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What Are the Most Common Tree Issues in Grand Blanc?

Oak Wilt Disease

The Oak wilt disease is perhaps the most common tree issue that Grand Blanc residents have to grapple with. Caused by a fungus called Certocystis Facacearum, the disease attacks the tree’s vascular system, preventing nutrients and flow of water, which eventually kills the tree.

The disease mainly affects oak trees, which are found in both forested areas as well as urban landscapes in Grand Blanc. Although the white oaks tend to have some resistance, the red oaks are not as lucky, often dying soon after infection.

Here, beetles, which thrive in the weak or stressed trees, are what spread the oak wilt spores from infected trees to healthy ones. Since red oak is a valuable economic resource in Grand Blanc, the movement of infected wood has accelerated the spread of this disease in the region.

Unfortunately, once infected, the tree cannot be saved. However, taking quick action can help save the rest of the trees from catching the infection. If you notice your oak tree dropping its leaves in summer, it is crucial that you contact us for professional tree removal service.

Diplodia Tip Blight

The other local disease that affects the evergreen tree species in Grand Blanc is Diplodia Tip Blight. The disease is observed on landscapes that have trees such as the scotch, Austrian, and Eastern white pines, attacking mature trees that are stressed by root restriction, insect activity, snow damage, or drought.  

The most outstanding symptom of Tip Blight is the needles at the tips of the branches turning brown. Although it primarily kills the current year’s shoots, the infection can quickly advance towards the branches and twigs if swift intervention is not undertaken. Application of fungicides when the buds are breaking out is a worthwhile intervention. The subsequent application should then take place between 10 to 14 days. 

Needle Cast Disease

The Needle Cast disease has also caused significant wreckage on the tree landscape in Grand Blanc in the last decade. It affects the Blue Spruce tree, which is a species native to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Infected needles on lower branches turn red to brown in winter, and by early spring, they die and drop off.

The trees in Grand Blanc are most vulnerable during the rainy season when spores get dispersed by the wind. If you notice any issues or suspect a disease, make sure you call a professional tree removal service like Tree Triage. We will swoop in, evaluate the situation, and then develop the most efficient intervention protocols.

Does the City of Grand Blanc Provide Any Assistance in Tree Removal Problems?

The City of Grand Blanc has created the Tree Protection Ordinance to protect trees and increase its coverage for the current residents and its future generations. The city requires one to file for a permit if:

  • You are a single-family or non-single family on a residential area smaller or greater than one acre in size, and you intend to remove a regulated tree.
  • The regulated trees are deciduous tree species that are 6 inches or more in diameter or evergreen trees that are taller than 20 inches in height.
  • You are removing more than 4 trees per acre or 20% of tree coverage in a given site. 

You do not need a permit for:

  • Removing a tree injured by bad weather, disease, or an accident.
  • Removing some endangered tree species including the white mulberry, Russian olive, glossy buckthorn, Siberian elm, tree of heaven, Autumn olive, common buckthorn, and Lombardy poplar.

To apply for tree removal, visit the Planning and Zoning Department on the township’s website and fill in the appropriate form that best describes your project. You can also reach them on (810) 424-2766 for further details.

Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in Grand Blanc?

If you’re a homeowner?

A homeowner is responsible for removing any tree that has fallen on their private property. This is rather easy to apply if the boundaries are clear-cut between neighbors. It is advised that you take up homeowner’s insurance with a policy that can cater to tree removal caused by bad weather events.

If you’re a renter?

As a renter, you do not have the authority to remove a fallen tree on the rental property. The owner of the property is required to shoulder the expense and to maintain the rental property landscape at large.

You have every right to compel your landlord to clear the fallen tree, including engaging law enforcement if a conflict arises. However, if your negligence is what led to the falling of the tree, then your landlord is relieved of the duty to remove it.

If you’re a landlord?

All tree maintenance activities, including pruning and removal, are the sole responsibility of the landlord. It also applies if you own several properties. The maintenance includes any vegetation, shrubs, or lawn on the property. If you require help for arbitration between you and your renter, contact the Michigan Rental Property Owners Association at (616) 454-3385. 

If you’re a neighbor?

When a tree falls on your property, it is your responsibility to remove it. However, if a tree falls in your neighbor’s yard, they can trim or remove the entire tree as allowed by law. If you feel that your neighbor could have damaged your tree by trimming a part of it, you are within your rights to seek legal redress

How Does the Soil Affect Trees in Grand Blanc?

Ice sheet activity over thousands of years has carved out geological features that characterize Genesee County. The last glacier activity over 9,000 years ago created the biggest impact on the soil topography in the larger part of Grand Blanc township. Its soil composition is mainly made up of coarse sandy soil, which is porous with little moisture levels. 

The soil is consequently acidic with some elements of loam soil to balance it out. These jumbled-up layers of sediments, courtesy of the glacier history, allow for a variety of tree species. Oaks trees thrive in these acidic soils, while the loam soil supports many other trees, including the sugar-maple and beech trees. 

In some parts, the soil here discourages the breakdown of organic matter due to poor aeration, leading to the creation of acidic sediment. Trees that thrive in these peats include spruce, fir, and blueberry. 

The Michigan State University has compiled a lengthy and educational study on the soil topography in Grand Blanc and the surrounding area that you can peruse for more information.

Does Weather Affect Tree Health in Grand Blanc?

Grand Blanc experiences relatively calm, warm summers. However, its winters are freezing and are accompanied by dry air. Heatwaves and below zero freezing conditions do hit the township, sometimes with devastating effects on plant life.

The recent freeze had adverse effects on fruit-bearing trees such as apple trees. Although mature trees may withstand extreme temperatures, numerous occurrences in a short period can weaken tree roots, leaving them weak and unable to withstand normal weather patterns.

On the flip side, when warmer weather overtakes the landscape, it encourages early insect activity. Homeowners prepare their pest management kits in advance as they await pests like aphids and bark beetles. Weather is, beyond doubt, a big determinant of tree health in Grand Blanc. 

What if Dead Trees Are Near Power Lines in Grand Blanc?

A dead tree near a power line is a deadly hazard that can cause a power outage, road blockage, and personal injury. We highly discourage that you attempt to solve the situation yourself. Stand at a safe distance and let the professionals handle it.                                    

Consumers Energy is the local utility company charged with providing and taking care of electricity-related emergency services in Grand Blanc. You can report a dead tree near a power line or any power-related emergency by dialing 1-800-477-5050. Their website has several contacts you can use in case you require other power utility services.

How Much Does Tree Removal Usually Cost in Grand Blanc?

Tree removal services are not cheap. The average cost of engaging us for tree removal services in Grand Blanc is $780. This is just an estimate, meaning your project may end up costing less or more. Most jobs fall between $180 and $1,975. Other variables that come into play when coming up with the right price tag include:

Height and Weight of the Tree

When it comes to tree removal, size and height matter. A small sapling will not utilize labor-intensive techniques, as would a mature oak tree. For this reason, smaller trees cost less. A 25-foot tree will cost about $511, while a 75-foot tree may cost well over $1,600.


While no one can predict where a tree will fall, how accessible the fallen tree is may increase your costs. If a tree falls on the rooftop of your house, for instance, it may require special cranes and increased labor to ensure safety. The time taken to remove a less accessible tree will also be more, meaning you’ll be charged extra.

Other Factors

Here are other unique factors that can increase tree removal costs. 

  •         Removing the tree on a holiday
  •         A tree higher than 75 feet
  •         Removing a tree stump
  •         If the tree is close to utility lines and roads

Some factors may also decrease the price significantly. They include:

  •         Removing the tree during winter when we are less busy
  •         If less equipment is used

Keep in mind you may also need extra services like treating other trees on your property with fungicides or pesticides if the fallen tree was pest-infested or diseased.


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