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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Cudahy?

The acres of parklands are a treasured part of Cudahy, and they are meticulously maintained. However, there are diseases that infiltrate and attempt to destroy the beauty of the trees. Some of the species that are severely affected are ash and maple. The city has lost approximately 17% of its street trees due to the Emerald Ash Borer, and the number of maple trees has declined. While the forestry department has been vigilant about attempts to exterminate them to save the trees, the decision was made that the ash trees would be removed in stages. Maple trees are declining because of the surplus salts in the soils from road treatments.  

Does the City of Cudahy Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The city of Cudahy does not currently have a program to remove dead trees or limbs from private residences. Any issues with public trees can be reported and will be addressed as the need is investigated. The city trims once a year in the winter to prevent damages and infestation growth. Winter is when the least damage can be done to the trees and the pests are dormant. Insurance companies can assist with the reimbursement of the removal of damaged or fallen healthy trees but will not reimburse for fallen trees that were neglected. Should an unfortunate natural disaster occur, FEMA assistance may be available to reimburse the cost of removal.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Cudahy?

A community as close as Cudahy knows that when poor times befall the neighborhood, everyone is affected in one way or another. The same can be said after natural disasters and simple accidents. Fallen trees are the unfortunate result of heavy storms at times. Yet, a good community like Cudahy will come together to assist in whichever way is necessary. But the question remains: Whose responsibility is it to remove a fallen tree?

If you are a homeowner?

Naturally, the homeowner is responsible for any damages on the property, be it vegetation or structural. When a tree falls, the first thing a homeowner must do–after ensuring there are no injuries–is to notify the insurance company and document any damages. Insurances will take the damages into account and reimburse an amount minus the deductible on the contract. Storm damages are usually covered, but neglected trees that fall are usually not covered.

If you are a renter?

Renters have a unique position in the fallen tree department. While most contracts demand the renter to pay for damages caused by the renter, family, or guests, a tree does not fall under those categories. Should the rental agreement state that the renter is specifically responsible for tree maintenance and removal, then the renter is to pay for the removal of the tree. Otherwise, it is the renter’s responsibility to notify the landlord of any changes to the property. Maintaining renter’s insurance and flood insurance can assist with any personal damages.

If you are a landlord?

The landlord is in the same position as a homeowner and maintains the same rights and responsibilities. Regardless of contractual obligations, a renter can choose to move out or be evicted for various reasons. Therefore, it is under the landlord’s care to provide maintenance and fallen tree removal. Specific wording in the contracts can allow for the financial responsibility to fall on the renter, but if there is not a current renter, the damages will continue to be the landlord’s.  

If you are a neighbor?

Neighbors have the right to professionally prune a tree’s roots and limbs that encroach and endanger their property up to the property line. While a fallen tree may damage your property, the insurance policies usually cover the damages and reimburse the cost of the tree removal. However, it is not necessarily the tree’s owner’s responsibility to pay for removal. Unless the tree shows signs of a previous disease or infestation, the portion of the tree on your property is your responsibility.

An annual inspection of your trees by our arborists can help in preventing trees from falling due to neglect and reduce liability. Our arborists can also make suggestions on the proper fertilization and pH balance to help the trees flourish and recommend pruning techniques.

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Cudahy?

Due to the northern position of the city of Cudahy, it is covered by glacial till soils. This is a result of being previously covered by ice for ages in the past. This soil is a mixture of gravel, rocks, sand, and buried boulders. The roots of many plants find it hard to expand and burrow deep into the soils. This leads to many trees developing shallow root systems. Adding soil or organic material to the till can improve the chances of the tree, but the root system will continue to grow outward rather than down. This can lead to more problems with larger trees falling during storms.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Cudahy?

Cudahy’s climate is cool and moist most of the year. Temperatures range from below freezing to the upper 80s with plenty of snow and rain mixed into the sunny days. From the trees, the cooler summers allow for growth without sunburns on new foliage. Winter means heavy snows, breaking limbs, and snapping sap. Throughout the year, there is enough sunshine to dry the rains and prevent excessive fungal infections. June and July are the best months for outdoor recreation as cool temperatures and breezes from the lake, colored with the sunshine, create the best atmosphere for picnics and parties under the trees.

What If Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Cudahy?

The basic rule for anywhere in the nation, including Cudahy, is to leave the power lines to the power company. Never attempt to prune a tree near a line or allow children to climb a tree that has a power line running through it. Electricity can arch up to 10 feet. If a power line is in danger of being too close to a tree limb, alert WE Energies. The power company sends out inspectors yearly to mark trees that need pruning for vehicle clearance and right of way for the power lines. This may include removing a tree that poses a threat to the lines between poles. The trimming or removal of trees to protect lines between the poles and the house are the responsibility of the homeowner and can only be safely completed by a professional like Tree Triage.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Cudahy?

To remove a tree from a property, there are several factors that can add to the cost. The average cost of tree removal for a small tree in Cudahy is $200, but a massive tree can total over $2,000. This does not include additional services for which we charge extra. Other factors include the size of the tree or project, safety and proximity issues, and extra equipment or crew necessities.  

Size Matters

When requesting multiple trees be taken down or removed, the price goes up by each tree’s height and girth. Removing trees is not a simple process. The taller the tree, the more limbs must be removed before the trunk is taken down in five-foot sections. Safety and efficiency are the keys to removing the tree from the property in a timely manner. Large trees can cost over $2,000 to remove, and each additional tree will add to the total.

Crew and Equipment

Additional trees or tall trees require extra hands and equipment to perform the job safely. Each piece of equipment used from chainsaws to cranes needs to be cleaned, oiled, gassed up, and maintained after each use to prevent safety violations. This increases the costs of the final bill, depending on how many and what kind of equipment is necessary to complete the job. The same goes for our crew. Each additional member has their own salary and benefits packages, and we charge extra fees for their presence.

Additional Requests

Our quotes generally don’t include creating mulch, removing the stump, filling the holes, and creating beautifully stacked firewood cords. Stump grinding alone can cost an extra $100- $300 depending on the size of the tree. This does not cover filling the holes and treating the roots to prevent future growth. Limbs can be put through a wood chipper to create mulch for the garden or easy disposal. This could cost as much as $75 more. Cutting down the wood into firewood cords will be an extra fee as well. 


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