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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in West Linn?

Nature and trees are important to West Linn residents, as well as Oregonians in general, so it’s helpful for those of us who live in the area to know the common problems our trees tend to experience so that we can work to keep our trees healthy and strong. Three of the most common tree issues we see in West Linn include anthracnose, Dutch Elm Disease, and root rot. 


Anthracnose is a fungal disease that often begins to thrive during cool and rainy bouts, and it can spread from tree to tree quickly. Trees that have anthracnose infections begin to show branch dieback, cankers on bark, and early leaf drop. This disease usually won’t kill trees, but it’s important to take proper precautions that will keep the tree strong enough to survive fungal attacks and other diseases that can take hold when the tree is already stressed. Fortunately, warm weather is usually enough to slow the spread of anthracnose for trees to recover properly. 

There are a few strategies we can employ to prevent anthracnose from coming back in future years and spreading to other trees, so it’s helpful to call in our experts as soon as you suspect your trees may have anthracnose. 

Dutch Elm Disease

Dutch elm disease is also a fungus we see frequently in the area, though it’s much more deadly than other fungal diseases. It often kills a tree unless it is caught very early on, but even when it is detected in its early stages, treatment can be quite expensive and success isn’t guaranteed. Signs of Dutch elm disease include yellow, limp, and wilting leaves, especially at or near the top of the tree. If you believe that one of your trees has Dutch elm disease, you can also check a few live twigs for signs by peeling back the bark on the twigs. If you notice purple or brown lines under the bark, or rings of dark brown stains, your tree may have the disease, though this method of detection does not provide a reliable diagnosis. 

Once Dutch elm disease takes hold of a tree, it’s important to call us and get it removed as soon as possible to prevent it from falling on your property and to halt the spread of the disease to other nearby trees. 

Root Rot

Root rot is another unfortunate disease common to Portland and its surrounding areas as our region is known for getting lots of rainfall throughout the year. High levels of moisture over a long period of time can saturate roots with too much water and not enough oxygen, allowing fungi to grow, thrive, and spread in trees’ root systems. Root rot can be hard to detect as roots are not easily visible in most cases. Above-ground symptoms of root rot can include poor growth, browning or yellowing of leaves or needles, and dead branches in the lower half of the tree. 

Root rot is often fatal, but we can treat it when it is detected early enough. Keep an eye out for the above symptoms and get in touch with our professionals as soon as you notice problems that may relate to root rot.

Does the City of West Linn Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of West Linn understands the important roles that trees play for our community, including providing shade, reducing air and noise pollution, and increasing natural beauty within the province. As such, the city tries to avoid removing trees, especially healthy and thriving ones, as much as possible. To get a tree removed within our city, you will have to apply for a tree removal permit. The city will then determine whether your tree removal request is approved or not. 

Trees that pose a hazard to the health and safety of residents and other surrounding trees are usually processed quickly by the city. You can also call the city at (503) 557-4700 if you have questions about a particular tree in your neighborhood. 

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in West Linn?

Generally speaking, the person responsible for having a fallen tree removed in West Linn is the property owner of the land where the tree fell. There may be some exceptions to this rule, but it’s helpful to understand common fallen tree scenarios and which party is responsible for getting them cleaned up before they happen. 

If you’re a homeowner?

Owning your home, including the surrounding land and trees on it, means that you will be the one responsible for getting a tree removed after it falls. Many home and property owners don’t understand the value of regular preventative tree maintenance, such as pruning. Neglecting to do regular maintenance can lead to unhealthy or ill trees that are more susceptible to falling over in high wind, severe thunderstorms, or due to disease. 

If you’re a renter?

Tenants usually don’t have to get a tree removed from the property they rent unless their rental agreement specifically states that this is their responsibility. One exception to this rule is if a renter severely damages the tree that later falls over, in which case they may be legally responsible for paying for damages and its removal. 

If you’re a landlord?

Renting out your property to other people comes with plenty of responsibilities, especially regarding keeping your property safe and free of hazards. It’s usually a landlord’s responsibility to take care of trees after they have fallen, and it’s important for landlords to perform preventative maintenance tasks on their properties’ trees regularly, too. 

If you’re a neighbor?

When a tree from a neighbor’s yard falls into yours, you become responsible for having the fallen tree removed in most situations. It doesn’t necessarily matter whose yard the tree was rooted in. What matters more is where the tree ended up. Many neighbors find it helpful to come to agreements about who will pay for fallen trees beforehand, and some opt to split the costs of fallen trees and preventative maintenance when trees lie near property lines. 

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in West Linn?

Soil is an important component of tree health no matter where they are located, as soil provides trees with stored water and nutrients that allow them to grow and stay strong. Because we tend to get high volumes of rain in West Linn, our soil often becomes acidic or has a pH below 7.0. Most trees and plants thrive in slightly acidic soils, which is partially why we have so much greenery in our neighborhoods and parks. 

Although we generally have excellent soil for trees in our city, some yards and properties may be less nutrient-rich than others. Our experts can add some nutrients using compost and fertilizer that can keep your trees and shrubs looking great for years to come! 

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in West Linn?

Although lots of rainfall can be good for trees, too much of a good thing can cause harm. Excessive moisture in areas with poor drainage can allow fungal and bacterial problems to grow out of control and spread to numerous trees in a short span of time. Root rot is the most common issue in the presence of too much rainfall, though others prefer moist environments too. 

West Linn also occasionally gets periods of extremely hot weather, which can lead to dehydrated trees, and even sunburn in some cases. Extreme cold can also wreak havoc on trees, leading them to weaken and fall when winds pick up. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in West Linn?

Dead trees near power lines can be incredibly hazardous as it is easy for them to fall and bring down power lines or entangle within the cords. Portland General Energy performs regular pruning and inspections within our neighborhoods to prevent power outages and dangerous electrical situations. Stay away from dead or downed trees near power lines as they can conduct electricity, creating a dangerous scenario. If you see a dead or downed tree near a power line, contact Portland General Energy using their 24/7 emergency line at (800) 544-1795.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in West Linn?

Most West Linn residents can expect to pay around $600 to get a tree removed, though we calculate tree removal costs based on numerous factors. Three of the most important factors include:

Tree Height and Width

Trees that are several stories high and several feet wide take much more labor and time to remove than small saplings. For this reason, the larger the tree you need to be removed, the more you are likely to pay to get the job done. 

Tree Location

Trees that are located in hard-to-reach places or near buildings and other property may require that we use different removal techniques that take more time, special equipment, and staff members. This results in higher tree removal bills, but the extra cost is worth it to prevent property damage or safety risks. 

Other Services Provided

When trees are removed because they are simply in the way of new construction or are interfering with power lines, the job is usually done once the tree is removed. If the tree needs to be taken down because it had a disease or pest problem, we often recommend that surrounding trees be treated with fungicides or pesticides to reduce the odds that the infection will spread to other trees in your yard. These services will add an extra expense, but they may actually save you money in the long run by ensuring that other trees don’t also succumb to the disease and eventually need to be removed too.


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