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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Appleton?

Appleton sees its fair share of tree issues concerning trees lost due to high wind and strong thunderstorms. The soil around the greater Appleton area also plays a role in the health and wellbeing of our city’s trees, whether on city-owned land or the trees that are owned by the citizens of Appleton, and blend in seamlessly with our own. 

The biggest threat to the trees of Appleton, and the thing that we lose the most trees to on an annual basis, is disease. We are going to list for you some major diseases that we see frequently as well as how you can identify them and get the needed help to restore your tree instead of removing it.

  • Anthracnose. This is the most common disease affecting the ornamental trees of Appleton and Wisconsin as a whole. Anthracnose means “ulcer-type sore” and is easily recognizable as cankers on the tree where limbs have either died and fallen or have been improperly pruned. This disease is caused by several species of fungi. Ash, Maple, Elm, Hickory, and Sycamore are very susceptible to Anthracnose.
  • Downy Spot (white mold). This disease will manifest as large angular lesions on the trunk of the tree and to identify it apart from Anthracnose, the undersides of the leaves will have a light white powder appearing on them. If left unattended the fungi delivered to the tree by this disease will eventually eat it from the inside out.
  • Entomosphorium (leaf blight). This disease will attack the leaf system of any tree causing the leaves to fall prematurely from the reddish-brown spots that eventually overtake the entire tree.
  • Phillostycta or Septoria Leaf Spots. Another disease that is caused by fungi, will attack the leaves of the tree, and typically causes premature leaf loss.

Just one of these diseases can wipe out a city tree line in a minimalist amount of time. Should you notice any of these symptoms appearing on your trees, do not hesitate to contact the Arborist for the City of Appleton or our experts at Tree Triage for assistance.

Does the City of Appleton Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

In most, if not all Tree City USA cities, like Appleton, tree matters are serious business and there are policies, procedures, and people in place to protect those trees. The policies set forth by the Tree Advisory Board in Appleton have several web pages to answer your tree and tree removal questions as they relate to the City of Appleton. If there is a question that you have, but you don’t see an answer for it there, they can at least point you in the right direction for things like tree removal in Appleton, and so forth.

Keeping in the tradition of “Keep America Beautiful,” the City of Appleton also enjoys sharing that title with other beautiful cities across our beautiful nation. In keeping with the rules for being a Tree City USA city, Appleton observes Arbor Day on the last Friday of April each year to celebrate and plant more trees in the City of Appleton.

There are many Tree City USA cities out there, but you would be hard-pressed to find one that did more for the city, and more for the residents of that city, than the City of Appleton.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Appleton?

Have you had, either recently or in the past, a situation where the rights of a trees’ owner came into play? There have been some solid neighbor relationships shot down over the issue of tree ownership. Do not let this happen to you. Arm yourself with nothing but the facts as they pertain to tree disputes and property line laws here in the great state of Wisconsin.

These rulings should satisfy the need of establishing ownership and owner-related responsibilities and put out those potential neighbor-related fires before they get started.

Now let’s take into account other situations of tree removal responsibilities in the greater Appleton area.

If you’re a homeowner?

Chances are, if you are savvy enough to own your own home, you are also level-headed enough to assume responsibility where it is due. The laws of the State of Wisconsin should be plain enough for you to read and understand and go forth with other pressing matters… once the driveway has been cleared!

If you’re a renter?

If you rent a home in Appleton, do not go all out and try to do your landlord a favor by surprising him or her by having the trees trimmed or pruned. If you do not first clear this with them, they have the right to file a lawsuit and have you repay the value of the tree… times 5! That’s what the law says. After reading that, you will probably decide that the tree isn’t so bad after all!

If you’re a landlord?

You can be the greatest, most kind and loving landlord this country has ever known. But if a tree on your rental property is growing over the property line, that neighbor has the right to sue you for damages caused by this tree.

If you’re a neighbor?

Now, this can go one of two ways. If the tree that has come down is perfectly healthy, then the landowner the tree sits on can file for damages that the neighbor must pay for. Then if the tree is dead or dying, and it falls over into a neighbor’s yard, that neighbor has the right to file charges against you. The thinking is that you should have kept your trees from becoming sick and eventually dying. If the tree were still alive and healthy, we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Appleton

The soil in any city, around any tree, affects the health and wellbeing of that tree. When soil can’t properly shed water, this spells danger for the tree roots in and around that location. Appleton is no exception. The State of Wisconsin is geographically located so that the soil contains a very high level of pH. The high pH coupled with the soil being expansive spells trouble for the betterment of a tree and its root system. Expansive soil usually contains high levels of sand or clay. The soil in Appleton contains both and, to be quite honest, isn’t all that healthy for a tree of any kind. While there remains a high level of pH and the expansive soils continue to dominate, the trees of Wisconsin will usually show the signs of one or more of the diseases discussed in the first section of our guide. One thing leads to another, as they say, and yes, the soil in Appleton does affect the trees.

Does Weather Affect Trees in Appleton?

If the soil conditions in Appleton weren’t bad enough, there is always some either strange or unseasonable weather to cause concern. The weather patterns over the last decade have not claimed as many trees as past decades, partly due to our trees becoming more adapted to the soils.

Most trees lost to weather are lost due to very early or very late snowfall in the winter months. This catches the root system of the tree off guard and if the roots are shallow, a hard ground freeze can claim the life of another Appleton tree. If you believe the seasonal weather has had an adverse reaction to any of your Appleton trees, contact the City of Appleton’s Forestry Division and have the City Arborist take a look at it.

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Appleton?

We-Energies does a rather good job of keeping the power lines in and around Appleton free and clear of tree and tree debris. If you have seen a tree on or near a power line in Appleton, or you would like to have the trees on your property trimmed back, so there will be no power outages caused by your trees, refer to the We-Energies webpage or call (800) 242-9137.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Appleton?

No two trees are alike, so do not expect any two tree removals to cost the same unless you are having multiple trees removed and we have quoted you one specific price for your tree removal job in Appleton. 

We are going to look at the costs associated with having a tree removed in Appleton. These figures that we will be sharing with you represent the average low, high, and overall price paid for tree removal in Appleton, Wisconsin.

  • Average low cost – $555
  • Average high cost – $754
  • Average price paid – $654

These figures are based on:

  • Removal of a 40-foot tall tree considered to be medium-sized
  • Hiring our tree trimming crew for one (1) day in Appleton, WI
  • The tree was partially down and some areas of the tree had to be removed in controlled sections

Now here are some contributing factors that can cause your Appleton tree removal project to be a bit more expensive, or possibly less.

Just How Big Is Your Tree?

Remember those figures above were based on removing a medium-sized tree that was no more than 40 feet tall. If your tree is any larger than that, so will your bill for removal be. A tree topping 80 feet can easily reach costs of around $2,000 to remove.

Will Your Tree Require Extra Workers?

If your tree is taller than 40 feet and runs alongside an Appleton right-of-way, we are going to need some additional employees, and possibly an extra day or so, to complete this tree removal job. 

Has the Tree Already Fallen?

If your Appleton tree removal project begins with a tree that is already on the ground, you don’t need tree removal services; you need tree clean-up services. And that is a faster and somewhat cheaper Appleton tree removal experience.


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