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What Are The Most Common Tree Issues In Ellijay?

Driving through Ellijay, you’ll spot loblolly pines, spruce pines, sugar maples, and basket oaks. There are dozens of species of native trees growing in and around Ellijay. When it’s time to remove one of these trees, it’s most often due to one of these three reasons: 

  • A storm damaged it. Ellijay experiences a variety of extreme weather. We get thunderstorms, severe winds, flooding, and even the occasional heavy snow. All this weather can be a detriment to our tree population. Tree damage after a storm can range from a few stripped branches to an entire tree falling over. Dealing with tree damage in the aftermath of a storm is essential. It can protect other nearby trees, reduce the risk to your safety, and prevent the tree from dying. Sometimes, though, trees are so severely damaged by a storm that it becomes necessary to remove them. 
  • Pests or diseases infest it. Many invasive pests and diseases can harm the trees on your Ellijay property. These include the Ambrosia beetle, which attacks already damaged trees. Armillaria Root Rot is a fungus that produces mushrooms at the tree base, eventually depleting necessary resources. If you catch these conditions early, our arborists may treat the tree and save it. Sometimes, though, the best course is to remove the tree and prevent the spread of pests and disease to other trees. 
  • They are growing too close to structures. You don’t want trees growing too close to your home, garage, or outbuildings. Not only is this a fire hazard, but it could also be dangerous. Trees can unexpectedly drop large branches, which could damage your structure or even strike your family or pets. You’ll want to make sure you clear away any trees that start growing too close to your home.
  • They are starting to die from old age. The Gannet Popular on Bear Creek Trail is over 200 years old, but no tree lives forever. Loblolly pines live between 100 and 300 years. Basket oaks will live around 100 years. Without special equipment, though, it’s tough to know how old the trees are on your property. All you can do is watch for signs that they are reaching the end of their lifespan. Those signs include a reduction in leaf growth, bark becoming brittle, and an increasing number of limbs falling off of it. If you start to spot those signs, it may be time to remove the tree before becoming dangerous.

Does The City of Ellijay Provide Any Assistance In Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Ellijay maintains all the trees within public spaces and along the city streets. They won’t, however, help you retain any of your trees. The City will occasionally offer pickup of branches and debris after a storm. This service will be printed in the local paper or announced on the City’s social media channels.

Who Is Responsible For Fallen Tree Removal In Ellijay?

When it comes to a fallen tree, the removal is not always the property owner’s responsibility. It often comes down to the health of the tree. The state law has plenty to say on this topic, but if you have additional questions, you’ll want to consult with a property lawyer. 

If you’re a homeowner?

You are only liable for removing the tree and any damage it did when it fell if you knew the tree was diseased, damaged, or otherwise dangerous before it fell. Otherwise, the law classifies the fallen tree as an act of God. Whoever owns the property where it landed will be responsible for its removal. 

If you’re a renter?

Renters are not responsible for the trees on the property that they rent. If a tree does fall or if you have concerns about a tree on the property, you’ll want to contact your landlord. This is true for Ellijay’s many vacation rentals, as well. If you are staying in a rental property during a storm, contact the property owner or send them a message through the website you rented the property through. The property owner will need to deal with the tree. You can file a claim for any damage done to your personal property through your renters’ or vacation insurance. 

If you’re a landlord?

Landlords are responsible for the trees on their rental properties. This is true for short-term vacation rentals as well as long-term rental properties. If your tenant can demonstrate that you knew a tree on the property was a safety risk, then you might be liable for damages. This liability is another reason it’s essential to have annual inspections of the trees on your property. 

If you’re a neighbor?

If you can prove your neighbor knew the fallen tree was a danger before it fell, they may be liable for the removal as well as any damage the tree did to your property. However, this is hard to prove. If you can’t prove they had prior knowledge, then you’ll be on the hook for the removal yourself. However, you should still be able to file a claim for any damages on your homeowners’ insurance. 

How Does The Soil Affect Trees In Ellijay?

Ellijay’s nutrient-rich soil is a somewhat even mixture of sand, silt, and clay. The silt, which is essential for nutrients, is regularly replenished by flooding. The clay is excellent for moisture retention, while sand also helps ensure plenty of drainages to avoid root rot. This mixture gives the area’s trees a nice balance of nutrients, moisture, and drainage.

The soil here is pretty acidic, which trees like dogwoods, beech, oaks, and other native trees all love. If you stick with native tree species, you’ll find the soil to be an excellent medium to grow happy, healthy trees on your property. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health In Ellijay?

The weather has a significant effect on the trees in Ellijay, both good and bad. Our weather brings plenty of moisture, mainly in the form of rain, steadily throughout the year. We get plenty of sunshine, too, but it doesn’t get too hot for too long, thanks to our elevation. 

It’s not all good news, though. The weather here can become turbulent, with the risk of high winds and heavy rains throughout the year and even ice storms in the winter months. All these weather conditions can damage trees, strip off branches, or uproot healthy, fully-grown trees. You’ll want to inspect the trees on your property after every storm to make sure your trees haven’t been damaged. If they have, you’ll want to call our professionals to see if they need to be trimmed, treated, or removed.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines In Ellijay?

Amicalola Electric Membership Corporation provides electricity to Ellijay and the surrounding area. If you see a dead tree near a power line or see a tree that’s fallen on a power line during a storm, you can call them at 706-253-0359, 706-276-0359, or 706-864-0359. Do not report the situation to their social media channels, as they don’t monitor them for emergencies.

After you report the fallen or dead tree, you should stay away from the area and keep others away as well. Downed power lines may still be active, so there is a high risk of electric shock if you get too close.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Ellijay?

Every tree removal job is different. The only way to get an accurate estimate on the cost to remove a tree from your property is to have oru tree removal team come out for an inspection. However, in general, the cost of tree removal in Ellijay is around $500, with prices ranging from $100 to $2,000 in most cases. That cost will vary, though, based on a few factors:

The Size of the Tree

The bigger the tree, the more it will cost you to remove it. This goes for height as well as spread. These fees can be higher than in other parts of the country, simply because we have many tree species that grow to a soaring height. The sweet gum can reach 75 feet tall, and loblolly pines can be up to 90 feet tall. These trees can cost you closer to $2,000 to remove. Mountain laurels, which only grow to about 15 feet tall, will be at the lower end of the scale, or around $250 on average. 

Where the Tree is Located

Some trees are more complicated to remove. That’s often due to their height but also where they are on your property. If they are in a densely forested area, near power lines, or growing close to your home or garage, then they are going to be harder for our removal team to take down. That means the work will take longer and require more equipment, and you’ll see that reflected in your final bill. 

What Additional Services You Need

Our emergency tree removal services will cost you more, sometimes multiple times the cost of regular tree removal. Stump removal is often an additional service, too, which can add a few hundred dollars to the cost of your tree removal.

Don’t forget to apply for a tree removal permit for any trees over eight inches in diameter, per Ellijay city ordinances. You can apply for this permit, and the necessary survey, at the City’s Code Enforcement Department. 


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