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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Clarksburg?

The lumber industry maintains large swaths of forests around Clarksburg. The continued growth of hardwoods like red maple, sugar maple, black birch, and oaks foretells a great future for the forest. The increase in biomass had changed the structure of the trees and decreased usable timber trees. Up to 20% of the trees in the area are showing signs of decay and damage from cankers, root rots, and other fungal infections. Pests like the hemlock woolly adelgid and the emerald ash borer are damaging and killing trees.

Does the City of Clarksburg Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

There is no city-wide program that can assist with the removal of the fallen trees on private property. Damages from a healthy fallen tree can be covered by homeowner’s insurance. Damages from weather-related events including hurricanes, droughts, and flooding can be covered by insurance. FEMA may be of some assistance after a natural disaster.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal in Clarksburg?

Fallen trees are a homeowner’s nightmare but what if the tree is not yours? Hopefully, in times like these, neighbors can come together to help each other out and agree on how to handle the situation. There are a few guidelines that assist when assigning responsibility and financial duties.

If you are a homeowner?

Owners of property are encouraged to have trees that provide ample canopy cover. Doing so decreases energy usage and aids in keeping the home cool. Shade trees provide a great cover for outdoor fun. When a tree falls, its health before the fall will be the main concern. Well-maintained trees that fall do not pose a liability problem for the homeowner. Neglected trees that should have been treated, pruned, or removed prior to the fall could have some legal repercussions. Insurance companies can, after considering several factors, assist with the funding of the removal of a hazardous or fallen tree.

If you are a renter?

Depending on the terms of the contract, a renter’s obligation is to maintain the inside of the home and repair damages caused by their presence. Most contracts do not have an outside responsibility stipulation. If the contract does specifically state the trees and other vegetation are within the responsibilities of the renter, then a fallen tree can be their financial responsibility. Renters should always carry renters’ insurance and flood insurance to protect their assets.

If you are a landlord?

Landlords carry the same rights and responsibilities as homeowners. Ordinances and permitting processes are the same. With no renter on the property, they have the responsibility to remove and repair the damage from a fallen tree. With a renter in residence, depending on contract terms, it is their responsibility to repair the damages. Removal of a tree can be the renter, landlord, or both, but the contract must be specific, or the removal reverts to the landlord.

If you are a neighbor?

Neighbors have the right to monitor tree limbs, roots, and health to determine if they will pose a problem to their property. Limbs and roots can be professionally trimmed back to the property line, so long as it does not harm the tree. Unhealthy trees can be hazards when storms blow through, and any damages caused by an unhealthy tree could be the owner’s responsibility. The best thing to do is obtain physical proof the tree was unhealthy and provide your insurance company with it. They are best equipped to determine if the other homeowner is responsible for the damages financially.

Protect your property by obtaining an annual inspection of the trees on the property. Our trained arborists can determine if the trees need fertilizer, pest treatments, or pruning. Catching a problem before it becomes a hazard can save money in the long run.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Clarksburg?

Clarksburg has a mixture of rocky shale and sandstone soils. Yet the area is well suited to farming. Orchard growth, especially apples, is encouraged as trees do well in well-draining grounds. The area allows for tree roots to grow deep and reach hidden reserves of water when in a drought. Nutrients in the forests have encouraged the continued growth of the trees. The natural nutrients in the soil are enhanced by the decay of the forest’s debris. This aids new saplings to grow strong roots.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Clarksburg?

Clarksburg’s climate is relatively mild with warm summers and cool winters. Winter dips below freezing between November to March and has large amounts of snow. While the cold and snow help the trees go dormant and conserve energy for growth, it can also lead to limb damage in weak spots. Some pest infestations are treatable during the winter, and spring would bring a healthier tree. The heat at the end of summer can pose a problem because of the lack of rainfall. Natural disasters like hurricanes, wind storms, droughts, and flooding can pose a large threat to trees. Not only can events uproot trees, but they can cause damages that can introduce chances of infestation or infection. 

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Clarksburg?

Trees are one of the leading causes of power outages, and their presence near lines should be carefully monitored. Never climb or prune a tree with an electric wire running through it. Trees can be conductors. Experts in pruning or removing trees near lines — like Tree Triage — are hired by the FirstEnergy Company to maintain the lines right of way. Trees are monitored and pruned when they pose a hazard to the lines between poles. However, the lines that run into a home are not monitored by the electric company and are therefore the responsibility of the homeowner to hire a professional like us to tend to.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Clarksburg?

Removing a tree from a property can occur for many reasons. Fallen trees, diseased, damaged, or new buildings are some reasons. Insurance companies may assist with the removal of a hazardous tree, depending on the policy. They will not cover the removal of a tree for aesthetics. The average price to remove a tree in Clarksburg is $719. Several factors add to the final bill including the tree’s size, ordinances, permits, hazards, and additional services. There are over 1,600 trees for every person in West Virginia but that includes species of endangered trees that have major restrictions on their pruning and removal.

Legal Matters

Ordinances and permits guide the hands of those who care for trees in Clarksburg. West Virginia has protected trees like the Betula Uber, a round leaf birch, and has placed restrictions on its existence. Permits are required to prune or remove trees that are not posing a hazard to the property. Our arborists understand Clarksburg’s ordinances and the endangered species of the state can obtain the proper permits within a reasonable amount of time. The cost for the permit will depend on the tree and the work being done.

Job Size

The size of the tree matters the most right up there with how many trees need to be removed. Prices increase with every section of 5 feet over 25 feet as the tree must be climbed and cut into pieces to bring it down. Multiple trees add to the bill, though there may be a discount available. Some trees may be large enough to sell for lumber and will decrease the cost of removal.

Prices increase when difficulties arise. Structural proximity and utility lines require more of our crew members, specialists, and extra equipment. Each piece of equipment has its own maintenance cost and cost of running that is factored into the bill. Cranes and other heavy equipment will likely cost more. The distance from the tree to a usable street or drive will also affect the price. Our crew members may have to run heavy lifting equipment to remove the wood from the property.

Additional Services

Basic services do not always cover the stumps, firewood cords, or growth suppressants. These will come as an extra cost that can range between $75 to well over $300. Stump grinding is usually not included. Remember to ask us about treatments to prevent future growth from the remaining roots. Limbs are usually cut into sections and removed, but chipping them is an extra cost. Chipping can create mulch for gardens. Some may desire for the healthy trees to be cut into firewood cords and stacked neatly. This will come as an extra cost and is usually done at the end of the job.


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