims and removes problematic trees on public property, and they also handle snow removal, loose-leaf collection, and rights of way mowing. The City also collects yard waste from residents weekly, on the same day that their garbage is collected. This includes branches, grass clippings, leaves, and other compostable yard waste, but branches cannot be more than 4 feet long or 12 inches in diameter. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Danville?

Nobody likes dealing with a fallen tree, and the situation gets even less pleasant when arguments break out about who is responsible for having it removed. There are a few rules of thumb that apply in most situations, however. 

If you’re a homeowner?

Those who own their property also own the trees on their land, meaning that it is their responsibility to regularly prune their trees and clean them up when they fall. Routine maintenance can keep trees healthy and reduce the odds that they will fall due to high winds or storms. 

If you’re a renter?

Renters usually don’t have to worry about getting a fallen tree cleaned up, as that responsibility normally goes to the property owner instead. This is true unless your rental agreement states otherwise. 

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords have a legal obligation to keep their rental homes well-maintained and free from hazards. As such, they are expected to keep their trees in good condition and get them cleaned up after they fall promptly unless the rental agreement states that the renter is responsible instead. 

If you’re a neighbor?

We always recommend that neighbors discuss fallen tree scenarios ahead of time to try to come to an agreement and avoid disputes, as it often feels unfair that the person whose yard a tree ends up on has to foot the bill. Some neighbors agree to split the cost of tree maintenance and removal on trees that sit near property lines. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Danville?

Our soil generally tends to be excellent for preserving the health of trees; in many regions of the state, it is nutrient-rich and drains well. Soils with a proper concentration of clay absorb moisture and hold onto it, allowing trees to get adequate amounts of water from the soil. Soils with too much clay, however, can keep roots too moist, leading to root rot and other fungal diseases. 

The only way to know your yard’s soil composition for sure is to have a soil test done. Soil tests provide you with a comprehensive analysis and report about the quality, nutrient content, pH, and so much more about your soil, allowing you to take proper measures to restore it to its former glory. Some soil interventions may include adding organic matter to add more oxygen and nutrients, or it may involve adding lime to neutralize excess acidity. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Danville?

We tend to get a few more inches of rain per year than the national average, but we also get more sunshine. Our winters are cool but mild, and our summers are hot and humid. All of these factors help trees grow and thrive, but they are also conducive to fungus and bacteria growth, which can become problematic for the health of your trees. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Danville?

Danville Utilities trims tree branches away from main power lines on a rotating basis to prevent power outages and tree-related hazards. Property owners are responsible for keeping their trees trimmed back, away from the power lines that connect directly to their homes. You can request to have your power disconnected while you prune the branches yourselves or bring in a contractor like Tree Triage to do that for you to prevent safety concerns. 

If you see a tree that is touching power lines or has knocked them over, please contact Danville Utilities using their 24-hour electric emergency number at (434) 773-8300. Trees can conduct high voltages of electricity, and it’s dangerous to get too close to a tree that is in contact with a power line. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Danville?

Most people in Danville can expect to pay around $550 to have a tree removed, but your final bill may be much higher (up to around $2,000) or lower (as low as $150 in some cases) than that depending upon your unique set of circumstances. When we calculate tree removal costs, the three most important factors we take into account include the size of the tree, the location of the tree, and whether we are asked to provide other services. 

Tree Size

Small trees and shrubs can usually be removed in as little as a couple of hours and with few of our staff members. Larger trees, like mighty oaks or elms, that are several stories high and several feet wide are a much larger undertaking. These projects can take all day, or even multiple days, and we may need to enlist the help of more staff members to complete the job safely. In general, the larger the tree you need to be removed, the larger your final bill will be. 

Tree Location

Trees that are out in the middle of a field are relatively easy for us to remove because we don’t have to worry about them crashing down on homes or cars. On the other hand, trees that are in hard-to-reach locations will require us to use more complicated techniques and specialized equipment to take the tree down without causing property damage. In these cases, you’ll pay a bit more, but that cost is nothing compared to the repairs your house would need if a giant limb came crashing down. 

Other Services Provided

After we remove trees that have died from diseases or pests, we usually recommend that you allow us to take preventative measures for the other trees in your yard, so they don’t catch the same disease and meet the same fate. These extra services will also be a bit more upfront, but they may save you thousands if they mean that you don’t have to remove more trees.


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