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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Mechanicsville?

Mechanicsville tree problems range from pests to diseases, invasive trees, and harsh weather.


Pests are responsible for several tree woes. Some are species-specific, while others affect multiple trees. Emerald ash borer, beetles, beech scale are a few insects that cause devastating effects on trees in Mechanicsville. 

For instance, beech scale insects attack beech tree barks. They manifest as white tufts on the tree and can be controlled if detected early. However, once they start spreading to neighboring trees, controlling becomes increasingly difficult. Removing the infected trees becomes the only solution. 

Beetles are also destructive insects that bore into tree trunks, cutting water and nutrient flow to higher tree parts. They also help in spreading diseases, such as thousand cankers and oak diseases, among others.


Tree diseases are also common in Mechanicsville. Once they attack the trees, they weaken their immune system. Some conditions are not fatal but only ruin the aesthetic appeal of the trees. While a few may succumb to the diseases calling for removal, others are removed to prevent the spread of infections to the healthy ones. 

Common tree diseases in the area include oak wilt, powdery mildew, root rot, beech bark diseases, and thousand cankers. Most of the conditions are spread by insects, while a few, like root rot, result from weather changes. Oak wilt affects the foliage, while the beech bark scale attacks the bark, leaving it with an unsightly appearance. Thousand cankers attack walnut trees and may kill them if not detected early.

Invasive Trees

Invasive trees pose a threat to the rest of tree life. As most of them grow aggressively and are drought-resistant, they multiply fast and exhaust nutrients for other trees and vegetation. Examples of invasive trees in Mechanicsville include elms and water oak.

Harsh Weather

Most trees in Mechanicsville are weather adaptive. Dogwood, oak, pine, maple, elm, and birch do pretty well under normal weather conditions. However, adverse weather, such as hail, prolonged dry weather, and storms takes a toll on them, leaving them too weak to fight off diseases and pest infestation. 

Does the Town of Mechanicsville Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Mechanicsville has a strict tree preservation ordinance that seeks to protect the tree canopy. Removal of trees, especially street trees on the rights-of-way or private property, is prohibited unless the trees are diseased or pose a safety hazard. In this case, one must write to the authorities seeking permission to remove the trees.

The government has a program whereby it accepts debris disposal for free. However, it doesn’t take mature trees and stumps unless the limbs are between 4-12 inches in diameter or have a length of fewer than 6 feet. But even then, you’re required to pay a commercial disposal fee. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Mechanicsville?

Mechanicsville is subject to Virginia’s property line and fence laws. According to the regulations, the responsibility of removing a fallen tree applies as follows.

If you’re a homeowner?

The homeowner is responsible for the removal of their fallen trees. The only assistance comes in if the tree damages the insured property. In that case, the insurance compensation, say homeowners policy, pays for the removal cost. However, this is on the condition that the tree was well-maintained before the accident, and the owner wasn’t negligent in any way.

If you’re a renter?

Renters are not responsible for the maintenance of trees on the property. Hence, the removal of a fallen tree is the landlord’s responsibility. Sometimes, renters take renter’s insurance to protect their personal belongings. If the tree falls and damages the house and some of their belongings, both the property insurance and renters policy will take effect. But the removal costs will be taken care of by the property insurance. 

If you’re a landlord?

Like the homeowner, the landlord is responsible for removing a fallen tree on their rental property. If the tree was well-maintained but falls due to an ‘act of God’ such as a tornado, the policy should take care of the removal costs. 

If you’re a neighbor?

Fence laws grant the neighbor some self-help rights regarding trees encroaching on their property. They can trim the tree up to the boundary line. But they should exercise care so as not to sever the tree. 

Nonetheless, a fallen tree presents a different issue altogether. If the tree damages the insured property, the property insurance compensation should cater to the tree removal costs.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Mechanicsville?

Good soils promote vibrant tree health. Mechanicsville has piedmont soils, which are well-drained and good for tree growth. The soil has different variations – Cecil clay, Cecil sandy loam, and Cecil loam. Usually, sand soils are well-drained but deficient in nutrient and water retention due to their high porosity level. On the other hand, clay is a highly compacted soil that’s great in water and mineral retention. But due to its fine texture, it binds up nutrients hindering their absorption.

A combination of sandy loam provides the necessary balance to support optimal tree health. Cecil loam is also excellent with a mixture of clay 4 to 10 inches deep and slight amounts of sand at the top. Where the sand concentration is too high, organic matter such as compost is added to increase the compactness of the soil and boost its nutrient and water retention.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Mechanicsville?

The weather is a common tree threat in Mechanicsville. Though tornadoes are not prevalent, when they do occur, they cause significant harm to the trees. Hail and storms are pretty standard, with the recent hail having left a trail of damage on trees and other properties. 

Storms and strong winds wound trees. The wounds attract insects, and the tree is unable to fight due to its weak state. Once the insects launch their activities, they cut off the food supply to the stem and leaves, weakening the trees further. They also bring diseases, especially beetles that ferry disease-causing worms from infected trees to healthy ones. 

Abnormally dry weather also results in root damage. When the rain comes, the trees get infected with root rot and can be easily blown off by heavy winds and storms.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Mechanicsville?

Utility companies such as Dominion Virginia Energy are proactive in vegetation management near power lines. Dominion Energy performs routine tree maintenance every 3-4 years. Other companies such as American Electric Power Co, Ingenco, are also mandated, through the tree ordinance, to maintain trees along their lines. 

Trees near lines pose a threat to human and animal safety. They can also lead to property destruction if they fall and spark fires. However, you can prevent such accidents by reporting any dead trees near the power lines by contacting the respective power company.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Mechanicsville?

Tree removal cost in Mechanicsville depends on several factors – tree size, accessibility, tree health, project size, and so forth. Most homeowners pay between $400 and $700 to remove an average size tree. Smaller trees can cost you less than $300, while the extra-large ones can exceed $1000. Again, the cost will depend on the below factors.

Tree Size

This goes without saying, the bigger your tree size is (both in terms of height and width), the more you’re likely to pay. If you have a tall tree, say, above 70 feet, cutting it would require us either using machinery or climbing up to cut and rope down the pieces. A huge tree will also require extra time to cut down and get all the branches and debris off the site. All these factors will end up costing you more than you would pay for a smaller tree.

Location and Accessibility

Our tree removal specialists often cannot accurately give you a quote until they establish the location of the tree. This helps them in determining how complex the project is likely to be. For instance, if the tree is overhanging a building, it may require using machinery to remove it safely. Besides, the risk of causing damage to property while cutting down the tree is relatively high. In this case, the cost will be higher to cover the risk involved. 

The tree’s accessibility is equally important. We often charge you based on how easy or difficult it is to get our crew on the site. If the trees are situated in inaccessible terrain, you’re likely to pay higher and vice versa.

Tree Condition

In most cases, removing a healthy tree is more expensive than cutting down a dead or fallen tree. However, if the dead tree is near a building, you may pay more due to the increased risk involved. Removing a fallen tree also requires less effort than sawing down a healthy one unless the fallen tree is on top of a building. In the latter case, extra caution and equipment such as a bucket truck or crane are required to get the tree off the building without causing further damage. To cater to the added risk to our teams, we may charge you higher. 


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