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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Queen Creek?

Water can be scarce around here, so trees that grow really tall, like towering Sequoias, and need lots of water to do it are also scarce. Our climate is friendlier to shorter trees, but many can grow up to around 150 feet tall, such as the Emory Oak trees, seen in spades near Phoenix. The Blue Palo Verde is the Arizona state tree and we see a lot of them in this area.

Other common Queen Creek trees include the desert willow, Arizona cypress, sweet acacia, and desert ironwood. Spend an afternoon at the Mansel Carter Oasis Park to see all these trees in a natural environment to really comprehend their beauty.

These trees are native to the area because they thrive in our environment, but that isn’t to say they don’t face any issues. Here are the most common tree issues in Queen Creek.

Pine Needle Blight

Once infected, pine tree needles will turn brown and fall off. Just two years of infection will kill the tree. The disease is managed by mulching properly, maintaining good air circulation, and keeping sprinklers from spraying pine needles and soaking into the ground. Austrian pine and Ponderosa pine are most easily damaged by this disease. Red pine and Scots pine are the most resistant of the pine trees. Fungicides are used to protect trees from needle blight. Queen Creek has mostly Aleppo pines, but they can also be affected.


Anthracnose is a species of tree fungi that causes problems for trees in Queen Creek and across the western portion of the country. It is found on deciduous trees like walnut, oak, dogwood, maple, sycamore, and ash. Signs of Anthracnose include brown areas along the leaf veins, dead margins and tips, twig death, and early defoliation.

Dutch Elm Disease

This disease is caused by a member of the sac fungi. It is spread by elm bark beetles. Some elm trees have a genetic resistance to these beetles, others secret a distasteful triterpene that beetles avoid. Nevertheless, this disease kills thousands of trees a year in the US.

Root Rot

Even though Queen Creek soil is quick draining, it can still get saturated from concentrated rainfall in the area and encourage root rot. Root rot is a fungus that spreads through the soil, attacking the roots, and spreading through the rest of the tree. The tree will most likely die and need to be removed as soon as possible to prevent spreading to other trees.

Does the City of Queen Creek Provide Any Assistance In Tree Removal Problems?

It depends, but probably not. The Town of Queen Creek does not provide any assistance to trees on private property. There is a strict neighborhood code that requires property owners to keep their yards maintained on their own or face penalty fees.

If your neighbor’s tree roots are bursting through your sidewalk, you’ll have to take it up privately. When your trees fall on your property or someone else’s, you are responsible. There are only two times the Town of Queen Creek will help with tree removal problems – if the trees are on public property and if there is a storm that has knocked trees into a private entryway. 

By law, the city cannot help residents of the city with tree removal problems because it is considered a gift of public funds. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Queen Creek?

If you’re a homeowner?

If you are the homeowner and a tree has fallen, it’s all on you. You are responsible for the removal of the tree, as well as all the damage repair to anyone else’s property. Of course, you’re also responsible for your own cleanup. The good news is that homeowner’s insurance policies have a clause for felled tree damage. It covers all the damages to your property, as well as any damages to surrounding properties. 

If you’re a renter?

If you are renting your home, you won’t hold any responsibility for a felled tree. An exception would be if the rental agreement has a clause that the renter is responsible for any lawn maintenance like felled trees. In that case, renter’s insurance may pay for the tree removal and cleanup, as well as any damages, if there is a clause in the policy. 

If you’re a landlord?

Things are more complicated when it comes to landlords. A landlord might be the property owner, but they may not. If you instead work as a property manager and only oversee the daily activity of all the rental properties, you could be responsible for the manual labor or the tree removal, but the costs would lay with the property owner.

If you’re a neighbor?

Neighbors aren’t held responsible for any cost of tree removal unless it’s their tree. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Queen Creek?

The Arizona state soil is called Casa Grande, identified in 1936. It is well-drained soil, formed in alluvium derived from mixed rock and volcanic ash. The average annual precipitation is approximately 8 inches. The average annual temperature is approximately 47°F. The loamy, nutrient-rich soil of Queen Creek is fantastic for growing alfalfa and hay. Trees grow well in the soil, especially when there is adequate rainfall in a year. Deep watering of trees in your yard is always encouraged by the horticulture society. 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Queen Creek?

Weather affects the trees in Queen Creek and everywhere else. It is the reason we don’t get the towering redwoods that California has or the giant oaks in so much of the west. Our short rainy season keeps our trees from reaching great heights. Floods, wildfires, and earthquakes are the biggest natural disasters we see in the Queen Creek region. Floods are not common occurrences, but do happen occasionally, and when they do, they can wash away smaller trees and landscaping. Wildfires can take out entire forests of trees, and earthquakes can topple trees into homes, yards, and streets in a moment. 

We also get some pretty hot temperatures here in Queen Creek. Scorching temperatures draw all the moisture from plans, effectively killing them after just a short time.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Queen Creek?

A dead tree hanging from a power line is no joking matter. It’s a dangerous situation that can turn fatal at the drop of a dime. The only course of action when a dead tree is hanging in or near the power line is to call the Queen Creek Utility Department. A certified professional is the only person able to safely extricate a dead tree from power lines.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Queen Creek?

Many Queen Creek residents believe that tree trimming and pruning aren’t a necessity in our hot climate, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Pruning and trimming ensure that the strongest and healthiest branches get nutrition and water. Tree removal from storm fallout isn’t quite as significant if you’ve kept your trees maintained. Hiring a professional like Tree Triage helps guarantee that trees remain in great condition year-round.

In Queen Creek, tree trimming and pruning services generally cost between $394 and $562 for a single visit. For tree removal, most homeowners will pay anywhere from $200 to $2,000, depending on a few cost factors.


If a tornado rolls through around midnight, by the time it clears, it’s 2 a.m. and you have a tree limb sticking through your bedroom window. Waiting a few hours until the business opens will cost you less to have it cleaned up and removed. Why? Because when you call for our tree removal service after regular business hours, there is a fee to cover the inconvenience. This goes for any household service, such as plumbers or electricians, as well.  

Species of Tree

The species of the tree affects the price of clean-up and removal. Hickory and oak trees are some of the hardest wood in existence. It can cost upwards of $2,000 to remove one of these trees, depending on the location and size. Sugar maple trees are also very hard wood. They can cost $2,000 or more in some cases. 

Location of Tree

Do you have a felled tree in your yard all by itself? Or is it laying on a fence surrounded by weeds, or even worse, hanging in the air from a power line among other tree branches? The location of a felled tree and the ease of accessibility is another cost factor that determines the price of tree removal in Queen Creek.


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