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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Payson?

Payson is known for many types of trees growing between the settled city streets and the wild mountain ranges. Christmas trees or suitable pines grace the homes of many in Payson after they go up the mountain and cut it down themselves. Other trees that give the area its beautiful appeal include several types of Willow, Arizona Walnut, Sycamore, and Junipers. Most of the trees are higher altitude, evergreen trees that survive well in the harsh winters. They are still damaged by diseases and pests attempting to find a home (and dinner). Some of these pests include the Asian Gypsy Moth, Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle, Giant African Snail, and Imported Fire Ant among others. These insects bore into the wood or eat the foliage, leaving behind a tree that is weakened and no longer aesthetically pleasing. Some diseases can be spread by these insects including Citrus Greening. Sudden Oak Death is a widespread problem that affects several types of trees and has no known cure. Our arborists’ inspection can point out any diseases and pest infestations and give a solution to the issue.

Does the City of Payson Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Payson does, in fact, have a TREE grant system. It is a competitive, cost-sharing system that helps reimburse the funds used for the management, conservation, or improvement of community trees. Projects that are eligible for the program include tree planting for canopy reach goals, tree inventory, removal, pruning of hazardous trees, tree ordinance, and training of city volunteers. These offerings are through the Department of Forestry and Fire Management’s Urban and Community Forestry Program in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry Program. Even if the grant is not awarded, FEMA is available to disaster areas to assist with the payment of removal of fallen trees or otherwise damaged trees. FEMA only provides funds after a natural disaster.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Payson?

Should a tree fall because of an accident, death, or storm, each property owner has a responsibility to clean up and remove the tree and repair the resulting damage. Sometimes, it isn’t really clear whose responsibility it is to clean up the debris and repair the damages. Here, we look at the differences in responsibility by ownership.

If you are a homeowner?

The tree’s property owner is ultimately responsible for the health and maintenance of the trees on the property. Proper pruning and fertilizing of the trees and inspection by our certified arborists will prevent most occurrences of heavy limbs falling or diseases or infestations taking root. If a tree should fall, the portion of the tree on the property is the responsibility of the homeowner to remove and care for damages. Some insurances can help cover the cost of the tree removal and clean-up if the removal of the tree is not purely for aesthetic reasons.

If you are a renter?

A renter’s responsibility is to notify the landlord of any signs of dangerous and diseased trees among any other property damages. Renters are required (depending on the contract) to report anything that is not as it was when they signed the contract. Should the contract state otherwise, the renter must follow the instructions in the lease. Insurance coverage should be obtained for the protection of private property inside rental homes, and serious thought needs to be given to obtaining flood insurance even if the area is not a flood risk.

If you are a landlord?

A landlord is responsible for the maintenance of the rental property, depending on the contract terms. This includes hiring our certified arborists to inspect the property and recommend treatments and fertilization for the trees on the property. If a tree falls and property is damaged, it remains the responsibility of the landlord to remove the tree and repair damages. Some rental property insurances will help cover the cost of the removal and repairs if the tree removal is not for aesthetics only.

If you are a neighbor?

If a neighbor’s tree falls onto your property, the portion that is on your property will be your responsibility to remove and repair the damage. There is an exception to this rule: if the tree limbs overhanging the property line pose a threat to swimming pools or other delicate equipment by dropping leaves, the neighbor has the right to remove limbs overhanging the property line so long as it does not kill the tree. Compensation for the removal is not usually provided for this maintenance issue. Another issue that may arise is the compensation for the removal of a fallen tree that is proved to be diseased or dead before falling due to neglect of the homeowner. Insurances will typically assist in covering removal unless it is proved neglect is the cause of the fall.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Payson?

Unfortunately, the Payson area consists of somewhat poorly draining or moderately well-draining soils that are mostly silt/loam type. For larger trees, the soil provides a great base to anchor the roots, while smaller trees may find the soil harder to dig through as parts of it contain quartzite, shale, and limestone. Care is needed prior to planting new trees to determine the current pH of the soils and the nutrients to properly prepare the plot for the new addition. Our arborists will be able to help adjust the soil to better suit the type of tree being planted. As Payson is mostly alkaline in nature, the pH is the biggest barrier to the growth of the foliage and trees in the area and needs to be monitored and corrected for best results.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Payson?

As the weather changes, the view of the countryside of Payson changes with it. The white snow melts and runs off into the rivers after leaving behind soaked soils for the seeds of the spring to begin their ascent into the warmer air. Spring showers provide more necessary growing nutrients for delicate growths and continued growth and food for the larger set of trees. Summer gives the chance for the soils to air out and provide adequate sunlight for continued growth and strengthening before the colder fall showers arrive and herald the first frosts. Should a tree not be cared for and assessments made for proper soil drainage, root rot and insect infestations with fungus type diseases can be found on neglected trees. Early frosts can harm new growths and smaller trees that do not have a proper root set. With the climate trending toward cool to cold most of the year, the more hardy trees, like pines, find it easy to grow and flourish. Fruit trees unaccustomed to the lower temperatures may struggle to grow to their full potential.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Payson?

APS, Payson’s electric provider, has set forth a set of directives should a tree hinder the electric lines. They are including safety precautions in their directions, but the most notable distinction lies in where the line and tree are. As with most electrical companies, they will be responsible for trimming limbs around a line that is between their poles. However, they have made the distinction that trees interfering with lines from their pole into your home is the responsibility of the homeowner to hire a certified trimmer like Tree Triage and notify the electric company prior to the trimming, so the electricity can be turned off temporarily. Proper protocol for caring for a situation that is posing a safety hazard, such as electrical arcing or sparking, is to:

  • Stay 100 ft. away
  • Call 911 immediately and report the hazard
  • Call the APS emergency line

With trees growing tall in the area, it is sometimes necessary to remove trees for several reasons. To protect electric lines trees must be removed if they could fall and take down a line, outgrowing the safety buffer, especially going up the mountains. Other reasons include dead or diseased trees because they could either fall on the lines or they pose a significant fire hazard.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Payson?

Removing a tree from any property has multiple cost factors. These factors differ between inside the city and out in the forested areas. Some factors include permitting, type of trees, the health of the tree, height and girth, structure overhang, and if any electrical safety issues can be observed. The average cost of a tree that is 10 ft. and under which is easily accessible without safety impingement could cost around $180 (this does not include stump removal). On the other hand, a massive 80-foot tree could top $1,800.

Safety Issues

Some safety issues like structural overhang and electric lines will cause a delay and extra equipment to remove the tree without damages. In some cases, the health of the tree can hinder the process further. Electric companies need notice before tree trimming or removal if there are wires laced through the branches. Cable and internet companies that run their wires along the electric companies’ wires may need to notice too to prevent any damages to their lines.

The largest cost factors include the height, girth, type, and health of the tree. A smaller tree is usually not a large project, however, and an 80-ft. pine tree with a girth of around 42 inches that is a considerable distance from the road will cost more. Add more than one tree of this size, and you could be looking at over $3,000 in costs to remove the trees. The health of the trees determines how we remove them and how difficult the removal will be, as damaged trees tend to fall apart causing safety issues.

Stump Removal

For clarity, we typically do not include stump grinding or removal. At least $100 should be added to the total bill if stump removal is to be done. 


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