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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Eagle Point?

What kind of trees are usually seen here? A partial list of some of the most common includes hedge maple, red maple, Eastern redbud, yellow wood, American ash, ginkgo, sweetgum, thundercloud plum, red oak, and Japanese zelkova.

These are the most recommended species for street plantings within the city. Despite this local love for trees, things can easily happen to them in Eagle Point. Insects are one of their biggest enemies, aside from the wrath of nature.

Some examples include aphids, caterpillars, and leaf rollers. Some trees in Eagle Point do well in avoiding insects, though. Other negative aspects of nature could happen beyond what insects do:

Tree Blight

Unfortunately, tree blight is a universal problem usually caused by bacterial or fungal infestations. These potentially discolor Eagle Point’s colorful trees, turning leaves brown or yellow.

Taking care of this problem always requires professional tree care specialists like Tree Triage for proper diagnosis. Residents sometimes let tree blight continue without treatment, usually leading to eventual tree removal.

Weather Events

Anyone who lives in Southern Oregon knows the weather can always fluctuate between seasons. From heavy rainstorms all winter to long, hot summers, anything can happen to affect Oregon’s local trees. We’ll explore more details later on how weather affects trees in Eagle Point.

Construction Crews

A major disruptor of trees in local neighborhoods here is construction crews damaging tree roots. Many construction companies don’t realize digging up nearby ground only 20 feet away from an old tree can harm root systems.

When roots become disturbed by construction equipment, slow tree death is inevitable.

Does the City of Eagle Point Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

Removing a tree in Eagle Point takes time through a thoughtful process called the Tree Replacement Program. The city carefully considers the removal of a tree on city property or in a public park.

Only if the tree is distressed or damaged will the city hire a local arborist to look over the tree. Removal happens based squarely on the arborist’s opinion. Once the tree is removed, a new tree is almost always planted in its place or nearby. A similar variety is always considered first.

In many cases, these trees need to be removed because they’re disrupting public sidewalks in residential neighborhoods. Although, tree disease is considered above all else when considering a particular tree’s removal. 

You’re usually not charged by the city for the tree removal work. The only time you are is if the sidewalk was damaged by the tree. In total, Eagle Point replaces 10 to 15 trees per year.

After the tree removal, it leaves the stump in place to be taken care of separately. Our arborists are available to take care of this if it’s on your property. Otherwise, it might take time before city officials remove it due to the need to calculate how it affects underground utilities.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Eagle Point?

The circumstances behind who’s responsible for a fallen tree sometimes turn complex based on the situation. If you’re a homeowner, you’ll probably have sole responsibility if the tree isn’t within Eagle Point’s city property line.

When you’re a tenant or landlord, other responsibilities apply. A fallen tree from a neighbor’s yard also brings potential legal scenarios.

If you’re a homeowner?

Any tree falling on your property is going to become your responsibility in Eagle Point, even if property lines pose confusion. Like many cities, Eagle Point plants right-of-way trees in residential neighborhoods. In this case, you’re responsible for a tree’s removal if it obscures specific city signs or traffic lights. Also, if the tree poses a danger to human life or property, you’re responsible for removal.

The city’s arborist is still the one who makes the final decision here most of the time.

For damage compensation to your property from a fallen tree, turn to your homeowners insurance policy, if you have one. Your insurance company assesses damages and usually hires a tree service to clean up debris.

If you’re a renter?

Those of you who rent may not be responsible for a fallen tree as long as your landlord explicitly states so in your leasing contract. Landlords are generally responsible for damages.

An exception might be if you initially bought the tree that fell. Your landlord may stipulate if you plant the tree, you’re responsible if it falls. Take time to read your leasing contract to make sure your landlord is the one who handles scenarios like this.

If you’re a landlord?

Preventative maintenance for a landlord should always be automatic in a rental agreement. Still, much depends on the rental contract you give to your tenants.

Calling our arborists to maintain trees in Eagle Point with ongoing pruning and other care is essential to ensure trees don’t become hazards to your tenants or neighbors.

If you’re a neighbor?

Based on Oregon law, a neighbor’s tree falling on your property means you’re generally responsible for your damages. Just go through your homeowners insurance policy again to have repairs and tree removal covered. Your neighbor would do the same if your tree fell on their house.

Things could get dicier if your tree falls on your neighbor’s home after you’ve been warned the tree was diseased. You could face a lawsuit in this scenario. Only if the tree was still healthy would you avoid such litigation.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Eagle Point?

Soil is directly responsible for how trees are affected in this region of Oregon. Based on Eagle Point’s soil survey, it’s mainly a clay-based soil system. Soils like this are known to expand and shrink based on water levels and when things become dry. Since this Oregon region can have wild extremes of torrential winter rains and then long, dry summers, clay soil reacts and potentially stresses local trees.

Then again, clay soil is one of the best for trees since it does a better job of holding water. You just have to remember to water your trees a lot during hot summers. You’ll also need to be on the lookout for intense floods in the wintertime. Clay soils turn into a thick goo when becoming too wet, potentially making trees riddled with disease fall.

Other areas of Eagle Point have loamy soils. Loam has a combination of sand, silt, and clay, which is one of the perfect soil combinations for tree growth and maintaining moisture. Just like regular clay soil, however, it can easily get dried out during droughts, or face erosion from the sand.

Take time to analyze the type of soil you have around your trees in Eagle Point and add mulch when appropriate.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Eagle Point?

Weather is always a potential problem in Eagle Point and the surrounding area. Typical of this part of the US, intense rainstorms or floods are the largest culprits in downing trees. Over the years, floods have happened due to the Rogue River overflowing. When this happens, the intense water can topple older trees in mere hours.

Once in a while, other freak weather events occur in Eagle Point that take everyone by surprise. Heavy snowstorms occasionally blanket the region, giving older trees a (literally) heavy burden. Occurrences like this easily stress weakened trees due to freezing temperatures. The same goes for occasional windstorms ripping through the area.

Even minor to severe earthquakes are a threat. Things like this are always concerning to our arborists who want to protect older trees that many have enjoyed for decades.

There isn’t much one can do about natural disasters at this level. All you can do is attempt to protect and care for your trees as much as possible.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Eagle Point?

As you already saw, windstorms and floods have a direct impact on how Eagle Point trees could topple over on power lines. The wind isn’t always a factor, however, based on rare winter events.

What happens if an old tree topples over on power lines near your home? First, never work around power lines on your own. You have the potential to get electrocuted, especially if you have little experience cleaning up tree debris in precarious areas.

Trees going over on power lines are generally the responsibility of your Eagle Point power company, which may be any of the ones listed here. This becomes more likely if the tree fell on city property. Your power company might bill you if you have a diseased tree falling over on their lines.

Either way, let professionals handle this. Have some patience for getting the job done safely, even if your downed tree knocked out power for hours.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Eagle Point?

What you pay to have a tree removed differs based on the circumstances behind it. The average cost range for tree removal in Eagle Point is currently $652, but the total can range from around $200 to over $2,000. Those prices vary further based on a few key things.

Weather Events

Eagle Point’s potential to get inclement weather during floods or windstorms can lead to messy work when trees fall. After a storm, tree removal often turns into a tough job for our professionals. Chances are good the work could take some time, often requiring a wait until calmer weather prevails.

If this happens, labor time increases your costs by small margins.

Tree Size

Older trees in Eagle Point are often complex to remove because of trunk size and the amount of foliage. When adding in stump removal, an additional $100+ is likely.

Overly thick stumps take a full day or more to remove. Trees over a century old have the thickest stumps.


Some trees are in more remote areas that are harder to access for our experts without using extra equipment. This can prolong the time involved for tree removal. In some instances, accessibility might relate to how tall that remote tree is in addition to the trunk width.


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