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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Jefferson City?

Jefferson City’s landscapes are beautified by a wide range of native trees, including Pin Oaks, Silver Maples, Eastern Redbuds, and our state tree, the colorful Flowering Dogwood. Our trees help purify the air, create shelter for the City’s wildlife, and provide plenty of shade during the summer. Healthy trees can also substantially increase your Jefferson City property value, which is why they’re also a vital asset. 

Trees need regular maintenance to stay healthy and avoid the various pests and diseases that can affect them. Our location in the Ozark Highlands also comes with severe weather, including ice storms and occasional tornadoes, which can damage trees or cause them to collapse completely. Here are some of the most common tree-related issues that we help homeowners in Jefferson City resolve. 

Pests and Diseases 

Trees in Jefferson City can become infected by many bacterial or fungal infections that can weaken or even kill them. The hard part is that these pathogens are transmissible between nearby trees, often through root contact or carried by the wind. Armillaria Root Rot is one of the most severe infections, especially for oak, elm, and maple trees. This fungal illness is almost universally fatal, and the trees become extremely unstable as they rot from the inside out. Our trees are also vulnerable to invasive pests that don’t have any natural predators in the region to keep their populations in check, like the Emerald Ash Borer. This notorious, non-native pest was first spotted in Missouri in 2008 and has since spread throughout the state, including Cole County and Jefferson City. 

Many tree diseases and infections can be successfully treated with medicated sprays and injections, as long as we catch the problem in the early stages. Sometimes trimming the affected parts will be enough to remove the problem and stimulate some healthy new growth. Still, many tree pests and diseases will eventually progress to the point where the tree is frail and structurally deficient. Trees with advanced diseases are highly likely to collapse during storm conditions, which is why they should be removed sooner rather than later. 

Ice Storm Damage 

Getting your trees professionally trimmed is one of the best ways to prepare them for a harsh Missouri winter, which comes with its fair share of ice storms. Weak and overgrown limbs are at a high risk of getting blown away by strong winds or crashing from the heavy weight of the snow. A skilled arborist can help trees withstand this assault by selectively thinning out the upper part of the canopy, which reduces weight and makes the tree stronger overall. Trees get significantly damaged when their limbs are ripped off, which is why pre-emptive trimming is so necessary. An ice-covered limb can also do some severe damage if it lands on your vehicle. 

Problematic Trees 

Most of the removals we handle in Jefferson City are hazardous trees with a transmissible disease or are at risk of collapse. But there are also situations when homeowners may need to remove a perfectly healthy tree but is inadvertently causing some problems. Oak trees with aggressive root systems are a typical example of this, especially when they’re located too close to a house. Large roots are powerful enough to cause foundation damage by shifting the surrounding soil or growing into cement cracks. The roots of mature trees can extend as far as 30 feet in their search for water and nutrients, so it’s never a good idea to have them too close to a structure.

Does Jefferson City Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The answer is yes for hazardous or problematic trees located in a city park or the public right-of-way. Jefferson City has a team of arborists that manage our urban canopy, including any necessary removals. If you notice any city-owned trees showing signs of advanced disease or pest infestation, contact the JC Parks department to alert them. Suppose there are any public trees near your property that you can see that need some work, like pruning or trimming. In that case, you also have the option of hiring an arborist yourself by applying for a work permit from the City Forester.

Problematic trees located on private property in Jefferson City are the sole responsibility of the homeowner. However, you don’t need a tree removal permit for these situations, making the process very straightforward.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Jefferson City?

Extreme weather in Jefferson City will often come with some downed trees, and others left standing but very severely damaged. Trees with advanced diseases are much more likely to collapse, but even healthy trees can get knocked down by the strong winds and heavy snow. Fallen trees are an eyesore, and the decaying process also attracts woodboring pests like termites. That means getting collapsed trees removed should be a priority, but who’s considered responsible in Jefferson City? 

If You’re a Homeowner?

According to the law in Missouri, all maintenance needed by the trees on your property is your responsibility. Care can range from trimming branches that might interfere with power lines to removing structurally compromised trees that are a potential falling hazard. Dealing with collapsed trees is definitely on the list as well. The good news is your homeowner’s insurance will probably reimburse you, although some policies will only kick in if the tree causes some property damage on the way down. 

If You’re a Renter?

Many renters in Jefferson City will be asked to do some basic lawn maintenance on their rental property as part of the terms of their lease, but that’s about it. Any significant upkeep needed on the property, like fallen tree removal, will be handled by the landlord.

If You’re a Landlord?

As the owner of a rental property, you’re legally and financially responsible for taking care of fallen trees. Your homeowner’s insurance is very likely to cover both the removal and any associated damages from the tree’s collapse. 

If You’re a Neighbor?

What happens when collapsed trees fall in a way that crosses onto a neighboring property? This scenario does happen sometimes, and it can be an awkward situation for everyone involved. Healthy trees that fall during an ice storm are not considered anyone’s fault because this situation is considered “an act of God,” legally speaking. That means each homeowner, or their insurer, will have to pay to remove the tree portion that landed on their property. Collapsed trees that were visibly diseased or not in good condition are another story, and your neighbor could potentially be held liable for negligence. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Jefferson City?

Trees absorb all their water, minerals, nutrients, and oxygen from the soil, making healthy soil essential for growing healthy trees to maturity. Jefferson City has mostly the loamy soil that’s common throughout central Missouri. That means the City’s soil can hold a lot of moisture, but it can also drain well, making it easier to work with that clay-rich soil. 

While Jefferson City already has high-quality soil, there’s a lot you can do to create an optimal environment for the trees on your property. The best way to add extra nutrition is with organic soil boosters like compost, peat, or even grass cuttings from around your property. These materials help increase the microbial activity in the soil as they break down, which is great for trees and all plants on your property. You can also take advantage of the University of Missouri’s soil testing services, which analyze your soil’s nutrient content and fertility. The report also has recommendations, like whether the soil is too acidic and balanced with limestone. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Jefferson City?

Missouri’s bouts of extreme weather affect Jefferson City’s trees, especially ice storms that can begin as early in the season as in October. The springtime brings more downed trees from thunderstorms and even the occasional tornado. While trees can suffer severe damage during extreme weather, healthy and well-managed trees are very resilient. An appropriate trimming schedule and good-quality soil will go a long way towards helping your trees bounce back and flourish after an event of severe weather. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Jefferson City?

Dead trees are rotting and infested with dry wood termites, which makes them extremely unstable. Downed trees that fall on power lines are among the biggest reasons for power interruptions throughout Missouri, especially during a storm. This situation is also hazardous because high-voltage power lines are not insulated and can easily electrocute anyone nearby. 

The power lines in Jefferson City are maintained by both Ameren Missouri and Three Rivers Electric Power Cooperative, which includes trimming or removal of problematic trees. If you notice a tree near power lines that’s dead (or visibly diseased), contact one of these utility providers or call the Missouri Public Service Commission at 1-800-392-4211. 

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Jefferson City?

The cost of tree removal varies quite a bit depending on factors like the size and location of the tree. Homeowners in Jefferson City should expect to pay somewhere between $260 to $1,200, for an average of around $700 per tree. Let’s take a look at the main factors we use at Tree Triage to give you an estimate. 

Size of the Tree

The cost of cutting down a tree will correlate very closely with the tree’s height and thicknessof the tree. Taller trees will often have to be cut into sections, which requires us to climb the tree using safety rigging equipment. Bigger trees are more work-intensive to bring down and harder to dispose of once we have them on the ground. 

Location of the Tree

The logistics of specific tree removals can be tricky, which is why they may require more time, a bigger crew, or specialized equipment. Removal of isolated trees tends to cost less than trees located very close to a home, power lines, or other trees. Our biggest priority for every tree removal is making sure we don’t do any sort of damage.

Trees That Already Fell

Removal of trees that collapse during a storm, and are already completely on the ground, will cost less since we’re essentially just providing a haul-away service. The cost will still depend on both the size and accessibility of the tree, but you can expect to pay under $200 in most cases. 


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